Do These Things Make You Super Uncomfortable?


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When your late to class and everyone stops and looks at u.😫😫😩😩😕😱😱🤢🙄🙄
The spoon killed me
Scraping the metal of an eraser on paper,digging ur nails in chalk, digging ur nails in paper and rub long ur long sleeve against paper😖
when I accidentally swallow a whole ice
Sevak Juss
Zenobia Gonzales
When your little sibling/cousin/[other] watches you on your phone

Just Ayan
When you have to decide whether to switch on Fan or the AC
Maryam Osama
Not covering my feet when i'm in bed makes me REALLY uncomfortable
Touching small iron thingies
example: necklaces, earrings etc.
I hate touching that, idk why.

When a stranger sits next to you or something like that.

When you chew bubble-gum and you accidentally clinge your teeth together..

When you need to touch the bathroom door handle after washing your hands with soap
Orion's Arrow
When you feel like you have to sneeze but you just can't.
jessy mations
It makes me so uncomfortable when people are eating with a fork, and it makes that loud, screeching sound
TootsieRoll tt
omg I saw the thumbnail and I felt so uncomfortable
Kaylin Hernández
White Hawk Gaming and Wrestling
Scratching leather with the showing part of your fingernail
Kimberly__ Gomez
I hate when metal scratches metal I get chills all over my body!!
Daymax Videos
1. when someone looks at you when eating
2. when someone justs acts nice to you to borrow or have one of your things.
3. when your back itches
ParisGabriel Allado
When people look at me intensely in school
Epic_Blue 4
Hair gets stuck in my braces and it's gross
72Nicholls Gaming
Yesterday I chipped my tooth biting on a spoon...
hey yo what's good my homies
the spoon
Ahsy Greene
Theses are all so true!!
Ahsy Greene
It's so annoying and disturbing when metal clings together or smash together it makes my teeth feel weird
LeaaniH - Ponies and more!
When I'm sat next to somebody in school at lunch time and they have hot dinners, then they scrape their teeth on the metal fork and spoon.. AAH IT GIVES ME SHIVERS DOWN MY SPINE
Sumaiya Hannan
All of those happen to me
Wolfie Gang
When my mon tells me if I have period
Guntas Sran
This video itself made me feel hella uncomfortable....
AHLIE Bernas
when someone rubs their spoon with their teeth
when my crush looking direct to my eyes
Sophia Eisen
When you have your period but you use your only pad and already felt it's full
Lia K
when you're the only person crossing a road and all the people in the cars look at you..
I hate when people pencils squeak but they still use the pencil anyway it gets me so mad and uncomfortable
Violet Flower Fun
Nails on a chalkboard
Cy Cuitonu
One word SPIDERS
I love bitting hard on a spoon
Cassiopeia Twirls
I feel uncomfortable when I scratch the bed and the sounds of the scratch is like hurting my ears.
finger nail scraping in the wall ahhh
Loli Sejdiu
When you accidentally fart and everyone is looking at you
Sabrina Mina
OMG I really cant stand seeing nor biting a spoon
Brownie The Fox :3
Sitting on a wet chair
Idk what to put for a name so I put this
People make me uncomfortable ._. ...
Kamo Kat
When the sound is coming out of your earbuds in class and everybody can hear and you don't know about it😑 I don't know about you guys but this happens all the time to me
when the toilet water touches your hand/leg
DungeoN - Agario
When your family is watching your videos.
Selena Nahhas
When your sitting in class on a test, and your stomach says this "Now, I will preform a native whale calling moan"
Connor Burns
When someone scratch there finger nails on a chalkboard
Adolf Hitler
i hate to even imagine biting into tin foil. every time i bite into it with my back teeth in the right side it hurts like hell
Aurora Marshall
everything makes me uncomftrable....
Becocrapo_11 Becocrapo_11
Cashagent99 //TheQueenOfTheMinecraft
when someone is staring at me when i eat...😱
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