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MonKung TVGZ55
Jonathan Petrosky
Doesn't Magma and Volcano's give off dangerous gases?
i i
Bro i wach ksi comedyshortsgamer miniminter zerka behzinga joe weler vikstar w2s momo f2 dandtm popularmost everyone i watch bro
Ryan Chen
comedyshortsgamer at 0:15
Richard Rivera
Kenny Lin
I thought you were just taking others vids but never mind
Tien Nguyen
Vc có mc mắm vn
Jonathan Phan
I'm Viet Nouc Mum is the sauce and Chum means dipping wtf like really
What's with the ads every 30 seconds
Ezio pony
That's epic
6 ads in 10 minutes? Fuck that
Anarchism Against Hierarchy
Animal products are torture, suffering and murder. Please, consider going vegan for the animals. 💚
Os produtos de origem animal são tortura, sofrimento e assassinato. Por favor, considere o veganismo pelos animais. 💚
Giorgi Koniashvili
Aphasia YT
it think that's what I lazy person will do
Young Mook Lim
거지 같은 광고때문에 좋은영상 다 못보고 갑니다....
Bomb YT
Who's Vietnamese here?
For car cookies go to arizona in mid summer
Sean Cummings
Lol, good ole manifold burritos
erin hughes
Sucks crap
Natan titelbaum
fock yeeeeeeew i want to say 4 words shut the fuck up
Fhu Fhjj
Fhu Fhjj
đồ ở dơ
Matt Brine
there cant be a more vile smell the the smell of my local creek here in Oshawa, Ontario.
Nice Person
This nigga goes to mount doom just to cook a steak and have a beer, while I cant even be bothered to go to the fridge
Justin Ferrer
That's not a shovel, its a spatula you idiot 😂😂😂
Dũng Văn
Nước mắm
Muller Pelo
Khang Thái
Am from vietnam :))
Garlic Bread
Cooking bacon on a hot gun suppressor 💯💯💯💯💯🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓
Ty Nguyen
That thumbnail made me hungry…
Miss and Miss Otay
i did the pizza box for the solar oven
Troubled Shadow
3:54 Is Also known as GRILLED CHEESE
Its time to stop
Name of song at 2:46
Da Epicc Potatoez
Hope Gordon Ramsay is watching this.
ranjeet singh
I think Concave mirror with sun light is the best technique.
Kimberly Chan
those were big mi-steaks
You dont deserve to have this channel if you just stole clips from other channels without permission.
Andrew Murray
There is no way his English is this bad on accident
Deji's long lost brother
0:13 Deji
People have been cooking shit in strange ways for centuries.

Hangi is still my favourite, chicken and kumara never taste better than when they've spent 8 hours buried with hot rocks.
NurdRage had a 4th of July Bbq using chemical reactions
Lemon TreeGaming
Don't think Gordon Ramsay would approve.
Mohamed Bathih
What Music is been used during Lava scene??
Aboody Ahmed
Don't forget to drink your Cyanide
1. "Fry" a marshmallow? Don't you mean roast?
2. That "shovel" is a spatula.
3. What "special equipment" do you need for grilled cheese? I would venture to guess that most people who own an iron also have access to a stove and a pan, and anyone who does not have a stove and pan is less likely than most to own an iron.
I won't point out the huge number of other words that were way off. I don't have all night.
DH Cruz
Making me hungry
Daniel Gil Eclevia
The craziest way to cook and most hard is gordon ramsey screaming at your face telling how bad of a cook you are
Kenan Najjar
Hey all I am gonna say is good mythical morning
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