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NFL players are good at football.
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Zachary Gfell
Eziekle Eliot is one of my favorite running backs ever
Kari Cunningham And Carissa Silvonen
do it with jarvis landry
Liam Weber
Hi person scrolling through the comments I hope you have a nice day.😊
boo Cowboys go eagles
Dustin Carpenter 2023
dallas cowboys are the best
Isaac Meyerowitz
try and catch like obj
Danika Fagan
What is your favorite football team
Zayda Cardenas
Go cowboys
Tyson Cragg
TEAM coby
Ab kia ho gya dp walo
Statue Man
Cowboys suck. It is all about Green Bay.
I met these NFL players before
Jaylen Anderson
I'm better than tye 😱
Charleigh Powers
Shotzilla 1
zek is a god
homer simpson
Dallas sucks
Dr. Salaj Rana
Make one on Cricket also....fans in INDIA waiting for that
Braden Bowen
I wish one of them would have raced zek
Kayden Williams
ayeee cowboys
Kickboy _27
For all of you out there that don’t know where they are they are in AT&T stadium in Dallas for the Dallas cowboys
Leighton Bland
Ty is right handed and a lot better than that 2nd one is fake
Kids2Kids Reviews
I love the video you should also do an mlb or an NBA vs perfect
Alexa Miller
Team Coby all the way!!! I'm a twin too
Giddy K
good kicks
Giddy K
cool video
Carrie Litman
Mike plays for the buccaneers
Carrie Litman
Ezekiel Elliot is suspended for so long
Carrie Litman
Zek some soup
dobre bros
uhhh the cowboys are booty
Jaiden Kline
Who roots for coby
Does anyone else think the nfl dudes were bein dicks
Respect-_-CUPID -
They should do a football game
Michael vincent
sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dude
Booooooooooo!!!!!! NFL we love dude perfect!!!!!!!!!!
Perfect Skills
DP vs NFL Battle | Dude Perfect!
ChrisPlayz With Chris
Ezekiel is de best
very nice
travis stokes
Coby all day
Sofia Romo
Cowboys that's my team that's right omg Elliott my guy.😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
How come they blurred out the at&t stadium sign???
Killer cat
team coby for the win!!!!
I’m on team Cory
bigfoot belivers
I'm a fan of the Dallas cowboys
Sheree Clayton
Do polocrosse
Dj Stjour
Zeake is the best
that guy
Hang time?
L Malin
you are amazing
Wrangler Jesina
your videos are the best
PROgamingYT the Pro
I almost cried because that was AWSOME
Mlg Polarbear
Zeke should be kicker
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