MORGL v TYRANDE: A Hearthstone Cartoon!

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Other heroes get their chance to shine! Or do they?
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Sebastian Johnson
“The Adventures of Stealy.”

You clever son of an Arfus.
I literally understand the very basics of what game hearthstone is based around, and never have played or know any of the rules.
Yet I STILL find this hilarious, obviously making jokes at the power of what a human boy can do to a giant monster in this game, continue this great work.
"The end is coming!"
Everyone: Ugh, more blabberi-
The words: "The End" Literally attacks everyone on the battlefield.
Wait a sec...
5 mana for dk shaman.
2 mana for hp.
5 mana for faceless.
That's 12 mana wronchi. Shame on yoh for being inaccurate. You were the only person left I could trust ;-;
Dante Hun
Clown Fiesta
Kilian GirlGamer
at the end xD
cosomania xD
Jillian Bigler
i never comment videos but this, THIS oh man i didnt laugh so much since a loooong time!!! Thank you very much. I hope you can continue to make people happy as long as possible. Best wishes
James Netherian
excellent video. well done. keep it on dude
Tony Danatop
I don't get it either inkeeper and I saw it
you welcome for watching and HO YEAH I ENJOY so.. thanks YOU to do that and i just discover so i have a lot too enjoying ;^) Bye Have a beautifull life.
Sergio Peres Sosa
When dota?
Santiago Navarro :D
I want another song
these are as fucking amazing as ever
Jack Hamilton
Conned Quest
I still can't get over that Shadowreaper Anduin summon animation from thrall
Best way to show why DK cards are bullshit.
I love this video, but the mirror uther musical is supreme.

P.D: Idea for the next video. Arthas V.S Medivh
El conde Lucanor
Fucking masterly x´DDDDDDDD
Anma Koff
I would reinstall Hearthstone if you worked for Blizzard.
Hearthstone needs more of... what ever this is!
Juan Ochoa
Dat tyrande of the minute 1:30 are too cute
clyde254 kelly
did tyrande just... thoughtsteal the thrall kotft card???
Llamad Mow
Haven't found any comments on the deck names.

Look underneath the End Turn button at 3:27 and 3:35 respectively.

Because it's the adventures of Stealy god dammit Wronchi.
日本の竜 LoveDragonVore2000™
I love it xDDDD
Марк Стравински
Too long and clumsy, compared to the last issue, this one looks too dull.

No wait...
Kel' Thusat
But wait, how did Tyranda was able to steal DK Thrall if he was already played?
Please en español.
MR Garik
Where ragnaros
England is my city And yes im everywhere.
can someone cut the evolving part and make it into a ringtone?
-Rage'- bLacKouT
Come back to dota 2
Glenn Owen
How long can this go on ?
Ra Amun Kami Sephirah
eventually, the inkeeper stopped thinking.

someones probably already made that joke.
When you see a murloc and Tyrande the only thought is sex
How long can deals go on?
Aragorn Starscream
was that a toast reference?
Dis guy Splendid
Why is nixxiom from planet dolan on tje thumbnail?
Majestatyczny Imbryczek
Magni vs Alleria?
Damien Fate
I have no idea what's going on...
Shamans have no skill. Fill board, bloodlust+windfury. One trick pony.
hary pota
ale głupota
Simone Zenobi
innkeeper has stopped working = he fired himself
@1:40 the name is TheAdventureOfStealy lmao
Huge video
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 한글자막 누가 달아주는 거야? 너무 고맙자너
Honza Strmiska
I want Tyrande, love that rick and morty easter egg
Hung Nguyen Khac
who'd play Arcbishop anyway
The Piotrexx
Gabriel Barsch
current meta right now
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