Do These Things Make You Super Uncomfortable?


"Tell us one fun fact about yourself!"

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Most of this doesn't annoy me but the hair.😤🖕
I literally hat when people see me do stuff like eat I just either cover my face with a scarf, hoodie or I just walk to another room
AshGraal How to & Where to
Im so uncomfortable i cant even get up right now
Pop Corn
So relatable
Ashton Jeffery
Chewing on ice
When people read something I've written
Zahra-Noelle Kuulle
The spoon 😤😤😤😤
Tracy Li
When I'm at gymnastics and the other team girls that are levels 6+ watch me struggle to do a pullover and do level 2 floor & beam routines
Can any other gymnasts relate?
Raven Rebelz
in elementary when u bought chips and everyone was your 'friend' so they asked if they could get one and they get a handful. or when u bought chips at lunch and everyone around u wanted some. ugh
Maya Bennett
0:36 Literally me all the time 😂😂
when i watch something on phone and it falls on my face.. + i have glasses 😂
Faro Kak Ros
wwll this is normal to me

i dont feel it is uncormfatable
Stealth Flash
It's Inspires Not Infires
When people who say they ate already just watch me eat

When people do "the naruto run"

When I am within a 500 meter radius of someone who hates me
April Nevels
Yes washing hands with long sleeves
Ria Miller
The one with the teeth and the spoon is the worst
Alissa Sommer
Biting the car seat belt feels TERRIBLE
i hate the feeling of plastic/paper feeling
I'm almost all of this except the Driving one.
Sam Ak
Sam Ak
Steven Is so funny
Slay Sammy
When the cashier holds your change in an awkward way and you try to get it with one hand but it falls and there's a line behind you.
all of them make me uncomfortable except awkwardly avoiding canvassers
Magma Cute
Listening to people chew...with their mouth shut or open. I HATE IT!! UGHHHH
doge moon prototype 0
watching a buzzfeed video
GamerboyMCPE [MCPE,GD and more]
This video makes me uncomfortable.
When you see someone at your school it's so awkward I just say to my mum "no way hozay will I go that way" if she keeps going I will just walk back or just stand there waiting for my mum to follow me.
ItZTiger 1234
I can't stand someone or me drawing with marker on a sheet of paper
Brook Carson
Thumbs up if you came here from the try not to smile
Esosa Izevbigie
People who chew with their mouths open !!!!!!!!
Watermellon Girl Rules
The spoon biting is really uncomfortable 😟😫
Hidden Snowflake
When you hear a song at the store and you can't remember the name
Payton Dunne
I like puppy's too
When a broken popcorn kernel gets stuck in the back of my throat and I feel like I am choking.
Uniique Mejias
doodle wonder
when people ask me to draw them when I'm in the middle of drawing my own THOUGHTS
For the backpack one, just take it off!
I hate when your walking in the rain with skinny jeans on and when you try to take them off its so sticky/stuck/watery
Roro Reem
Watching this video
Jorge Diaz
when im sleeping and i dont not feel corfortable left or right or straigh
PheonixFireStone AJ
When people sing happy birthday to me 😓
Sixmo Da beast
1.When you did not clear ur history and ur parents go on ur device
2. wearing jeans in water
Potatoknishes123 123
Scratching a chalkboard,telling a joke and nobody laughs,saying something and somebody starts talking over me
Potatoknishes123 123
When I step in water while wearing a sock
Queen Chibugo
When I or someone else scratches paper. It's so uncomfortable.
brooke Ashton
when I'm hot
Aaliyah malagón
everything makes me uncomfortable,who agrees with me?
hhb hhb
I always bite on spoons and when I saw that I was like oh. I guess I'm obnoxious then lol
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