Game Theory: The Many Sides of W.D. Gaster EXPOSED! (Undertale)

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Since Undertale's release, one question has plagued the fan base - Just who is W. D. Gaster? I'm diving further into the mystery behind this bizarre and obscure character.

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Sink Tube
You said something about a word search what about that
C Massey
When ness and the soon-to-be papyrus got trapped in the world of undertale, they were... infused? They merged(?)with the two halves of WD Gaster. That's how both theories fit together.
Owen Teasdale
his brain right brain is papyrus and his left is sans so there the two parts of his soul that glue everything together
Owen Teasdale
gaster is in the void,that part of(his shattered part) is called wing dings.
gaster has other self's living in other time lines.
also the void is where monsters who have part souls come like Geno sans so gaster isn't shattered across time and space his soul is.
Samurai Cuber
Wait wait wait matpat but how can gaster talk to sans before shattering into time and space ???????????? Answer me MatPat. You yourself said that the skelebros existed after gaster shattered in time.............?
Silver theDragon
what I want to know is how gaster was talking to sans in the missing entry if he had to shatter to make sans
TheOffical StevenBuster
Here's something mind-shattering as well, Alphys knows about the timelines, too. In Mettaton's quiz show, the last question asks, "Who does Alphys have a crush on?". If you selected "No one," Alphys' dialogue after becomes a bit suspicious. Alphys states, and I quote, "H-hey, I're done research about this. There are Alternate Universes out there! S-someday, maybe, I could meet them...".
jeremiah morgan
do this one:666
Olivia Drake
The love and lifting from your fans fills you with DETERMINATION ❤️
if you pause at 3:25 doesn't that yellow thing look like a front view of gonner
Silver Mist
10:16 (approx.)
Everyone take a moment to pause the video an read the paragraph above what he highlights. this is what MatPat been saying so spread the word not the hate.
jammer82003 AJ
I think the reason that Sans and Papyrus are total opposites, yet are two halves of one brain is the fact that the right half of the brain is in charge of emotions and creative activities, while the left half is logical and in control of complex problem solving, etc. Sans knowing all the sciencey timeline and space and so many other things beyond my comprehension is hooked with Sans getting the left half of the brain, while on the contrary, Papyrus seems to be less logical and more creative makes me want to think that Papyrus got the right half. Perhaps you could look into this a little more and maybe think about it and whatever your incredible mind does, because you are far smarter than I. Bye!
Emmary Akins
bro sorry but no you said this would only be a 2 parter :< :>
Entity 888
No one knows who is gaster,but your theory is good and I nspired me..
Skyleaf 0815
He should say a sceli-ton of proof.
Darwin Annable
Dragon 33728
I'm happy you feel better, and I was so close to tears 😄
Fortuna Adek
that's why you don't be too determined, kids!

