Do These Things Make You Super Uncomfortable?


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Emo Trash
When you make a joke.......but then no one laughs (._.)
Vimohita Sharma
I hate the sound of someone biting a spoon
Meg Coakley
cotton in someone teeth
Kate Marsh
accidentally giving somebody a high five that wasn't meant for you, but the person behind you...
foxy and snoopy
I like puppies she said that in the end😂😂😂😂😂😂
M. Amir Mirza
When there's a scary ad and you can't skip it 😭
Cube Hammer
The spoon one
chocolate smore marshmallow
when ur legs are wet and u decide to wear leggings
When your paying at a store and they're calling the next person in line and you still haven't put your money in your wallet
PetraStarz pink kittens
a complete idiot , the thought of forgetting to do your homework and wondering if your teacher will remember to do it with the class
Tiver Sruph
When you stands in front of a boy that likes to talk about porn.
I hate when I get an itch in my nose because can't scratch it in case people thinking I'm picking it
NintendoDoge 69
When you and your friend talk about something but your friend is loud af
Lana P
When someone is eating loudly right next to me
MettaJr soul
When I walk in the classroom and people just stare at me.
Pandicorn Squad Productions
When you come to class late and everyone like old at you
Opal Sapphire
I wouldn't mind jen watching me do stuff! 😏
Wet doorknobs
When someone walked up to you and talks but you don't know who they are.
Daphne Hernandez
They should of had Jet (From Liza Koshy) Just looking at us.
Mahabal Puthran
That socks thing really annoys me!!!!
When a teacher tells what you did wrong out loud
Time line
Needing to sneeze but don't sneeze
Also When U Say Something And Everything goes Quiet.
"Did I Say Something Wrong?"
The Spoon One. Also Someone Gripping A Pillow W/ Their Teeth. It Just Feels Like If I Was Doing It And It Just Sends A Chill Down My Spine.
X XXluciXX X
When people bite down hard on popsicles
I can relate to mostly all of these....WHO ELSE?
Diamond Denry
When the teacher asks you a question but you have no idea what the answer is....
Bam Sosa
When you give a speech in front of a large amount of people.
Jack Lodge
i find it uncomfortable when hair goes down my collar whilst getting a haircut or when you need to itch your nose during a haircut whilst you're wearing one of those huge black suits XD
Alika Putri
for me that is so not comfortable is when someone you hate sing during class and exams or when you walk and your feet feel itchy you have to put off your shoe again
Kawaii Potato Kitties
When someone smacks their gum or eat with their mouth open
Ella Starkey
getting a wegie. P.S. i dont know if i spelled that right!
Seamus Peacock
First name Last name
Bitting into cheese strings instead of peeling
Doggys TeamRocks
when you pull up your trousers to high
when u r at a restaurant and u start eating and the waiter comes to see how r things and u have to eat fast to say something
Safa-Maryam Razaque
Lecs _
when your pad isn't alined with your undies
Ayumi - Chan
Eating the brown part on the banana
Ayumi - Chan
When you scratch a car with long nails
potato lover
When you get up from your seat to blow your nose and everyone just stares at you.
When sand enters your toes...
when you have to fart but go in another room to prevent everyone from smelling it
Vivian Plays
When your socks falls down your shoes but you can't pull it up because your in school
Minecraft Gaming
What makes me uncomfortable is when my hair is went and it freakin gets my shirt wet
Ivy Funmaker
this video
Trinity Nguyen
It's when I squeeze my front 2 teeth and my 2 bottom teeth together
CriticalGames //I LIKE GAMING
When I watch ur videos crowd makes noise
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