EXCLUSIVE: Viola Davis on Having Meryl Streep Speak at Her Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

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Streep had nothing but glowing words for her esteemed contemporary on her big day.

Roman Darius
Meryl Creep once gave a standing novation to Meryl Creep to Roman Polansky, child rapist. A man who fled America because he is wanted by the police. He not only druged a 13 year old girl, but had drugged her. And Meryl Creep defended her.
Mireya Paz
Why are you so mad? This is America which stands for freedom. All she is doing is stating her opinion. Be it good or bad. You have the freedom to change the channel. That is why this country is the greatest! Freedom!
Patty Badali
The two of them took a light hearted affair and turned it somber. First of all, this is getting way more attention than deserved. The media once again blows this up, read an article on Yahoo saying Streep got a standing ovation, BS, I was watching it, I heard a few faint claps, she held her audience hostage, forced to listen to her rant. Media also reported how other celebrities tweeted and thanked and congratulated Streep, hello, maybe 5 or 6. And Davis, she and other influential celebrities that want to cry, they should clean up their own back yards, go back to their communities, especially black communities, where young black folks feel there is no hope, invest in them. Stop blaming government, it starts at home, stop crying because it is what you teach our younger youth, to blame everything on others
Roxanne Stapleton-Whyms
Joann Coslop
Lost respect for her she doesn't care HRC lying to mothers while standing over coffins from BENGHAZI!!!!!
sterling kennedy
Merely Streep and the rest of liberal Hollywood has a severe case of white guilt. They bent over backwards to appease black people.
Philip Lindsay
meryl has become a self opinionated actress with a hyper inflated ego living in her ivory tower who knows fuck all about the real world. Go back to Aspen mrs Green.
to greats I would LOVE to work with being an inspiring actor myself
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