Reading Old Comics w/ T.J

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Here we look into the mind of a 12-15 year old James and see how much his humor hasn't changed. If we count the comics that I made when I was 12, then I've been making comics for 8 years. I hope you enjoyed the never before seen comics! Also, thanks T.J for being in a video. 

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Kawaii Cookies
I used to draw my eyes like that...
Awesomeness E!
1:52 Sollux fans intensify
Gaming Fun
Like and comment "agree" if Theodd1sout is a great YouTuber
Gaming Fun
I only have 1 subscriber😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧😥😥
Nykole Bouchez
Hey! Insult alert! I am TWELVE, and an excellent drawer.

P.S. Just a joke. 😋😜🎉
TwentyOnePilots Fan I-/
that last one tho 😔
Should've said they went of to the pic comics but you didn't so it's more heartbreaking 🖕🤦‍♂️🙍‍♂️💔
Vincenzo Menicucci
the fucking skim milk one got me lmao damnit
Scrooge Mcduck
Oxi clean can't wash the blood stains off
Emma Obrand
I got inspired to draw comics again. THX THEODD1SOUT!!❤️ UR VIDS! I subscribed 2 ur channel and put my seatbelt on.
This was awkward.. my name is Madison.
BrokenBlue 61
When he but the file of comics on the desk it reminded me of the homework the teachers give me on the second week of school
Wyatt Richard
The popcorn one wasn't so bad
I'm 11 and so INSPIRED BY U
musical Genetics
"It'd Have a weird symbol" It was Gemini. Get your Horoscopes straigHt
black widow
he did redo the owl
Yo kai Guy
Super Animal Khloe 123
you inspired me to make my own comics and now I have a whole folder full of them
Does T.J. Have a YouTube channel?
Joseph Quintana
No way I saw your Pokemon comic on pintrest and I was like there's no way that theodd1sout didn't do that I mean his comics are sooooo cool that I just knew it had to be yours
MCPE YooperdudeYT
"Were not reading that one, it's racist"
Nick Shatsky
"Ceace"? Wait, are'nt you American? Shouldn't you be able to spell at your age?
Kayano Kaede
The last comic you drew was sad. Not the billy Maze one
Lisa Bien
Does t.j make you tube videos
Smucka Boy
James is 20
That Guy
The shallow boating one reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes
anime artist
why is he complaining about his comics I can't do jokes or comics, I can only do puns but, I'm ''Fanta-stick'' get it :3
Luke Skywalker
Couple = 2
Each year has 52 or 54 weeks in it I forgot
52 + 52 = 104 (Obviously)
54 + 54 = 108 (Obviously)
So James has made 104 or 108 comics, not including the web comics
Katdorka Channel
Hi I'm Billy Mays here and you're watching Disney Channel.
Davey Novak
TheFunnestchannel Ever!!!!!
I laughed at the Popcorn one.
Fox Blu
NO ITX NOT INPOSSIBLE TO LOOK LIKE A BARBIE!!!CHECK ON THIS & search this people that look like barbies
Phillip Skuba
can u read the raices one plz
Pirate Cat
Why do,the stickmen look like itsalexclark?
tj st.pierre
my name is T.j. XD
Nolan Musix
Who else thought he was talking about deadmau5
Noob ZERO Yellup Data AKA
The Weird Eyes = ㅍ
cang cung cing ceng cong
Frank Stein
Where can i buy your comics?
Steve Minecraft
thx for inspiring me to make comics of my own!
hans calusin
Well, you can't really see through a pillow..
I ate popcorn during popcorn joke
Super Star Gio
For the one with ur last paper comic right at the end u should have put ur NEW bubble character saying HI
Jacob May
the last paper comic was depressing
Clorox Bleach
My name is Madison.
Foxy Gamez
I want to see T.J's face!
team redstone
Algot Carlsson
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