Do These Things Make You Super Uncomfortable?


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Foxy Wand
Having things around my neckband my fat overlaps it
Amruta Sarma
the thumbnail made my teeth ache..
Ling Zhong
I bet the person biting on the spoon was Kelsey lol
Said Mohamed Ahmed
I'ts uncomfortable for me when im done with my ice cream and I lick the pin omg jusst thinking about that make me uncomfortable and I always cringe at the same time
Lowell Brooks
When your trying to pick something off from the ground but it's flat so it's hard to pick up
Nashi Chan-Grace F
When your late for class and you awkwardly have to put your stuff down and sit as everybody (including the teacher) is watching you. ESPECIALLY if it's completely quiet when you open the door. It's the worst feelin to me!
xgame mma
Watching Buzzfeed Makes Me Uncomfortable
IvanMcool BLR [Daze]
Of coarse the sound of biting a spoon is uncomfortable but scrachting metal is the most annoying sound
lava searcher
Walking into class late whilst a lesson is going on. Everyone just stares at you.
Shayla Dickerson
when your teacher stands behind you while your working. and its like ok PLZ get away from me
little miss kiki
when my ankle needs to crack by tit can't tinking or scratching on the top of those weird crayon boxes
George Hannay
Putting a lolly stick between your teeth and pulling it out.... it gives you goosebumps thinking about it! 😂
Queen_ Me
Walking with socks on and the floor is wet
Hey Its Madz
1:04 Nope nope nopety nope, get away right now.
Nimai Das
although I don't really do most of the things in this video...but I feel super uncomfortable watching them!
R Madson
Wet jeans 😩
The Magical Zandof
explosive HD
eating soo much chese then you have a head ache after that you fart like a boss
Alex Tracy
when people shake cameras when recording
Haritha Alstan
"What makes you uncomfortable?"

your youtube channel
Finn Sprason
when you eat in bed and when your about to go to sleep the crumbs are super uncomfortable
Creeper Overlord
Scraping a fork on a plate.
11 Subscribers And Im Proud Of It
scratching paper makes me feel so uncomfortable!

anyone with me? :/
Gaby McKenzie
people. ....
Isabel Smile
1. When you're at a friends house and their parents are yelling and you just be sittin' there like"😐"
2. When you have to pee during class
3. When you are trying to work and someone's staring at you and you pretend not to see them
4. When the teacher picks the person who can't read to read
5. When you get rejected
6. Pimples
7. When your family makes something to eat that you don't like
8. Eating crunchy food (chips in particular) in a silent room fearing people will stare at you
Anthony Perciavalle 13
When your wearing a shoe and you have an itch on the bottom of your foot
I hate the spoon biting thing and when people chew with either their mouth open, or chew too loudly
Lynn m
when my panties stick into my butthole
Aye Homie
When a fork scrapes on a plate.
Joshua Chan
I feel uncomfortable when people like my comments. 😉
Abdiwahap Ali
Screeching the spoon accidentally
Triple Trouble
Shaniya Dean
screeching chalk boards
Davis Brewer
Dan thomas john MLG WARRIOUR vlogs and more
fun fact about me: i am a pretty good climber
mhayan pie
when you drop something in the floor and you need to get it while someine stares at your butt is the worst.
Piper Woodard
I chew on plastic spoons,is that weirs
Kawaii Kittenz
The thumbnail made me cringe and it sent shivers down my spine. I hate metal against teeth.
Amelia Burch
when you play a brass instument (like trombone trumpet etc.) and you need to empty your spit valve in the middle of the warm up, and you think everyone can hear the weird sound it makes
Dylanhearne 1000
when im eating with a lot of people and thier chewing is so loud
Phoenix Biohazard
Ellen Tanhuanpää
when someone picks their nose and eats the booger
Ellen Tanhuanpää
when you write on the chalkboard and it makes a screeching sound
Cringey Patrick
when your body itchy as fucc but you can't figure it out where that was...Like 💩💩

sorry my grammar
Reload Agar
When someone has a fork or spoon and they scratch it with their mouth and make's a squeak noise
Cold food/liquids to Sensitive front teeth.
Michael Main
these are all super relatable
Zy White
When your at school and you had just came in from recess when it's a hot day and you butt checks are all sweaty and when you try to sit down it's so uncomfortable and you have to keep pulling you pants up
When it's picture day at school and when you're taking your picture you get an itch
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