Chris Jericho puts Elias Samson on "The List": Raw, April 17, 2017

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"The Drifter" learns why one should never interrupt a Chris Jericho interview.


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Al duffy
Going to miss this guy so much when he goes........I've a feeling that maybe soon after payback this Sunday😢😢😢😢
Akesa Fifita
Chris is right kevin has a ugly ugly face frame it in maaaan
Jaset Wells
"Weird Wandering Wayfair"
Frame it in man
J Roscoe
Next time The Rock turns up again, I want to see him and Jericho go toe-to-toe again; not in the ring but on the mic.
Nancy Zamora
I'm one of the friend of Chris Jericho!😉
Usman Qureshi
Velocity, Sunday Night Heat, Nitro lol
Allan Pagdanganan
Chris Jericho= the guy who get's a big pop just by clicking a pen
Sinelizwi Futshane
tom mike tom mike hahah you dont even know your own name
Dhanajit Brahma
AJ: Face that runs the place

Y2J: Frame it in Maaaannn...
You know how WWE can never get people to actually dislike heels? Because they'll put them against roman
Tommy 'the nightmare' Smith
Funniest segment of all time, I'm gonna #FrameItInMaaaaan
Vincent Nuñez
Leave of Jericho.....
Cry it out MAAAAN!
The SSJ4 Guy
Only Y2J can be that happy after losing a match against Samoa Joe lol.
Devraz Kapoor
Mark W
Amazing alliteration, Jericho!
We all know Jericho is gonna lose because his band will go on a tour after Payback
Moise Anghel
Y2J is the best
candido moreno
im still a jerichoholic
candido moreno
candido moreno
Duncan Nation
Let's go Mike Tom
Adarian West
At some point and time, Chris Jericho should have one solid reign as Universal Champion before he retires.
fans of jericho? not JERICHOICS?!
Shane Page
I don't like Chris
Aj Styles
chris jericho needs to go to smackdown and he needs a wwe championship title run
Dafty Drifter Dandy xD
Who is this Elias Samson guy? I WANT EL VAGABUNDO!
Hervie Crisostomo
i wish wwe promotion create comedy drama movie actor is Y2J
Lakhan Narwani
didn't even know that guys name was Mike , jericho just made him famous
Maria Fernandez
no jericho is a jerk
Nicholas Gunjak
anyone else notice the interviewer got shorter when Jericho came in
Mark Smith
i love jerichos list promos long may it continue
Lion Colbert
How come all of the backstage interviewers,always look like the wrestlers stole their wallets and passports in the end?
Thaer Thabata
Gotta love The Drifter
Will Revol
"Face of Jericho" Wow That was a good one!
see you don't even know your own name!! lmao Jericho is the best thing on raw!!
Saket Arora
His expressions while "Frame it in Man" 😍
Carlos Inda
This shows why Jericho is the 🐐
96 dislikes really.
aqeem zam
you know what happens?
Chris4Prez 101
Raws been better than Smackdown live for like 4 weeks In a row gotta admit
Dan Chilcott
This made me laugh so much
Gaz Manson
Jericho is the fkn man. Heel to Face with ease. Still think his 08' programme with HBK was the best ever.
Shah Muhammad Khan
Face of wwe frame it in mannnnnn
Ryad Achaïbou
Chhangte 三好市
I like this Drifter guy. It's hilarious 😂😂
Chhangte 三好市
@2:48 'Scratch that, you're off the hook' . The expression of relief on mike's face was priceless 😂😂😂
Maria Lee
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