Gorn Admiral
The original doomday machine was much better looking with that creepy energy in the maw. The damage to the Constellation was too exaggerated. How could Kirk and the damage control party stand while it listed like that.
Victoria Ramos
I wish they had the part when Decker took over and the battle music started while Enterprise was in pursuit! Gets me every time hear that music and seeing her in full battle speed!
Troy Ortega
William Windom and Ricardo Montalban are the best guest stars from TOS, by far. I wonder if Commander/Captain Decker (Stephen Collins) in TMP is supposed to be his son or nephew?
james taddeo
William Windom always plays a crazy person.
T Thundermax
Spock, "Commodore I urgently recommend immediate withdrawal."
Decker, "Recommendation noted. Maintain course. FIRE!!"
One of my favorite episodes for two reasons: 1) It had a great storyline right up to the ending and 2) I fell in love with that Sol Kaplan/Gerald Fried soundtrack from the moment i first heard it. I always wondered why they didn't use that music for EVERY Star Trek TOS fight scene they had. GREAT EPISODE!!

Why is Lt. Palmer (comm officer) holding her head like that?

"Oh God, I can't take this complicated man-talk anymore! And this silver thing stuck in my ear is pissing me off!!"
Robert Polanco
Personally, I like the enhanced CGI effects for the original "Star Trek" series better than the very cheesy versions. If some people don't like them, well, to each is one's own.
E Leo
I like the original with the cheesy effects better.
Vane Fal
If i buy a star trek episode dvd nowadays, do i get two versions of the episode post and pre cbs special effects?
Joe Garcia
Such a great episode.
tim hilton
Scared the crap outta me
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