Do These Things Make You Super Uncomfortable?


"Tell us one fun fact about yourself!"

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Galaxy Girl
When something sounds good in you head but when u say it it horrible
White Wolf
When I see someone poor and they ask for money and I go away I feel awkward
spoopymudz UH CATE
when you get comfy and cozy in your bed and you forgot to turn off the light ☹️
Lazy Drpeper
when someone looks at me in stares into my soul
Blue Blaze
I like sitting in a chair with a backpack b/c it makes me feel like I have good posture
Kimberly Lugo
When you say something to your crush and he doesn't hear you😒🙁😫😭😭😭
Pastelicx AJ
0:59 looks like he's dying
BigPotato Gamer
And when things sounds funny and i tried to tell to others and they dont think its funny
BigPotato Gamer
When a teacher asked everybody whats the answer of this, and i already know the answer and i raised my hand. But when my teacher called me i got really nervous cuz so many head turned. And idk what to say.
Collette Mcintosh
The last girls makeup makes me uncomfortable
Dumb Harambe & my dearest underwear mask
When I ask someone a question and he or she doesn't reply and talks to others
My hated is people saying the song name is Darude Sandstorm
Kelvin Riddick
When you walk into a spiderweb and you don't know if the spider was home or not
J_okes RBLX
When someone talks over me
J_okes RBLX
0:13 so me everyday
Ridah Mohammed
When you say something funny and no one hears you and you say it again and again until it is not even funny anymore
Talko Chocko
I hate it when I scratch paper!!
Skye Styles
When you're on the bus and an middle aged man wants you to give your seat up. 🙄🙄🙄
Supriya Kalla
When you try to lie down with a bun or a high ponytail...
Magical Crafter
For some reason I cant spell definition but I can wright it I do not know why
Amazing Pastelgamer
this s true
Hyperbeam 21567
When I fart in class and it smells
Kawaii Sprinkles
When you're washing your hand and forget to take you ponytail holder off your wrist! The worst! And then having to write too.
Jordan Scott
When ppl leave nasty crumbled up tissues on the table
Keleigh Mccrorey
Bitting a popsicle. Biting a kit Kat bar that's not broken into the way it's supposed to be. Paper that's folded unevenly. Uneven hoody strings. Uneven caprees. Un- organized closet. Picture frame not straight. Forks on plates. Different fonts in one sentence.........unsimetrical everything...
The.Skeleton. Clique.
The one about the spoon physically hurt me istg
**Aisukurīmu Pudin**
I know one. Put on rubber gloves and rub your fingers together.
Mayo Poppins
for the last thing I usually just go with "I like Bleach"
(the series)
Treanna Truong
When you wear a ponytail while laying down
Leno Dimitrie
This video
Musheroo Mumeroo
When I eat candy and then when I rub my teeth together for something to do, it's the most uncomfortable feeling.
Maja Mijanovic
When you accidentally scratch a wall °-°
Opiegal and Harley
All of these things make me uncomfortable, and also all my markers and pencils MUST be in rainbow order
Shadow Kid9999
When i get out a pool and touch a plastic plate ;~;
Josie Platt
When you have to fold or rip paper.

I find biting tinfoil uncomfortable
Puppy Lover
Or when someone grinds their teeth against a fork😞
Abdullah Yousef
when you are lying down and your phone falls on your face
Omg all yes
Jelani Yaqoub
watching buzzfeed videos makes me uncomforteble
abu siddique
Wet socks
karar yashhab
the thing that bugs me is (u are going to hate thinking about it 0)

nails on a wall (suffer)
Toffeehammy Hamster
Yes...very uncomfortable...very..
Weekly Girl8
when the teacher bends over to help a student and her butt is in your face and you don't know where to look
clash htoo
steven lim
Can You Repeat the question?
Doggy 131
Almost every human who is staring at me
lol I guess??
mine is when something which is eachy in your nose and feels like its a fly and then you start to sneeze
Universe _Dubb
FREAK it's true ARGGGGHH!!!
Jocelyn Productions
Putting clothes on while I'm like out of a pool or out of the shower. Coz like my clothes get wet😫😂
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