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NFL players are good at football.
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Michael Schroeder
I cant believe how bad the Cowboys lost to the Broncos
Jeffy stop Why
Team Coby
Happy hay YT
Anybody think zeke could be a kicker
Madeline Jones
Wyatt Perry
Elliott is awsome favorite runing back how agrees
Sourav Bhowmick
You are booooooooo!!!!!! NFL
Sourav Bhowmick
I love only dude perfect
tyler wilkerson
These guys got mad connections
jake Noll
U guys are probably gonna comment "oh are you god damn retarded" but I think the honey badger is the best player out of all of them
Nate da Great
Ezekiel Eliot beat his girl now sooooooo
Parker Matson
Good good

Read more
Tankersdad Yt
AT&T Field
Christopher Cotilla
Plz sub to my channel the Vlogbrothers Sam and chris
Lane Presley
Coby your my favorite oh and watch my video there called kid perfect
My name is Ty too
JaKeThe DoGg752
The honeybadger
Nathy_ 24_
Am I the only Houstonian who felt weird seeing the cowboy's stadium because they go for Texans and their like their number fan? ... Just me? OK.. 😂😭
Kevin Georgia
That black guy looks like Kanye West
Jody heide
Team Coby Forever
Ezekiel Espinoza
i am from vietnam
Turtle VLOGS
I f*cking hate the cow boys
ibrahim minhaal
Hop Hop Dp Hop hop Dp
Numan Ceylan
Vat iz yor neym
Damien Marquez
Let's be honest ezziekal was the coolest one (don't know how to spell his name)
Owen Parnell
Owen Parnell
Blair watch much garret
Joe Waalkes
1 like= one sub for your own channel
Alexander Andrade
Wth y'all didn't tell me y'all were in Dallas I'm here too
Concepcion Villeda
I like you
Cameron Tanksley
How come every time I see a top comment I see that one person that replies to the top comment ''I''
Infinite Times
Team coby all the way
Niklas Braiger
Why did you blured the “AT&T Stadium“ Sign at the Back, while the Kicks
Brodie Hopkins
Your playing with my favorite team
Lollipop Fiend
Team Coby
Ketal Pandya
Tyler you are the best
Christina B
Can I see your place that your filming in Ben my mom is cristina
Baseball Highlights
he went to jumping world by my house and he was in my dodgeball game and he threw gas
Dak Rocks
Slaya Boss Beast Boi
U know i get dem bacom
Samuel Martin
Payton Matthew
You guys should do shopping stereotypes
Lord Peaches
You can definitely put a chameleon in a box!
Sebastian Galindo
Team coby all the way
Anthony Badajosa
I love Cowboys let's go Zeke Elliott
Cjlovestigers Caleb
I ᗯᗩᔕ 460 GIᗰᗰE ᗷᗩᑕOᑎ
local 383 boys
But would they beat u guy's in basketball
Jamie Cariddi
zeak is the best
Nathaniel Berg
DP gets killed
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