Do These Things Make You Super Uncomfortable?


"Tell us one fun fact about yourself!"

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Cherry popper
I saw the BuzzFeed Logo and then i felt uncomfortable
Kamal Kafley
when i can't hold my pee for long 😠
Krar Almohamed
Every thing on this not liying
The coat one is super accurate..I thought it was like just me who would sweat a lot through jackets even when its like 12 degrees F outside since everyone else would be shivering.
Lorita Woodson
When your eyes itch
When someone scrapes something across my or their necks or when someone drags their nails across paper.
Sarah Bowman
Someone just staring at you awkwardly and you give th m eye contact and they still don't look away
Sarah Bowman
Cold sweat
Sophie macgregor
All of these make me uncomfortable
Mytube 12
When someone scratch the black board
Diya Musical
when theirs a itch on ur butt but ur in public u can't itch ur button 😣😣😭😭😢
Kailey Sky
I have all of these problems, I live an uncomfortable life.
Comedy Clown
Balloon mj knows what he's talking about I hate that
bano bano
that cr azy sound of baloons when u scrach on them,what makes u uncomftroble
Sami Rose
Walking up to dump your lunch tray alone and having everyone stare at u. Also when I'm laying in bed and I have a blanket and it's too hot so I take it off, too cold so I put it on. Stick one leg out... demons of all hell have come for me in my sleep because it is my time to go
Jared Alvidrez
I L I K E P U P P I E S !
Hannah shiflit
Fun fact: I can run as fast as a greyhound Dog and their pretty fast if I do say so myself
bright star
when your in class and the teacher just stairs at you
Kawaii Cats
When you bite the medal spoon and feel that chill..
Rose Alam
When ur Muslim and every time you look at the clock at 9 it's 9:11 fml.
Dinøsaurr Jøseph
when you bit your nails and you scratch paper or a chalkboard..
When I imagine biting down on cold ice cream with my front teeth
Alyssa Muniz
yes, Yes, YEs, YES!!
jazzy_unicorns jasmine
when I go to the shop and don't have enough money
Sometimes I try so hard not to cough when my throat itches and then my eyes start tearing up.
100 subs no video challenge Please
Metal scratching on metal
Farya Naseri
When people watch me while I am eating and messed up
Sofia Calma
1. When people with babies ask me if I want to hold it
2. When you sit at the front of the classroom so everyone ends up staring at you
3. When people try to make conversation on an elevator
Waleed Shahzad
When my friend give me something to eat but I hate it and I have to eat it so my friend feelings aren't hurt
Bronagh Xdonnelly
Tmi but I was watching this vid while needing to pee 😬
omg all of these I can relate to
Annie Ruth
When people try to trade me stuff when I keep saying no but keep saying "PLEASE??" over and OVER AGAIN
May. H
When a teacher is staring at u while doing a test
egg plant
it makes me uncomfortable when people are watching me while im eating. but.....

its fair because i watch people eat.
zenon arroz
when you forgot to put on deodorant 😰
Layla ho
I'm uncomfortable when the teacher talks to me and when I get embarrassed when someone talks about me😓😓😓
Alexis Cruz
all of them
Naomie Alexandre
Wearing heels in a quiet room 😬
Miko Pai
When i want to eat Alone with my phone and someone comes... sitting beside ME when there is Like 10 other places to sit 😤😡
Panda_ Noodles
when I think about my teeth growing toe nails :c ugh
nathalie lopez
i hate it when people bite blankets i hate sooooooooo much
Petra Kenny
I can totally relate to the one where someone is watching you do something. In my case its art.
xXslimexXcyan Cool kid
When someone with an accent talks to u and u have no idea what the heck they said
Anthony Coronado
I be super uncomfortable when I bite down on spoon🍴
Jessica Chen
When you're taking a test and teacher is there beside you looking
You know the guy in the car? Does he still have the same hair from his KPOP idol transformation or is it a different guy?
Three Terrific Triplets
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