Devious Monkey Steals Phone


Occurred on May 31, 2016 / Saint Petersburg, Russia

A girl gets too close to the enclosure while filming a monkey.

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he was like ((le me give u mu numbu))
Arjun Batra
so now monkey owns the youtube channel and he will buy his villa with youtube money
Sharan Shankar
then how did u get back the phone and release it in youtube . did the monkey release it😂😂😂
Brrr Singh
when he wants to click his own selfie
hits camera "Stop filming me"
i RainXz
monkeys arent vad vloggers
He wants the spiciest of memes
Probably updating his status!
That's what you get for carying a phone with you 24/7
Rehan Chandiwala
thief monkey
Google User
he wanna talk his girlfriend...😂
bnm1 x
he just wanted to get on facebook
Abu Waheeb
animal cruelty under putins dictatorship
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