8 Best Moments From The 2017 Golden Globes

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When it comes to best award show moments, the Golden Globes set a pretty high bar for all of the other award shows happening this season. 
Well, this is one way to kick off award season! Like all shows, the 2017 Golden Globes have sadly come and gone, but not before leaving us with some of the best moments in award show history. The Globes opened up with an incredible musical number all thanks to Jimmy Fallon, his famous peers, and of course, the big winner of the night, ‘La La Land.’
We couldn’t have asked for a better cold open from an award show. On that same note, everyone should be very thankful for ‘La La Land’ because not only was Jimmy able to create an incredible spoof of musical moments from the movie for the Globes, Ryan Gosling’s win also gave us this hilarious, yet wonderful moment between Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield. 
Did you catch them smooching in the background? No? Can we play it back in slow-mo really quick?
Yeah, no one knew they needed a Ryan and Andrew kiss until now. 
And then, there was a short skit in the middle of the show where actors talked about their first jobs. Viola Davis started off as a person who changed people’s bingo cards, Sarah Paulson was a waitress at a pizzeria in Brooklyn, Kevin Hart was a lifeguard, but Chris Pratt, for the life of him, could not think of something good to say. The actor said his first job was being, well, being an actor, but that obviously didn’t fit with theme.
So he reallyyyy tried his best to make something up after asking the director to cut to a few of his other Hollywood buddies. But if we all know Chris, and we do, he just could not get his life together. 
It’s okay if you started off your work life as an actor, Chris. We still love you anyway. 
So we’re all well aware by now that any time Amy Schumer enters the room, there’s about to be some sort of ridiculousness that ensues, but this time it was her partner-in-crime-slash-upcoming-onscreen mother Goldie Hawn with the comical assist. The two, who star together in the upcoming film, Snatched, presented the award for best actor in a comedy or musical, and let’s just say if their chemistry onscreen is as hilarious as it was tonight, we may just have ourselves another epic ‘Trainwreck’ of a film. 
But the comedy doesn’t stop there… that is, if that’s what you wanna call Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig’s surprisingly depressing presentation. The two, who star together in the Despicable Me films, presented the award for best animated motion picture, as they recalled the first time they remember seeing an animated movie… Steve remembered being six years old, saying “My dad took me to see Fantasia. It was astounding; the music, the spectacle of the whole thing. It was kind of a life-changing experience.” Sounds great, right? Yeah, not quite…

Must we never settle until we all find our own Ryan Gosling… but the night continued as Jimmy Fallon appeared every so often to deliver even more comical bits, like the time he raised the roof while announcing the dynamic duo of presenters, Redmayne and Chastain…
And all is suddenly right in the world. But you didn’t think we’d leave you without giving a quick mention to one of the evening’s most hilariously awkward cringe-worthy moments now, did you? Sweet angelic Emma Stone was simply trying to congratulate her La La Land director Damien Chazelle on his Golden Globe win for best screenplay when this gem of a hug happened…
But who cares when you’ve got a brand-spankin’ shiny Golden Globe to tack onto your belt, and as if we didn’t think possible, we can now relate to Emma Stone on a whole new level. But now that we’ve concluded our list of the 2017 Golden Globe best moments, I’m curious to know what your favorite bit was, and if you’ve got more to add to the list and don’t want to hear me talk anymore, feel free to add them right down here in the comments. After that, don’t forget to click right over here for a recap of all the best dressed of the night and as always, be sure to subscribe to Clevver News, for all the best award show coverage. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver’s Trophy Life, I’m your host Ryland Adams – SEE YA.

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Best part: Emma's hug. It's to die for for. Just. Yes. Emma. You get me.
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why not Ricky Gervais???????????????????????????????
And no is talking about Ryland, as in Shane's boyfriend ahsisuhduiahs <3
Jemima Ojapa
Boring presenter.
space prince
"must we never settle until we find our own Ryan Gosling" bitch no he basically admitted that he left his pregnant wife to take care of her other child and her sick brother so that he star in a mediocre white-person jazz movie
space prince
steve carrel's bit wasn't cringy or depressing, I'm pretty sure he was making a joke.
space prince
this guy looks dead inside. who has harmed you
everything about this is faggoty, including the pusshead hosting this clip
Nidheesh Maliakkal
how high is he ? 😂
The Automatic Coach
How many months before this was filmed did the clip presenter die? #lifeless #stiffmuch?
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you are really annoying
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dude you could smile a little idk be more natural
I wanna punch this annoying fuckface
Holy fucking shit the fucking never ending talking is putting me on tilt... Just show the best moments and stfu...
Fire Blade
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Bl4zed Re4per
yo bro do you know how to blink?
Gossling will always be Young Hercules to me man
Sergio Gomez
wath is the minute song 5:55?
International Lux Magazine
Best moments of Golden Globes.
stavros yagulis
totally stoned?
Tom Ian Holland
Did the actors all say the truth regarding their first respective jobs or they're just acting?
No tenough Tom Hiddleston, meh. Love Lala Land.Please chage presenter. More Emma Stoen nest time and less Gooseling.
Melissa Swinford
Very strange little man. Does he seriously think these celebrities are being serious? They are joking.
Sawa3ek Fekr
americans is always fake ppl
Please say Viola Davis's name correctly.
jimmy fallon is the worst. I didnt watch the show because I knew he was hosting and would just ruin it
Paulina Morales
Good lord. I'm never watching anything on this channel again. That zero energy. Man o man.... I need to nap.
Waku Tan
All those crocodile tears.
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ok where is the comment about this host....
the first one was awkward as fk
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Levon Manukyan
It is necessary to carefully shave every day! It's a shame in a way to appear on the screen. Correct as shaved.
How did her teacher not let her go see her dad (the president) speak. How could she miss it. That's not fair
Keyboard Warrior of Justice
This man irritates me.
Altar M
This presenter needs to quit this job and do something that fulfills him...or at least doesn't make his soul slowly die with each mention of a 'celebrity moment' (by the look in his eyes)...
Alexa Steierlein
God, boy, find another job... Your hate for this is showing...
pj cav
what about diego luna presenting the award in spanish?
bob hope
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i usu never snark, but this guy just.plain.SUCKED!!!

Dude.. go back to selling cardigans or renting-out cars at some podunk Airport.

Jerold of Rivia
This video would be good if they actually showed those moments instead some monotonous guy talking over it...
You include Amy Schumer which is never funny and DO NOT include Meryl Streep's awesome speech? This video is trash, goodbye
Stoyan S
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whats the name of the actor on the right at 3:55 ?
Carolyn Feldman
This is terrible. The guy doesn't stop talking! Don't bother watching this.
Paula Blissett
Golden Globes were boring as hell, that is, until Brad Pitt came out, he has always been a household name, and my favorite actor!!!!!! I loved Meryl Streeps's speech, except for bringing up Donald Trump's misgivings, he is our President Elect, get used to it, for the next 4 years, maybe the next 8??????
Uthayakumar Rasiah
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