Boaters Caught in Middle of Orca Whales Hunting a Sea Lion

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Occurred on April 11, 2017 / Bowyer Island in Howe Sound, BC, Canada

"I was boating out near Bowyer Island in Howe Sound. I saw some whale watching boats, and so I went over to see what was happening. I then from a distance saw some Killer Whales! We watched from a distance for about 30-45min. It wasn't quite clear what was going on, but then suddenly a sea lion clung onto the boat next to us and the killer whales were in the midst of all the boats! We didn't dare move our boat for fear that we might hit the whales with the propeller!The guide from the whale watching boat suggested that the other boat, which the sea lion was hanging onto, to move closer to Bowyer Island so that the sea lion could get safely to shore. The other boat followed the guides advice and slowly motored to shore. The sea lion was safe in the end, though clearly a little injured."

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He is just so Canadian eh?
Mihej 16
When learn to hold the camera correctly?
Susan Lyons
They were very careful not to tip the them!!
ceejay 1872
Brandon k
are you canadian?
William Vargas
Orcas are not whales but more of the dolphin family.
Scott Walker
Cool video. From Canada, eh?
Tiger 1
даже у меня очко сжалось
Zenobob Zenobob
Hi that guy on the boat all alone his name is wings he is from sea to sky outdoor school
Frank Stein

Even killer whales HATE VERTICAL VIDEO.
What a cool thing to experience eh?
Amazing footage but for the life of me I do not understand WHY phone manufacturers produce cameras that shoot material like you're looking through a door. Why?? Who the fuck would ever want to look at material like this? And why do phone's have this option??. It is THE MOST fucking retarded camera format. Why not just make the camera full frame no matter which way you're holding the phone. PLEASE!!. I am sick of looking at great footage through a door.
Awesome! In case anyone was wondering, these transients are IDed. They are the T123s and the T99s!
ace1971 james
oh great aye another vertical video.
This Lame guy and his cat.
You're going to need a bigger boat.
007 BOND
holy shit that's scary
Brandon Blount
tip the boat over some tasty humans to eat
Omg ey, that whale was wicked cool ey
Ha Fulp
The wales are huge
Sparky Da Wolf
omg amazingg
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