The Creepy Real-Life “Men In Black”

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Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones aren’t walking through that door.

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SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

Footage provided by VideoBlocks

Made by BFMP

Sketches by Hunter Delaney

Men In Black Photo taken by Timothy Green Beckley from the book Mystery of the Men In Black: The  UFO Silencers (available from

Men In Black Hotel Video provided courtesy of the API and Antonio Paris


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Artistic Freak
The video is scary and that is how I would picture the men in Black would look like
I love the Dan connection
Kevin Glone
Is it just me or is Brent Ian from Smosh with a beard? Like figure, appearance, even speech and personality wise
Daniel Naranjo
Hey I live next to the Puget sound
Lila Heartung
What happened to shane?
ashkiller 14
I mean, if they come to you theres a loophole. Get in their and tell them this: "So, your threatening me for telling thousands of people online about alien air/space crafts and such. If I suddenly go away, you what that tells those thousands, possibly millions of people online? They exist. Ill tell them about you and maybe even stop posting myself. Continue life with a new identity, and video evidence of you." And if you live in the right area, you already have a 12 gauge or an ar 15 on you.
Sheridan O.
That one guy left the show cause the MIB threatened him
Gary J
I prefer when u guys chat, you guys just put the video of you guys chatting. Cause I think that texting video chat is quite annoying.
Koala Animaitions
Hold up if theyre rlly tall and basket ball players are tall...NO WONDER SHAQUILE O'NEIL CAN BREAK A DAMN BACKBOARD😂
Claire Forsyth
but if aliens are real why aren’t they being more careful??? like the MIB seem to be covering up for them a lot lmao “like just - lemme just quickly hover down next to this hotel where theres a bunch of people real quick its not like anyone will see this giant metal donut here”
Cpt. Joebot
I live in Toledo Ohio and I did not know this
one day mooore
another day another destiny!
on our never ending road to calvory
Aulus Augustus
so they can perform large illusions but they can't make an MIB with a full head of hair?
The little interjections are fucking annoying.
I really hate the jokes between the hosts, but what do you expect from Buzzfeed.
Katheryn Tan
Can someone explain to me what happened to brent. Like i love shane more ofc but im just curious. Did he just like leave the show or what
Yuki Tomoe
Something to try: Watch the entire series. Every time Brent/Shane denies a monster/ghost/whatever, tries to provoke the ghosts/whatever, or tries to explain something with logic, take a drink. Keep score. Don’t use alcohol, unless you’re a deity. I don’t want you to die of alcohol poisoning! :D
Vhan Chua
Brent seems like cool guy. But I prefer Shane better since he gives probable explanations that leads to a usual funny and good arguments rather than completely disagreeing like Brent. Also, at least Shane believes that there are aliens in this vast universe.
It's FaZeSmiley38
It's a ripoff Shane 😂
chemical loser
who else is having a buzzfeedunsolved marathon
White Winter
Why is Harold Dahl’s incounter not in Roald Dahl’s BIOGRAPHY!!! And why is him getting Injured not in there either!!!!!!!!! Is it just me thinking this!!!!
Whattt 14 October is my birthday
Kiwi The Fox
This is fun to watch while using a charcoal face mask
Joe Shmoe
Sooo I'm new to this... is there a particular order I should watch these in? where do I start?? help??
Ketti Horton
anyone remember those things from fringe?! can’t think of the name but that’s what these are!!!
The Generals
I don't believe in aliens exsistence
quetzal cisneros
Can kaijus be real? Unsolved mystery ???
Beast Mode
Agent K and Agent J are real
Carolyn Lockwood
6:38 what Brent' says, is what I was thinking LOL xD
Carolyn Lockwood
WAIT WHERE'S SHANE THO ?!?!! Shane should've been with Ryan 😢😳
Demitri Kozolov
SHANEE?!??!?!? WHERE ARE YOU!??!?!!??
petra viola
harold dahl as in--- roald dahls--- father?
I live in Ohio this is not okay😅😅😅😓😓
Hugo de la Rosa Jimenez
Let's observe a moment of silence for the dog and the dematerialized penny :(
Big Mac B.M.
(Single Cackle)
Jess mari
Shane Shovar- foreshadowing Shane becoming the co-host.
What if the men in black live at Kepler?
Tristan Colón
While it's not an unexplained mystery, you should look through the myths and legends of the Vril-ya
Harmony & Dezmond
Am I the only one who realized that the men in black didn’t start appearing until after the Roswell crash???
Riley Hodges
So creepy but i have to watch!!
Kristy Bartol
Wheeze.. Tf is happening to the world... Wheeze You guys are hilarious... Wheeze.... Out
Laura Lister
I feel like u have to be super arrogant to say aliens don't exist...
LolSo Chic
xX_NightFall550_Xx/ / nighthound550
I think the men in black are protecting us from aliens. Although, i might think aliens are just bacterial life
mikayla smith
The men in black r the slender men of the 90s
Karoline Mus
This just remind me of Fringe... anyone else? No? Okay...
Amar Chauhan
Bro STFU y'all make to many unnecessary jokes and comments.
Chris Lippert
The men in black are also related to the Polybius legend. Look it up!
7 Notes
What's the creepy song played when he talks about the car and the ufo
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