Do These Things Make You Super Uncomfortable?


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wolfy wlf
Buzzing nosises
wolfy wlf
Joannie Infante
When some dummy scrapes the chalkboard with their own fingernails.😡
Peeking - agario
When u take a spoon of ice cream and put the ice cream on the bottom row of teeth
OMFG the spoon one tho and the when it s your turn one lol but like srsly tho..
AMagicalUnicornThatIsBetterThanYou Misra
My dad and brother bite down on their spoon every meal. Oh god.

And not only that. They also chew really loud. And they sit down on either side of me. Welp.
pelZ pretzel
I hate when someone scratches the wall that make me really uncomfortable
Gamergal 101
Oh god the sliver... I get goosbumps even when I think of it
Bella B. Bella
When people scrape their teeth together.
Lady Suzanne
Taking off a coat inside the movie theater, and having a stranger on either sides of you and trying not to disturb them
True Tuber Girl
I'm uncomfortable when I'm sleeping at a friend's house without my parents.
Wadanohara & The Great Blue Sea
When someone watches me draw
Blood Reaper
feeling like you have a insect on you
apex kayde
I hate it when I put my hair up, but as soon I get on the highway in the car there is hair flying everywhere and people won't roll up the windows so it never stops!!!
Neon Hearts
Lily King
When you bite down on a spoon really hard
Alexia Kitty LOVE
The worst is when your sweating and if you take off your sweater it is still cold
King Playz
When random people stare at you at public
Tristan Echo Equine
When you can get that millimeter of skin off your finger....triggering
ImBringing SexyBack
When my pillow isn’t perfectly straight I can’t relax when I lay on it
ImBringing SexyBack
0:13 I’ve always been frustrated with that since I was 5.
Now I wear my socks inside out.

I thought I was the only person that gets uncomfortable by that(¯―¯٥)
Patience Ilana Peterson
when you scrap your fingernail on a calendar!
Christina Barfus
Putting on a bra when you are wet.
Princess the dog Horselover124
What makes me uncomfortable......My period
Pandicorn_ ŁØVËR
When I sit in a seat that’s warm
Ewa Czekaj
Am I the only one who read it "trying to jack off" xdd
you forgot the worst one yet!

Watching a buzzfeed video
Detra Isham
Teeth on metal doesn't bother me.😐
What makes me uncomfortable? people
Cake is for WINNERS
When the dentist ask where you go to school on the 3+ you’ve been there and they should no by now
Cake is for WINNERS
The hair and long sleeve backpack
I can relate to all of these...
Mighty MLG Turtlez
When someone scratches paper it annoys me
Sarah Snyder
I feel triggered
Breadbin never Loved you
When you are showing your friend the perfect song and they touch the screen to see if it’s almost over.
cruncheeseKID101 amazeballs
TheWillmottShow 11
When I’m eating a popsicle and my teeth touch the stick
Jessica's life
When people scrape knifes on there teeth,,, ughhhh sends shivers down my spine 😭
Zayaan Kashmiri
When people watch me when I do stuff ,hair in my mouth and when they bite the spoon or fork
Alexander Ramirez Hernandez
When you go to the pool and go to the place you take showers and you change and you cant get dry so you just put your clothes on an it's hard to
Alexander Ramirez Hernandez
What makes me uncomfortable is when I imagine someone scratching the wall with flat surface ugh
I commonly stare into space....Let's just say, I don't always look what Im staring at and it can get weird
Emily Rodriguez
Whenever you glance at someone and they glance at you back and its just an endless cycle of awkwardness
LeBUMB James
1. When people screech forks against metal plates 😤

2. When the class is silent and you fart SOO LOUD and everyone starts staring at you and you be like 🤷🏼‍♂️
Rebecca Regi
0::23 happens to me all the time
Mason Duck
this channel makes me uncomfortable
Glaceon _YT
When people walk in my room when I’m changing PRIVACY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!
Glaceon _YT
Canvassers is the only one that doesn’t make me uncomfortable
Nancy Melendez
I hate when I’m texting and my friends are secretly looking at my conversations like hello Can I get some privacy
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