Do These Things Make You Super Uncomfortable?


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When I hear the clock ticking away when I sleep
crazy lps 505
almost all of these
Amaryllis Badima
When i see uther people kissing
Narrow60 YT
When you try to scratch the bottom of your feet but your shoes and socks block it
vampire pony
when i enter in school and everyone stares at me wierdly while this doesnt happen to any of my friends
When your watching this video and your video resolution is 144p. 😤😤😤
Things that I find mostly annoying:

1) When your eyes are baggy

2) When the teacher always picks you

3) When your crush doesn't like you

4) Someone's breath

5) brocolli
•When you get that itch inside your throat and you have to do the gagging noise to make it go away.
•When people go behind you and watch you thinking that you don't know their behind you.
•When I'm playing a game and people don't put it in properly (e.g. Monopoly and they don't put the money away in order, together and facing the right way - when I'm playing a memory game and al the cards aren't put back in the box in pairs)

Idk if I have ocd?
Minecraftletsplayer57891 Armenia
When u just go to class and tired and your teacher picks u to answer a question
Mc Clipzz
when buzzfeed posts a video
Putting on socks while your feet are wet
crystal mahmood
What makes me uncomftable is when CATS SCRATCH ON A CHALK BOARD!!!! Like if you agree😼
I hate getting my crocs wet and then walking in dirt with them when im not swimming
when your at school or work with tennis shoes on and you foot is itchy
Dania Hazim
when you are wet and trying to put pants on
phake jadyn litchfield
When you forget your teeth are sensitive and you bite into ice cream
Omg, thinking of eating a popsicle with your front teeth... AHHH
Kylie Grey
public speaking, period.
When you walk with no socks and you're foot start being sticky!
Bubble Scotché
All of these make me frustrated.
Liz Huttner
When I think of worms and I get such a weird feeling on my neck
Zayn The Boss
When you're trying to remove a label but it rips apart and sticks.😡😤
jael superstar
scratching a plate with a fork
Swebanan Gamer
Swallowing a whole TicTac as soon as ut gets in your mouth
The Cosmic Crafter
the worst thing:

washing your hands with lotion
Chloe Cochrane
What annoys me the most..
1.Non grammar natzi example (me and her went out earlier.)
2. Chewing gum with your mouth open
3. Bad breath
4. Not fidgeting for over one minute
maya da weirdo
I actually like biting spoons
Gustav Tell
Seeing this video
when your hands are sweaty and your fingers slide against an piece of wood or a sheet of paper aND YOU GET THAT SHIVER
Janeli Montijo
What annoyes me:When i bite into ice cream and i get goose bumps and my teeth hurt
2:when people say they will read and they read so slow
3:when you go somewhere exciting and there is no parking
4:when my phone dies
5:When people think they can roast you

6:when its raining and you cant do anything but stay in an air conditioned house and your toes are cold

7:action movies
8:when kids wanna use my phone
10:when ur parents go out and do fun things without you
11:cringey people who bite they lip
12:when you forget ur bayhing suit and have to go to the pool in a bra
May Buscaino
Toilet water touching my butt
Mark TuanBae
when im lying down in bed and i have to hold my tablet and it falls
When you are asleep and you think or feel that you are falling then wake up scared.....
Christian Walters
When you go to sleep naked and your parents wake you up by ripping off the covers
Emily Brianna
Whenever I'm getting a haircut and I have an itch on my nose but I can't scratch it
Team Rocket
when someone snatches my weave
MochaMunchi MSP
slow readers (best readers read like 1 line slow readers have like a full paragraph)
when people cover their hair with the headphones LIKE STOP.
when your teacher is soo creepy (always looking at you, choosing you for everything)
when you have left over pizza (like 5 slices) and come home to 1.
people at lunch have candy everyone's like "GIVE ME ONE NOW!!!!!!!! I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TOMORROW I PROMISE 1$" and you never got it.
you're the one who made the loud noise during class test
calling someone else mom or dad like your teacher or friend.
Luna Lovegood
Where can I find this charity so I can donate to planet Earth? I am really interested in this ;)
What makes me uncomfortable is seeing these videos on my recommended because I know BuzzFeed Is trash.
Maximus 114900
Guess what am i? a Harmonizer
0:53 I know what that problem could be avoided. Take it off
Honey Bunny
When people spit when they talk
Cheetahgirl 17
bella channel
When your annoying sister is staring at you on your bed and looking at York phone to see which Jr twxting
Shoma Natha
When your foot is pitchy but you are wearing shoe
Sheldon Cooper
When your friend says something funny and you don't hear but everyone laughs. You ask what he said and he replies but you still don't get it so you laugh and move on...
scraping my teeth on metal by accident
Lazaro Rodriguez
If Jen is watching me something it's not gonna be uncomfortable
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