matthew stepton
the list of Jericho I love it I would love Chris Jericho to put me on his list
Mike Tom took a deep breath he knew he was about to be on the list. he was spared by an even bigger stupid idiot 😭😂
Joshua Sixx




Ronan Jegou
Jericho the best <3
Jose Santos
Mike's face at: 3:17 that poor kid.. 😂😂
Thomas gunns
eventually we're all on the list
Jose Santos
Chris Jericho's face at 2:41 😂😂😂😂
Jose Santos
me at 3:15 when people say I'm a trouble maker... 😂😂
Nathan Mclaughlin
Those alliterations though ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sahil Kazmi
Hahaha Chris is funny
Chris Jericho reminded of velocity and Sunday nyt heat, what a legend
How can you (not) love Y2J?
Arpit Gautam
#jericho for president 2020
derick peters
somebody find this scarf for me
2:49 that sigh of relief though lol
As you can see Elias Samsons career drifts away! lol
Hector D
Samson and Woods for tag champs
Francis Filth
I thought he was called Tim
Eduardo Orengo
i would love chris jericho as my dad that would just be awsome like if u agree
Henry Le
The goodbye of Jericho, we're going to miss you maaaaaaaan.
Tanim Islam
Y2j even makes a backstage backstage interview entertained i think roman can learn something from jericho
Suresh Babu
all those who hate y2j just made the list
Aidan LaRose
Wtf is wrong with the mic sound?
Christian Rice
Who is Elias Samson
Chris Jericho, G.O.A.T 😢
nazim uddin
I have make a list of my own
julio Sterling Mota
Jericho is already in the same place than Austin, Rock or HBK, this man is already a legend, i'll be too sad when he retires.
The Fiddler
why are you guys sad? where is y2j going?
X Jam
i am in the friends of jericho maaaaaaan

like if u are also
Julio Oquendo
Chris Jericho Should host SNL why they can't book him. He be way more funny than all the cast but together
Kinda reminds me of Wish you were here by Pink Floyd
Wad Jay
jericho made raw as good as it can be while smackdown was thriving.
Sid D Kid
most interesting & entertaining to watch on raw > Chris Jericho & Alexa Bliss
George Acosta
everyone on the comment section you just made the list
Hardy boyz team extreme best in the world! 20
You just made the list !!!!!
chemistry on camera : the rock steve austin mick foley jericho n triple h
'You don't even know your name, Miketom' 😂😂😂
Fathia Bouajila
what's your name ?
See you don't even know your real name Miketom
My God I'm dying LMFAO
As of February 12, 2017, Chris Jericho was the 8th ranked wrestler in the world.
Yahsa Septa
what is the meaning "you just made the list!!!!!"???
Armar Elder
who is the shirtless guy wit the guitar?
Armar Elder
who is the shirtless guy wit the guitar?
Scribby McSkribby
I'm on the List Of Jericho. On January 2, he told the Tampa Bay crowd that they made the List and I was there.
sheik gomoc
this segment is gold
Marlon Linares
who else came for the list oof Jericho
Felix Alvarez
Been over since forever
weird wondering wayfare he killed me :)))
Tom (or Mike) made 103 fake accounts
Michael McArdle
Damn, that alliteration from Chris Jericho is on point.
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