you'll melt!
Candy Carter
Hi, MatPat! I'm late. I would like to say a few things. I think that Gaster is named.. Well, Gaster, because of what comes before it. You are SPOT ON with the Wing Dings and Aster part, but here's how I think about it:Wing.Din. G.AsterSee what I did there? That's what I'm talking about. You did nothing wrong, but in my opinion, left something out. sans and Papyrus might be parts of Gaster, but most people believe that Papyrus and sans, in one timeline, (for some reason) Papyrus had fallen down. sans injected him with Determination, and hugged him while he melted. Thus, creating an Amalgamate. While this isn't canon, the Amalgamate's name is, "Sixbones". Not Gaster. Some people think that Gaster is not a part of sans and Papyrus, but related to them. Their father. Which would make a lot of sense, considering sans knows so much about science and nerd stuff. (:3) I think that because sans knew about all of the timelines, he could actually remember Gaster after he was wiped from existance. Papyrus on the other hand was too worried about being in the Royal Guard to think about any of that stuff. So. Papyrus forgot him like everyone else did. I want to say, I LOVED this theory SO MUCH! I actually thought that Gaster had fallen into the core before remembering, "Oh crap... Gaster had more than one creation.." Thanks for reminding me! x3 I love all of your theories, and have been learning from you. Thank you for the amazing things that you inspired everyone to do. ~Candy
Matt, I'd like to let you know, and I know I speak for a great deal of people, I love this channel, I love the content that you work so hard to create, all the effort and time you put into it, it's appreciated man. Rise above the negativity, don't ever let it stop you. Don't let it get to you. Most importantly, don't ever give up. Don't believe in yourself, believe in the Matpat that we believe in.
Laurie Palmer
don't cry man it's okay
xXTrollgamer XD Hello Boy
Napstablook also speaks in lowercase.
I don't want to hate or something, I Just wanted to point it Out.
What if Gaster is the father of Sans and Papyrus
Rawskyfly // ultra gaming
Alejandro Zarate-Clark
matpat should do a dark souls trilogy vid
Papyrus King 203
:: Phanic! Twenty øne Crybaby Septipliers ::
maybe this all happened in another world
and there is a world where frisk..never tripped and fell.
and if gaster..was evil and decided to go genocide on another timeline from "his creation " he JUST made?
maybe he created blueprints for mettaton and alphys found them?
she added a bit more to it?
welp,talking about metta,what if gaster created him in another timeline?
to kill humans?
curse them?
what if gaster knew about alphys becoming the next royal scientist?
but alphys jinxed him?
hell if i know. ;)
(*Didnt you know?)
(*Me: ???)
(*That its rude to talk about someone who is listening?)
(*Me: ...)
tEmMiE hAD fUn Mssin aRoUND
Chris Sowoneul
MatPat, try Neko Atsume or Magikarp Jump bro ;) I'm sure that you'll like it
WAIT! if flowey's hyper goner possibly destroyed goner kid, then is it not possible that Sans destroyed Gaster? gaster blaster?
Julius P serquina
Wait this is in feb wow i fell 2016 this is uplode
LordMint Thats why they apologize to pat for hating it ...
this theory makes sense i love your videos and theories keep doing your good work pat I hope you will make more of this because it makes me happy thank you ;)
Ryan Eskridge
how could you think no one liked that when I got bullied the only thing I could look forward to was your videos
Baron Von T.
But if Gaster is supposed to be taking to Alphys and Sans, and Sans is supposed to be half of Gaster, how...?

Eh, probably gonna be in the third episode
diana blackthorn
wait what human souls #truth about sans
Logan vang
or he has 7 hands T-T
T Fraser
6:55 is dat the portal gun??!! WHOA.

holy crap.....
"I bet there will be flying cars in the fu-" NO, THIS MEME IS TO OLD, OLDER THAN BONUS DUCKS! GOD NO.
analisha mcmillon
Your kind of right gaster is rlly Papyrus's and sans's dad
Puck van der Moolen
euhm am I wrong? I through Gaster was Sans an Papyrus Father.
Kim Howel Espiritu
I know this video is already months old, but can someone explain the thing in entry 17 where gaster is talking to sans and alphys but matpat is saying that gaster is both sans and papyrus? sans can't exist in the first place if the experiment haven't been done, right?
amazing Tor Larsen
No sans is NOT wdgaster
Matthew Lyons
do a Kerbal Space Program theory!
Mario monstergaming
Not all theory's are connected so you can believe this or sans is ness
Mr Doge
I think the sans is ness part is true because ness came in the undertale world and got infused with gaster's brian (same with papyrus) and he's trying to become full again
WeGameUGame Drawndude
U rock
I heard these details. in game theory. BUT THATTTS JUST A THEORY.

btw matpat im suprised you get hate at all... your a really good yt and i hope your channel doesnt die out like other yt channels have
rex gaming
The one thing about your theory is the fact that you are saying that Gaster is talking to Sans and Alphys in entry 17. The other part of your theory is that Sans is a half of gaster.

This would not be possible if your theory that Sans is partially Gaster is true.

If your theory is correct, Sans would not exist before Gaster fell into his creation.

Basically, Sans could still be Gaster, but he would not be the other person (besides Alphys) that Gaster was talking to. Or Sans could be the one that Gaster was talking to, but it would not be possible for Sans to be Gaster.

Sorry if that was confusing.
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