Game Theory: The Many Sides of W.D. Gaster EXPOSED! (Undertale)

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Since Undertale's release, one question has plagued the fan base - Just who is W. D. Gaster? I'm diving further into the mystery behind this bizarre and obscure character.

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Blanca Harrison
Matpat, I LOVE UR vids! Keep on keeping on!😜
This video actually made me want to play Undertale again to discover the true lab (I only played it once on a neutral [pacifist in the first run is neutral])
Junior GhostCorn
Wow this makes so much sense
word seeearrchh?
LilyFrez Gaming/Random xD
Naw man. Gaster MADE sans & papyrus
BleachedBean a.k.a. DoPeCuDi
You blow my brain every time I click on a new video MatPat!
kikki miko
Its OK I love you your fabulously fabulous ~°miko the mage of green haven
asriel dreemurr 123
He code be but most evaders is that sans is Steven from seven universities
Michael Pearce
Mat Pat your videos educate me I spent my whole spring break watching your videos I learned a lot just from watching a week of your videos like I learned a lot about dopamine and multiverses.
Ok Mat Pat, even though you'll never read this, I have another Gaster theory. So in the last episode you said Gaster could be a FATHER. So if he really is a father, Sans and Papyrus are his sons, right? But how do you get sons? You need a MOTHER. Ok, so... Where is the mom? Well, we learn in the beginning of the game the monsters and humans had a war with each other. And that there's a Royal Guard. SOOOOOOO... Could Sans and Papyrus's mom been in the Royal Guard, thus being in the war? And died? And to this pressure, instead of Gaster "accidentally" falling in the determination extraction machine, could he have thrown himself in there on purpose? Hmmm? Oh! And a question. How did Gaster get holes in his hands? PLEASE NOTICE MY QUESTION AND ANSWER IT IN YOUR NEXT UNDERTALE VIDEO.
Jessica Granger
I'm looking for the comment that's ask how do you get your Undertale cameo
Mettaton Leg
For those of you who didn't get the joke in the beginning, a humorous is an arm bone. Skeleton pun
Just a Really Random Person
Oh my gosh, this is SO weird. A few weeks before this, I started thinking about gaster, and his melted face. I thought, " Ohmygoshwhatifgasterisanamalgamateohmygosh". I then dismissed myself and the next week, I saw what my wonderful MatPat had uploaded. (You have no idea how long I happy danced)
sans the skelington
At the beginning those were very sansatioal puns you had there
Boston Bubbles
How can Gaster ask Sans and Alphys, "what do you two think" if Gaster is supposedly both Papyrus and Sans?
themoocow rockyisawesome
like if MatPat is awesome and #NoHate
Jeffrey Graves
omg i just had the best theory ever! ness is sans and papy then sans and papy melted into each other then gaster was born!!!!!!!!
Makmak0403 A
and sixbones was accidently created and a amalgamate of sans and papy
Makmak0403 A
in a vid a story of how sixbones was created had alphys says entry number blank
LogantheSlayer 1
MATPAT what if "skeletons" in undertale have to be a human and then die or run out of determination and usually they loose there memory but sans dident and he wants to be human agien whitch is why he hates humans becouse mabby a human killed him and paps
LogantheSlayer 1
It's like the therory that gaster is sans and paps dad to a hole new level
LogantheSlayer 1
1:48 TO THE PATCAVE!!!!!!!!!!!
Where does the word search come in
Gaster means fright or scare
Desirae Wallis
i'v rewatch this several thymes and i LOVE ur theory's!
VzFly Play
это не gaster это последователь.
Gaster created sans and papyrus undertale files says "gaster is the dad of" then the text was unable to read
Leon Victory
No asriel 'so dust was absorbed by a flower
Plsss make a slender man theory
Minecraft Dreamur
ITS al-fiss not al-fees well thats how i say it
William Crew
On the intro you made me cry
Thundershot 64
The beginning made me cry... : (
you used a picture of Grimm the show 😃
you used a picture of Grimm the show 😃
slitheringsnake 2
So... Gaster is sans but Sans in Nes. So basically you're saying that Gaster is Nes. *MIND BLOWN*
Guys I have a theory. There is another character that doesn't use capital letters when speaking who I find slightly more likely to have written the lab entries. Napstablook. Notice that one of the messages in lower-case says that they are worried that Mettaton will leave them. Why would Sans be worried Mettaton would leave him. Napstablook has a very good reason to be worried about Mettaton leaving. I conclude that Napstablook just might have some kind of connection with Gaster or at least with Alphys and the True Lab. Like so MatPat can see. :-)
Nicole J
Man I have to tell you something you in every got a YouTube or how do you value me you giving out on this information saying that you think it's too mean everybody has their opinion
Kat the panic!ing pilot phan
(CRI bc I haven't watched it yet ILY dad)
James Lee
Cade Ts3
then the rest after that just dosent make sense
Cade Ts3
I got to good job on the wing dings down below
IronSniper 555
nice vid
Jorge Ruiz
keep doing what youre doing
Swag Mit
Your evil and stupid

Not actually, just wanted to know what it feels like
LenLemon PikaLover
Logan Thorpe
Ian George
Hey Matt I really enjoyed your earthboundxundertale theory
Jazzy Slate
you should honestly get on camera more.. like i think your viewers feel more connected to you that way.
MatPat, did you know that Sans is Steven Universe from, well, Steven Universe.
Best vidio EVER #BestVidiosEver
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