Kid Deadpool vs FIDGET SPINNER CRAZE Music Video! SuperHero Kids

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How Cool can a fidget spinner be? Batgirl and Supergirl are just hanging out for the afternoon and they are super bored. Kid Deadpool shows them how cool his fidget spinners are. Batgirl gives it a spin and the fidget spinner craze begins! Batgirl Spins a Fidget Spinner and this happens! Kid Deadpool's Fidget Spinner Craze Music video! Special thanks to Annie for playing Batgirl! Annie's vlogs channel here

Will kid deadpool find his missing fidget spinner before it's too late? Can Batman figure out what a fidget spinner even is and save the day? Captain America vs 500,000 SuperHero Kids video is here In today's episode, It's time to go to school but kid deadpool can't find his fidget spinner and has the ultimate freakout because it's missing and he can't focus without it! Batman doesn't even know what a fidget spinner is! Watch to find out what happened to kid deadpool's favorite toy!

Monique Welch
awsome fidget spinners
Joshua The Gamer
Deadpool is super funny.
Son goku God of destruction
Bruce Rumbolz
dont you dare do that with your eyes
Stephen Pryzlakowski
my eyes are bleeding
Oliver Preville
Kelly Lynch
Kayvon Sam 2nd
Jordon Morrison
and it was a boy 😎
Jordon Morrison
I saw one of the y'all at kids kape
Alex plays roblox and more
3 40 sec
Cameron Parsons
how old is that girl as super. women
maha alhowaish
Kyla Osborn
i never won something on you tube
Rosalia Hernandez
Nicole Jones
I want the gold fidget spiner
Fabian Sanchez Gamboa
I love your youtube channel videos superheroes kids
jagga chandi
My name is navrose I have your finished
Shaka Rutues
i gat afjit spinr
Theflashgamer 101
I love this channel but it looked like they were high
Antonio Berces
wat the fukin bitch guys thats awsome
Kayla Vo gamer girl
Awesome video!!!!! You guys are awesome
Miguel Pacheco
I got a fidget spinner of Batman
Abdul Hamed
look in the backgrounds
Adrian Pacheco
Tyler Blessing
This was beast
Kanda Arunachalam
Why are they carzy
Aidan Hall
sbb good
Xavier Diaz
that stands for lol
Xavier Diaz
Trevyan Jacquet
I love this video I'm your number one fan
James Braxton
love your videos and I'll never stop watching them I and I will never stop watching them 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 my phone number is 310-327-3270
Eoin Pollard
so funny
Why deadpool is keeping dabbing all the time
Maria Tiburcio
i like fij
javier flores
There's a little girl at the back
Charo Baquiring
i have cooler fidget spinner the. you guys
Charo Baquiring
You girls are so stupid If i was there I would say Your stupid as hell
Jayden Smoot
I have more than 200 fidget spinners
funtime freddy and bon bon
why dabing 😱😱
Quez Hatcher
hey superheroes kids can I get 1 gold and blue finger spinner
Eresto Cedillo
can I have a Shoutout and a figit spiner
Aiden Simmons
karen melendez
you guys. arΓ© one of my Favret. Youtube
this videos are super fake
Yiljuv Jon
Hazel Valentin
pls do a atom vs bat man
Ashley Witherspoon
give me a figet spinner
Ryan Miller
hi my name is Daniel and my friend Michael and are friends together we are the Hero Kids
Ryan Miller
Did you know Fidget Spinners were made by a child
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