Droids Interrupt Darth Vader Interview [Parody of Children Interrupt BBC Interview]

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Behind the scenes video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwfUXncd_Zg
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We loved the 'Children Interrupt BBC Interview' video so much, we decided to change the roles up a bit.

If you haven't already seen the original, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh4f9AYRCZY

Jack of All Genius
For those who wanted to see how this was made, I just posted the behind the scenes video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwfUXncd_Zg
Mushroom Head
And then his daughter stumbles in! Leia! How many times must I tell you not to interrupt me while I'm working!
star sky
It is fake
Sara Sep
It should have been aphra with triple zero and beetee
Kimberly B
I love this video...he used the Force to close the door....
What is that outro song sounds awesome... great video btw!!
Bored Panda
Hey, we at Bored Panda (an online arts and design magazine, www.boredpanda.com) really love your video and would love to have it featured on our page. If you're interested in this feature opportunity, please email me at rokas(at)boredpanda.com
Darkened Shrines
This is better than the original clip and all of its parodies combined. subscriber 666.
Gunawan Sm
this is the best vidio, this vidio is the winner
Vinay Seth
One of the most creative ones I've seen so far haha!
amrita jones
one word brilliant ...lol
never forget lol
This is golden. Darth Vader closing the door with the force is genius. I love this so much.
Roberto Silva
So fun!! love it!!
estee solis
Okay...a T-shirt ;-)
Secular - Atheist
May the force be with you
Natalie 1026
Can this be shared on Facebook?
You 'member Star Wars?
BoPa BoPaSa
...like that Never Forget poster LOL!
엣헴엣헴! 나무위키에서 순례중인 씹선비오~ 엣헴엣헴!
[미쿠쨩 다이스키~♥]
estee solis
I would like to order the coffee cup with the logo "Jack of All Genius" on it. Thanks!
Cap One
Lol why didn't he just use to Force to keep them out?
Barry Hales
Impressive....most impressive.
Alex Blok
Ha, but, why not have him vaporise the droid with his light sabre at the point when in the real video the father pushes his daughter away? Love the use of the force later. :)
Ciucur Nadia Maria
Severed Head(Phones)
Best parody of this so far
invisible ink〰
Jesus Christ 😂
Balthazar Rivière
The force door close, lmao brilliant.
Zed's Gaming
Great work mate :p Very funny!
Just one word. Fantastic!
0:36 The way he casually closed the door with the force 😂
unicorns and rainbows and chicken and stars
This is seriously hilarious.
Tynchy Temper
No that wasn't the nanny (you racists) they're saying on CNN it's his daughter?!
Jean D
The original video was mildly amusing. The ever increasing parodies of it will get increasingly unfunny as time goes on.Why does the internet have to do everything to death?
Jasmine Aguilera
Hey there, I'm a producer at NowThis, a news video company. Would you be cool with us using this video for a piece about the spoofs that have come up since the original BBC interview? You can reach me at jaguilera@nowthismedia.com. Thanks!
Adriana Robledo ASMR
Love the video! 😘💕please check out mine! 💕❤️
The Everchosen
this is an old school YouTube parody
luke should of walked in
Haha he used the force to shut the door xD
Chris Lee
that was beautiful
Wolve Rine
Should be luke and leia who interrupts him.
jesse chavez
this video is going to blow up , like the death star .
jesse chavez
lol , "Never Forget"
Cihan Bahran
I think the best part is: MOST APOLOGETIC
Loleros de Mexico
So Hilarious hahaha, great work.
Fernando Pena
Best parody EVER
Breeanna Good
These will never get old 😂😂😂
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