Future - Perkys Calling (Purple Reign)

futureperkys callingpurple reign

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Lil Savage
0:04Purple Reign Wizzle (?)
0:08Thinkin' about them licks I hit, I had to Thinkin' about the viewers here, I had you,
0:26savage Gon' roll it up my ni***
0:29Roll up, jump out the car, squeeze the trigger Gon' roll it up my ni***
0:34Roll up, hop out the car, squeeze the trigger
0:38I can hear the purple callin' I can hear the perkys callin'
0:45I can hear the purple callin' I can hear the Zannies callin'
0:49I can hear the perkys callin' I can hear the workers callin'
0:56I can hear the streets callin' I can hear the streets callin'
1:00Thinkin' about them licks I hit, I had to Thinkin' about the viewers here, I had you
1:08Thinkin' about that cash like it's fast food I'm thinkin' about this cash like it's fast
1:13food I'm payin' all my tithes, receivin' bad news
1:16Lord forgive me for my sins, I know this cash rules
1:20Everything around me turn to fast food Standin' in the cold I got no blanket
1:26These hoes always gettin' exposed, ain't got home trainin'
1:29And when I push up in that Rolls and I'm still drankin'
1:32Went from standin' over stoves to the tour bus
1:35Stayed down ten toes aboard the G5 So much yellow gold on me like a beehive
1:41Started rockin' Balmains like they Levies Over time the booth is like a gold mine
1:54I served in Alabama like roll tide
1:57I can hear the purple callin' I can hear the perkys callin'
2:01I can hear the purple callin' I can hear the Zannies callin'
2:03I can hear the perkys callin' I can hear the workers callin'
2:10I can hear the streets callin' I can hear the streets callin'
2:15Aquafina water got me glistenin' When I whip that Beamer can't you picture
2:21me rollin' f*** you pu*** ni***s, ain't no sympathy
2:24ni***s tellin' lies, they so feminine I be sellin' pies, chasin' M&M's
2:30f*** a 9 to 5, get it out the gym Push it legal way, we call it out the gym
2:37Knock 'em off on tape, that's murder on film I need better thoughts, I need better vibes
2:43Focus on the top and let my ni*** slide I need more advice and ain't got no time
2:49Hustlin' do it right, feel like I waited a life time
2:52Weigh up both sides cause your life ain't like mines
2:55Pay me no mind, I ain't payin' no fine Everything I did was for my hood this whole
3:01time I'm talkin' this whole time, for my hood this
3:03whole time Gotta take advantage, gotta learn how to take
3:05advantage, dog Stole a golf cart, I go and buy a ballpark
3:11Drove a stolen car and now my car push start I'm from apartments, my crib big like Wal-Mart
3:14I can hear the purple callin' I can hear the perkys callin'
3:20I can hear the purple callin' I can hear the Zannies callin'
3:27I can hear the perkys callin' I can hear the workers callin'
3:36I can hear the streets callin' I can hear the streets callin'
3:44Gon' roll it up my ni*** Roll up, jump out the car, squeeze the trigger
3:53Gon' roll it up my ni*** Roll up, hop out the car, squeeze the trigger
Msft Kid
6lack now owns this song
Absa Kassama
Collin Preston
Put this on apple music
J Highroller
I need better thoughts I need better vibes
seddy mogul
gone roll it up my nigga, hope out the car and squeeze the trigga. this dude is selling death to our people
leppt deff
This song sums up my 8th grade year
bonnie blakk
Jeezy tear it up
Fredo So Wavy
I went throw back and this shii was fire and still is bruh
xXAsap ZaGaXx
DuckNukemGaming 0
oh snap did tee grizzley get his beat from this song his first day out song
Jarome Money Bags
good song, but he didn't mention anything about a Draco. kinda disappointed.
6lack somehow made this song better
Alicia Garcia
i think of my dog everytime i hear this song who was hit and killed by a car this was his favorite song
Dean Sanders
I can hear them perkys callin' πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ŠπŸ–•πŸΌπŸ€ πŸš€πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸš€
Rasheed Raymond
I like this song so much it is very nice song
Stanley Morgan
This song was playing when my wife oded and had a cardiac arrest it brings back memories i played it all thru her recovery and she fully recovered and got away from percs xanax and heroin
tom b
@roadwarrior93 it's actually 1.5 million dollars more / 2nd of all hellcat is no comparison to a la Ferrari , one in 3 household drivers a hellcat , a race car is not about horsepower , try taking a turn with the hellcat , and craftsmanship that goes in a la Ferrari , never in your life compare a hellcat to a la Ferrari , that's like comparing a bike to a race car , even though a bike can be faster it's no comparison
Alex Capi
6LACK's version is better imo
Trey Baker
brush this song hotter than my stove when I'm cooking fish and grits
Eliana Iglesias
sup niggas
simba slang
junky life..... fuck it!!!!πŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’ŠπŸ’Š
This songs kind of sad and lit
Sheila Easton
Pushin legal weight we call it at the gym πŸ’―
Cristian 250
i was thinking why purple yeah the codeine, prince but also looked up colors associated with pain/depression and purple is a top color coincidence or not it fits very well with the lyrics of the song and the mixtape and ds2 it fits like a puzzle and studying future from his interviews hes a very intricate artist he probably like he says premeditated all the details we as consumers of music and culture sometime tend to overlook the smallest of details that make it that much more authentic. What a great artist.
Gg Op
I was just thinking a went through some pretty rough and dark time with this song am I'm the only one ?
Never knew this shit came out before mozzy'a πŸ‘
Joesph Smith
James King
Deja love this song. Hi. How are you. Who miss me I do. Be a good man and I hope you have a great time
the beat makes me want to cry sometimes especially when lor scoota dose the remix
Alec J. McDaniel
I can hear the herpes calling
Actavis Fiend
Man fuck 6lack and fuck every other version of this song. I heard Future's first and liked this one first. Don't waste your time and listen if you don't fuck with the artists...
From someone who has battled addiction to xanax, this song hits home hard. And for anyone out there who's thinking about taking xans or percs or any prescription that isn't prescribed to you, don't. It's an endless cycle and nothing is fun about it. You hurt yourself, but you hurt the people around you way more. Don't do it
adam foulk
have you heard mozzys version
Rayshaun Hutchison
Future depressed as fuck
I feel em
Dakota Robb
every thing we do make it fast food πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜―πŸ”«
Dmareon Henry
this song reminds me of 6lack: ex calling
L DeliveryMan
Not in spotify yet ? why
Shane Dimmitt
to Many
Mark Mckelly
Thanking abt dem lic's I had 2 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Derek Powell
RIP Chico
Jose Sanchez
He did good but I still think durk did the best
Princess lion
ex calling ft free 6lack.
Modie Dennis
every time I pop pills I listen to this
Edwardo Musa
sounds nostalgic
nicco deblasio
I can hear them Zannys calling bro lol πŸ’―πŸ–•πŸ”₯πŸ’΅ Can listen to this shit anytime all the time
Yoyo PastorΓ©
Do you know where can I get similar song like that? Future or others raper? Thanks
Diana Estrada
give it up a bit of πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊπŸ˜…
Vernon Knode
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