Kid Deadpool vs FIDGET SPINNER CRAZE Music Video! SuperHero Kids

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How Cool can a fidget spinner be? Batgirl and Supergirl are just hanging out for the afternoon and they are super bored. Kid Deadpool shows them how cool his fidget spinners are. Batgirl gives it a spin and the fidget spinner craze begins! Batgirl Spins a Fidget Spinner and this happens! Kid Deadpool's Fidget Spinner Craze Music video! Special thanks to Annie for playing Batgirl! Annie's vlogs channel here

Enter here to win a fidget spinner

Will kid deadpool find his missing fidget spinner before it's too late? Can Batman figure out what a fidget spinner even is and save the day? Captain America vs 500,000 SuperHero Kids video is here In today's episode, It's time to go to school but kid deadpool can't find his fidget spinner and has the ultimate freakout because it's missing and he can't focus without it! Batman doesn't even know what a fidget spinner is! Watch to find out what happened to kid deadpool's favorite toy!

Faisal Ayub
who loves superhero kids??i do..
Irene Lau
Joseph Mfum
Please do a real fighting video so I can do a up like
Hanan Abubeker
when are you doing the fidget give away
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you are the most better you tube Dan then Is the way basis 1😆😆😕
Blue Adventure Gamer Games
woch 🐟🙍 shark boy and lava girl 🚘👧
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I love you guy you guys are awsome
Brianna The Crazy Girl
Frank Rogers
I got a gold fidget spinner like you it look like the same
Shotkiller 99
my wife left me for a fidget spinner
zayin johnson
the reason why we think this video is cool is because this. Proves that girls are super weird and fidget Spinners are awesome and the reason why I need one is to focus and school focus in class and stop talking in class cuz on the internet it says that you need to let a fidget spinner actually helps you focus in class so I tried it once she thinks it's a toy so it's a no🖒🖒👍👍✴⛤⛥⛦⛧✔✅✡
zayin johnson
like a fidget spinner please me my brother and my mother that's three fidget Spinners I want a glow in the dark one for each one please nice video
Abdul Son
Abdul Son
As the Cringe Takes over the world!!!
Roblox Gamer
For the justice league movie thing for the air u should have dry ice to do the air
Green Team
dmoney killa
Malikhai Plays
Samuel Solis
uh sorry guys I put fight on it sorry I made a mistake guys sorry.
Samuel Solis
I love the fight spinner.
Cadan Royal
im sad i don't have a figdet spinner
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Do a sonic the hedgehog vs flash
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is this McDonald's? cause I'm loven It
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can you guys do more vids pls
Matthew Pineda
my leg is
Thelma Rivera
i have one to
did she whisper help me at 3:11 ?????
Trenise Palmer
guys please make superhero battles with superpowers and finish the battle of captain america civil war they should all fight each other
Ka Ha
Matthew Martell
I want one cause my hands get too cray cray
Anadel and khaled
Super hero kids it's next week where is the the new video
Damon Burce
Creeper King
Hi SuperHeroKids First,Luv The Vid My Fav Part Was When Y'all Was Dancing With The Fidget Spinners And The Music. Second,My Birthday Is On The 26th of this month can you plz Give Me A Shout Out Luv Y'all ;)
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my mom is at the hospital right now
Aidan Bain
Is this what humanity has come to
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Chinara S
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check out Jordan Adventure on my channel
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Kelin Coffey
How do you guys get those soups
Pokemon Master Solis
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Jedi GamerKid
you spelled crazy wrong
Tjay Porter
hello kitty and a great weekend
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(Michael jordan meme incoming) stop it get some help
vanessa vargas
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Why you girls a scared fidget spinner
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Vance H
I'm glad all amazing wow keep up keep up the good job
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