DP vs NFL Battle | Dude Perfect

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NFL players are good at football.
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Anh Nguyễn Đức
That Amazing!!!!!!!!!
Keya Ghosh
your great
Sanjay Aiyer
its funny how all these nfl players are thugs and have been arrested
Dominic Thompson
throwing with your left hand is easy
You should do a shoe kicking challenge
LIZZY and KJ vlogs
Team Coby all the way
Domi Snively
You can definitely put a chameleon in a box
LionMan 1234
i hate garret
Inspired Folk
i realized now that i dont like ty losing....
Max R
I am definitely converting to Team Coby.
Jennifer Moos
They should do a NHL vs DP
Xavier Sintihakis
I love you
Alexis Christian
team Coby all the way!
Ian Alward
Team coby team coby team cobe is better than than ty
Diego Huitron
sw1shb0y _15
The Honey Badger best NFL player EEEEVEEEEER!!!
Hải Ninh Bùi Nguyễn
I like YouTube Cobreloa
Sarwat Salahuddin
Trampoline Tricks
Can I get 1000 likes it's my birth day😀
i got 30 in endless ducker try to beat that tyler
Shutterfly Rainbow
Omg I'm in love with Cowboys
his face lol 3:50
Janae Chivers
we're all my cowboys lovers like if you love the cowboys
X-Treem Sports
Do you think they new how good zeke would be at the time?
linus hediger
Coby is the best
Kelli jo Smith
christian johnson
that's my birthday the 1
Kathleen Ollis
I love football!!!!!!! It's my favorite sport ya'll do!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dana Robertson
my birthday is august 23
Andrew Caudill
Whoever subs to me I'll sub back
finding awesome
I'm sorry, but I really do hope the NFL guys win. If not then that's just sad.
Florentina ,sidney
you guys are cool.
tim the star
The first thing coby won
Denise Childs
omg I love my cowboys zec
Manuel Prado
baseball vs dp
Umbreon 21
You should do mechanic bull battle
Anand Schwabe
Team Coby!!!
Hello random scrollers! Especially you
Max Allen
Is ty left handed?
Angel Urbina
let me help all of you beacase am good😀😀
Noah Morrison
You should make a fidget spinner edition video
Azim Ali
This is really big
-Ezekiel Elliot
Tony Sartori
Didn't mean to report
I'm A Lemon so shut the fuckup
Dude Perfect: 18 Million Subscribers and hanging out with NFL players.

Pewdiepie: 54 Million Subscribers and hanging out with a cardboard cutout.
Bruce Spitfire
Seemed like they where going easy on them tbh
Oger Bros
AT&T stadium is blurred
Lego Craft
Give them the diamond play button. Dislike if you agree
joel falkstedt
yay dallas cowboys
go cow boys
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