srinath kumar
Fucking shit release episode 6 I can't wait anymore
Hamsyari Hashik
Is there going to be am Episode 6?
francisco ramirez
where's episode 6 ?
naman bansal
where is the episode 6
Ethan Wong
Just call Zeno with that button and boom done
Robin Chua
Episode 6 pls
Abderrahim Ahbari
when u will add the part 6
Where is the episode 6
Darkened Light
All they need as backup is The Sentry,or The Runner which is enough to beat them all...
Super Namekien! !!
Joshua Mera
We can all agree that the strongest warrior in this entire series is the goddamn planet
Piggy Gamer
Episode 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sergio Silva
Part 6 ???
So when’s more Anime War happening? It’s been fucking forevet and the stupid copyright bullshit is long since removed! I need a direct answer within the next week! MASTAR MEDIA I’M TALKING TO YOU!!!
99.9% of the comments are about anime war episode 6
Goku's pants are so strong that they are unbreakable
Saitama vs ultra instinct Goku
Saitama only needs 1 hit to win but he can't land that hit because Goku keeps dodging
hero heralal
why episode 6 is taking too long???
Minh Đạt TV
Subs my chanel if you want looks clip funny and dragon ball super review
Andrew Edmondson
Hey Mastar I have an idea for one of your episodes! What if towards the end of the series the evil gods discover that siphoning ability is starting to have an adverse side effect on them so they have to stop using it or they will get seriously fucked up. Then Goku randomly pulls potara earrings out of his pocket and asks Vegeta to fuse with him. They turn into Vegito and transform to whatever and they start to fight, after awhile the relies their power still isn’t enough. They get the shit beaten out of them. Before they are killed, they try something they’ve never done before. A transformation beyond Omni saiyan. I have no idea what to call that, but it’s overly ridiculous and op. So what do you think of it? I don’t know how to end that so ide leave that to you. Also I know you would add more things to the rest of it. I’de really appreciate it if you would respond and tell me what you think of my idea.
Andrew Edmondson
Hey Mastar, will a fusion ever be happening in Anime War? It would make a perfect ending for the last episode! Oh I have an idea, what if towards the end the evil gods discover that siphoning ability is starting to have an adverse side effect on them, so they have to stop using it or it will seriously fuck them up, so that way Goku and Vegeta can potara fuse into Vegito, not sure how they get the earnings, but you could figure that one out, then after awhile of fighting they relies their power isn’t enough, they almost get killed but they somehow transform into something new and overly ridiculous and op, and if that doesn’t work Goku can just call in Zeno with that butten he gave him and have Zeno kill him, but that ending would be boring, so a Vegito ending would be way more badass! Mastar please respond to this comment and tell me what you think of the idea, I hope you think it’s cool!
Papang Efran
Make anime vs dc hero
Luca Cazzimiei
episode 6 exit?????
geoffry selunggang
Where is ep 6!!!!
Giedrius Baturinas
This is so much more entertaining then Dragon ball super itself.. they ruined the show:(
Uchechukwu Oguejiofor
This was the best anime war episode especially with the opening and length of the video. Also the fact the heroes are in a terrible situation where there seem to be no where out. Even Saitama actually lost. The strongest of anime war can't stop the Dragon God. I really look forward to watching the next episode 6 of Anime war for that I subscribed and liked your video. Keep up the good work.
hoon cuong
con cac phan khac nua dau nhi
Nowy Użytkownik
100 kaioken its hyakubai not jubai.
Der Gxttliche
Nata didnt even played on that anime wtf
Pedro Gabriel
EP 6 !!!!!!!!!!!
Quan super
Episode 6 please :))))
Crown of Owl
GO PART6!!♡♡♡
Bobby Jacabson
I love all the the Anime War episodes. Truly awesome. Thanx much to you and the people who helped you make them. You all deserve a HUGE pat on the back and the HIGHEST high five possible. Kudos :)
Bobby Jacabson
People stop asking when episode 6 is coming out. The man will get to it when he can. You all do realize the time and effort to make these anime episodes if you all had a brain and can think. Plus, in a previous vid he briefly explain why it takes a while to make one. Also it's just him and a handful of people so stop whining and asking about episode 6 got damn.
Shivam Sharma

When will anime war 6 come????
It’s been three months since this beauty came out.
Now...MaStar Media...*Extra Slow* Where is Episode 6?
Miss Annasocute
thats 5 more episode!!!!! can't wait to seeeee
dbs theory
Guys please support me and watch my videos and please add comments
Episode 6...why it is taking too long... When it is coming... Ny1..
Eduardo Hernandez
Hate how it leaves you on hanging their shit just got good
Norfazman Sudirman
I can't wait to see episode 6...arghhh...
Adamaris Riverw
FANTASTIC!!!!!!! My dream come true, a crossover with the most badass anime heroes, waiting for episode 6 :)
Med Amine Minou
Where ep 6
Zorox 2012
قناة رررررهيبة
Alphonso Pollard
Can't wait for next episode
Logan Allen
That boy Whis snaps lmao
Cuando biene él capítulo 6 totalmente emocionante
Logan Allen
Gohan and picilo in this anime is way better than super lmao
xicor honer
When is episode 6 coming?
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