The Doomsday Clock, explained

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The clock's ticking.

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The Doomsday Clock began as a graphic on the first edition of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ magazine. Since then, the Bulletin has used the clock as a symbol for their interpretation of humanity’s approach toward the end of times, changing the time as new threats arise or old threats resolve. Originally, the Bulletin only changed the time when they felt the threat of nuclear weapons became more or less imminent, but the clock today reflects other types of threats as well, from climate change to cybersecurity to reckless language to Donald Trump.

Here’s a link to the January 2017 video announcement:

And here’s a link to the official statement by the Bulletin: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. 

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I should be Running Peta
I wonder what all those Trump voters feel now.
Third time's the charm :D
Nuvia Sevilla
come on nuclear winter i wanna use my pip boy.
Axel Neumann
It's midnight already. Look at what's happening in the ocean with plastic, with the air in china, the deforestation in brazil, the pollution of our waterways and draining our aquifers, the shorter and milder winters, the hotter and drier summers...the list goes on forever and there's no turning back now.
Daniel Schmidt
This kinda seems like a load of pseudoscience bullshit, but I guess I see where they tried to go with it
stephen curry
We dont need that..we can change the world and make it better. lets just stop cyberthreat and some nuclear shits..
Hayden Elder
This clock means absolutely nothing, and the liberal media is using President Trump's views as a fear mongering tactic to scare people.
Ice c0ld
Lele how to scare someone 😂 only God knows when
This scares me.
Bowdi Miller
sooooo... its a clock thats hypotheical, that moves on the opinion of a bunch of liberal snpwflake babies... seems legit.
Swirly Duck
donald trump????
"It's time to stop"
Ernest Wong
Hah, Trump.
you can turn back time over pretty much every clock
Hillary's a criminal

Christian Frey
There’s a lot of great data and research finding about how people perceive the the future in a quick and easy-to-read format on Knowtro. All of the findings are from the top peer-reviewed research journals. I use Knowtro for all of my research papers but it’s also great for just learning more information that's accurate and backed up by science! Knowtro is free to use!
Turn it back.
Yay duderte is popular now
Pete Almighty
Humanity destroying itself by nuclear war has been predicted in many forms for a very long time. So far, a lot of things has happened just as it was predicted like the flat Earthers and twin towers. Now one world currency is coming to play. I believe nuclear war will happen and it will be the end of mankind but my question is who is pulling the string? Its like everything is planned and played out. Like something of higher purpose.
DatCatStudios OFFICIAL
We should leave a time capsule that all 8 billion of us sign that says 2016 sucked
Kevin Crowe
Seems based on opinion, this clock. Can't be any real science to it. "The use of cavalier language" being used as a reason to set the clock forward signals overly-sensitive, censoring politics, not impending doom.
Can anyone believe this was uploaded 1 month before the clock turned to 2.5 minutes?
Kelson Browning
It's more like like a red light yellow light warning for foreign policy
Dank Dolphin
More like Liberal nightmare clock
Donald Trump won't have an effect on when the world ends, if anything he'll make things better
System 32
all these snowflakes worry too much, and once they all melt there's gonna be a flood
Charlene Tan
why does it start 3/4 the way?
"Donald Trump" really? really?
so trump will lead to end of humanity? really, hes not stupid, if he was his company would never last so long as it has and he would never be this rich
CBaccari's PC Simulation Channel
Comment if you think Trump's recent actions moved the clock forward a lot.
alex De La Torre
MF doom
Conan Wills
bad day?
well f**k you trump
I'm extremely scared now :(
I'm just a kid ;-;
Tyrone Savage
" I wish we turn back time to The good old days"
Kedar Judah
Borrow time when it up heathens going into captivity Daniel 7:18
OnlyTheTruth 6
Guys. If we die... I just wanna say... I love you
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Trump will go down as one of the worst presidents in the history of the US. Truly an embarrassment for all Americans. You won't be able to find 40 people who voted for him in 10 years.
Easha Ahmed
Donald trump will be the end of us 😪😪😪😪😪
Probably the clock is a lie
seems like the doomsday clock is managed by a bunch of liberals
some tae and suga with a kookie by the side
The world's gonna end soon
A completely arbitrary clock that has yet to gain any real attention in the global scale. Ignored by a wide range of politicians and demographics, I find its purpose and motivation to be a worthwhile cause. But the real world impact that this clock has is yet to be demonstrated.
After the narrator quoted "It seemed the right time", kinda makes me not believe in the clock. It seems to work the same as the DEFCON system, which is adjustable.
why is it nothing
Filthy Osama
The clock will NEVER hit midnight. Think about that.
This is BS simply on the fact that "Donald trump" is a factor
Jack Miller
Anti trump propaganda, unsub, fake news.
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