The Doomsday Clock, explained

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The clock's ticking.

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The Doomsday Clock began as a graphic on the first edition of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ magazine. Since then, the Bulletin has used the clock as a symbol for their interpretation of humanity’s approach toward the end of times, changing the time as new threats arise or old threats resolve. Originally, the Bulletin only changed the time when they felt the threat of nuclear weapons became more or less imminent, but the clock today reflects other types of threats as well, from climate change to cybersecurity to reckless language to Donald Trump.

Here’s a link to the January 2017 video announcement:

And here’s a link to the official statement by the Bulletin: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. 

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The people in charge of this clock are liberal retards anyway.
Raja Farish Ikhwan Raja Fadzilah
So..... Donald Trump can destroy the whole world?.......
I fart and it will be 30 seconds till
Liberty Prime
How does climate change affect nuclear weapons
Innebandy kungen Meijer
IF we die we die we / nowone can turn it arund
Natalie Luariel
This clock has been wrong every single time..
Christian Solano Osorio
Where does VOX get their music from though?
Sapisvr 7
Aaron Bernardo
Duterte is there!
Planet Earth
Well it seems like prevention is better than cure
So is the doomsday clock part of God or another way of explaining the Revelation 12 and second coming of Jesus
2 and a half minutes now 😭
tatay digong nandito ka pala
Troll Dude123
Doomsday clock hits 12. The only thing that happens is everyone farts at the same time. Pretty deadly.
Parth Desai
This is stupid
Double Scoop
I don't usually watch Vox, but when I do, I always laugh out loud.
So SJW's think because trump said mean words about rosie o donnel that the world is ending. mkay
"donald j trump"
Ok so how did Donald Trump caused the dooms day clock to go faster? Like What?!
nurul alisa
Of course Donald Trump is a cause
Sir Dopy Cube
Trump is a great President
The Real Eugenia
Where's Kim? >:C
One_Alone#Van alon
calm down stalin.. anyone?
andy nguyen
Why would do this?
So complete bullshit and a waste of actual time.
Bath Salts
Well we got
wether change all over the world✔️
Maybe nuclear war with North Korea and America ✔️
Bio weapons in North Korea ✔️probably
North Korea not stopping building nuclear weapons ✔️
Dalir Kosimov
Just saying that statistically, if we do not initiate in war in another 76 years the odds of future wars decrease expedentialy.
orbán viktor?
The Creeper Universe - HD Gaming And More!
2 and a half minutes to MidNight on the DoomsDay Clock... Throughout 2015 and 2016 it has been 3 minutes to midnight. Time is ticking, be ready everyone.
KMP Tips
Stop you're making me anxious!!!!! 😩
The "Doomsday Clock" is sheer non-science. It's guessing. And has remained so throughout its entire presentation. It's strange that science allows this thing to represent anything at all as related to science. It seems to be non-sense.
But if i turn a normal clock 10 minutes forward it does not make the time go forward, clock moves because i moved it.....its the same thing on the ''´Doomsday Clock'' its not going be doomsday when that clock is set on ''midnight'' it is just a illusion, like the illusion that i said before of the time being more than it really is.
Jason Nge
I was searching for DC rebirth doomsday clock... Not something so serious...
4:04 i feel bad for the portion of hair showing
hey children, can you say "fear mongering"?
People really are overreacting. Apparently we're closer to Doomday today than during the Cuban Crisis. This clock is clearly bollocks and as logically viable as the boogieman.
This seems awfully subjective for a clock adopted by a bunch of scientists........
V 4 P 0 R W 4 V 3
This is just a bunch of propaganda
Toxic Viper
There's nothing wrong w president Trump
ImToo Claziic
Well everyone is gonna die one day so why do we care anymore 😅
DC comics anyone?
Claiming 2 and half minutes just because of some conspiranoic wackos who don´t believe in science and a blond bafoon as a president? These guys are massively overreacting. They are equating our current situation to the levels of the Cuban missile crisis. I have to be bluntly honest: it seems more like a call for attention than anything else. We are living the most peaceful time in 2500 years.
Well explain it this way, it is a timeline narration clock.
I thought this was about DC
Im watching something else besides dumb kids with terrible cameras tryn to be cool. OH WAIT THATS ME. IM THE DUMB KID
Joeyflip 1
It's always Donald trump
trump is the final stage hes gonna make south korea start a nuke war aka fallout
Tropical Tundra
that last statement is wrong i feel, you just can't turn it back as anything can happen and will happen just like to every species that have gone extinct or will be
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