Vinu Harricharan
Disney is corrupted
Vinu Harricharan
The movie was very boring. Could not watch the whole thing...
Chris Cruise
It's anything but subtle. The gayness is quite clear.
I love Emma, but can someone please explain to her what queerbaiting is? At least she was honest about it not being much of anything unlike the freaking director who had us all thinking there was a chance for real representation.
lowkey lucy
no lie, my fave part was at the end when Lefou dances w/ a boy😂
Aden Liz
trying to make homosexuality more acceptable through a disney movie. completely irrelevant.i will never let my kids watch it
I only watched the movie because of this controversy and i didn't see anything "gay"... obvs lefou is gay but nothing "gay" happened....
Joe kauhn
Also, This comment section is filled cancerous snowflakes._.
Joe kauhn
La Fou wasn't gay in the original.
Fuck this gay shit, fuck it all man
Daisy & Gareth
Lol I didnt even notice. I just looked at him in the film and took him as Gastons sidekick
Nicholas Flamel
Gayness isn't a plot, you dumbasses. Gayness is a character trait.
Le fou kinda sucked in this movie tbh. They completely scrapped his character for the sake of minority points. I always had a feeling he was was gay but you can be gay and be an interesting villain
Sammie Finjap
But the whole movie is about a girl falling in love with a beast
Vicky Summers
To SET things straight with this idiot interviewer no dear there are no gay characters in Beauty and the Beast it shows how disgusting people's minds are in this world!
Amelia Brenes
Can't watch the movie because of him being gay. From what I've heard it doesn't even have a purpose in the movie.
I love you Emma Watson:-* :-)
Azura Kirkland Republic of Singapore
oh geez -.- I see so many homophobes here. The gay scene wasn't even something kids could pick up easily on.even if they do,It's not that hard to explain it to them :/ I mean I'm a lesbian and when my 5 year old cousin asked what that was,after I explained it,She didn't ask anymore questions
Billy Bob
The people championing an abnormal lifestyle being pushed down the
throats of mainstream will eventually come to grasp with what you're
doing because if this abnormal lifestyle can be normalized and thrust
upon us that means ANY abnormal lifestyle can be thrust upon us.

You will wake up one day to necrophilia, pedophilia, and bestiality
being normalized, and you will realize "oh shit they're going too far",
but by then it will be too late because you will be shouted down as a
bigot for not accepting these lifestyles just like you're doing to

You will be called a bigot, necrophilophobe / pedophobe, beastophobe,
and thus getting a taste of your own medicine. To go against these
things are "hate" and "come on its 2025 for petesakes!" "They were born
this way!" The arguments can easily be made for any debauchery.

Definition of Normal -
1. the usual, average, or typical state or condition.

Sorry, but homosexuality is abnormal. Only a few % of people identify
as homosexual.
Jay Vansickle
Was that the guy who guest starred in The Office, when Pam went to art school in New York?
Elery Robert Libo-on
There are leaders and there are followers... Wolves and Sheep.. Hero or sidekick/assistant... Villain and Henchman/Henchmen... Male celebrities and male(heterosexual) fans...THIS IS ALL THAT IS GOING ON WITH GASTON AND LEFOU!!! People are just twisting a perfectly innocent story into one that pushes their agenda! Shame on you..heck shame on the makers of this film if that's what they had in mind!
Jack K
lu cuz
If its just some subtle, ambiguous moment, why is it such a big deal,that its all over the news?
Don't you people know an agenda when you see one?
Kristina Burgos
She always sound like she's about to cry. Another adorable trait of hers
Colin Keiser
I think this is an important video for people who didn't want to see the movie because of that to watch.
workwork damn
Gaston and le fai were bros. it's was Bromance not gay Romance
RegionaYoongi X
Loufo (spelling, yikes) dancing with a guy at the end, and a hug with Gaston is really the only thing that happens, and the guy that got happy once he was in a dress and makeup during the fight. Made me so unbelievably happy
Gay "subplot" is a little much I'd say. I saw the movie and I didn't even think it was gay, I just thought they were close friends. The most gay thing to happen in the movie is Lefou dancing with another man wearing a dress for only 2 seconds at the end of the film. Subplot makes it sound like a big deal, but it really wasn't. It had nothing to do with the movie.
Maria 101
Sounds like queerbaiting to me. I love Emma and I don't understand how she is not even acknowledging that this is even a little bit messed up. It's such a horrible trend in the entertainment industry these days, people are getting on feminist's and LGBT activist's side by introducing characters with 'strong female roles' or that are 'queer', yet they never make them explicitly so, as they do not want their films being 'inappropriate', though they would let a straight couple kiss and do explicitly romantic things without being afraid of children seeing them.
Britney Volkman
Walt Disney would be very disappointed in this movie!!
Chloe Swan
I watched the movie and I haven't noticed ANYTHING gay in the movie
nur aishah humayra
the gay subplot is subtle, Malaysia !!!!!!!
Audrey Gagne
It's entirely possible to have crushes on same-sex people and not be horny for them. While the director confirms it, I didn't see anything 'gay' about it. Just smitten. People read that into Grantaire in Les Mis. He wasn't 'in love' with Enjolras, just smitten.
She is very diplomatic that one...
Theodora Pantelich
How amazing is Emma's hair in this interview? Does anyone know how to do this style or a similar one?
Antonella Mazzei
Saw the movie. The gay subplot was just the added comedy the movie needed. Josh Gad did really well.
Aaliyah Murphy
Look at all of the other Disney movies this is not the first time they had a sexually seance. Think of Frozen they just was suppose to be sister I think not.
Steve Jobs
My children will not be seeing this film!
And here I thought he was European!
Mystery Science Gaming 3000
You know why it's incredibly subtle?

Because it is called brainwashing.
Katheryn Gonzalez
It was subtle EXCEPT for when Lefu sings the comical and loved song "no one like Gaston" and when he sings the lyric "no one bites like Gaston" he's lifts up his shirt exposing a bite mark on his lower belly/groin area which was really unnecessary and just inappropriate to be in a kids movie. As a company if Disney wants to promote LGBT they have a right and that's their business, but don't sex up kids movies and put suggestive moments like that in their faces. It was weird.
Norman Singh
Gaston is so manly that having sex with him makes you MORE heterosexual.
CootMcGyver GetawayDriver
Are we supposed to expose our youth to movies with gay disney characters? No wonder there are 59 genders acknowledged by the World Prog Ass.
Jiahuayy ft
Where my heart sick Malaysian at @.@
Julia Pfeffermann
Emma Watson ist so schön!!!♡♡☆☆
I love how Emma handled this so well!
Alexander Stewart
Look, I was going to go easy on you not to hurt your feelings.
But, I'm only going to get this one chance.
Something's wrong I can feel it.
It's just a feeling I've got,
Like something's going to happen....
But I don't know what.
If that means what I think it means,
We're in trouble - big trouble.
I'm not taking any chances....
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