John Oliver Got Bounced from a Sauna and Tickled by the Dalai Lama

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John Oliver reveals why he was kicked out of a Tokyo sauna and some of the Dalai Lama's behind-the-scenes hijinks during their Last Week Tonight interview.

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John Oliver Got Bounced from a Sauna and Tickled by the Dalai Lama

Vinicios Araujo
He's got fat...
John RAT TEETH Who will Someday Die From AIDS, Trying to be HBO's poor man's Piers Morgan, Oliver.
obama killed 4,000 women and kids.... LITERALLY !!!!
Dragon Curve Enthusiast
why is John so out of breath every time he stops to speak?
One genuinely funny, intelligent man, and a fucking child who can't string four words together into a full sentence to save his life. He literally interrupts himself on multiple occasions here.
Hate the people who come in to the Sauna with clothes. They have no clue what they are doing...
I want Oliver in Conan's show
I'm interested in what 19 year old John Oliver looks like.
Delta Dawn
who's hotter?
Anders Jackson
You are naken in the Sauna. Period.
You might have a towel around your hips and sit on. Byt you are not wearing except the towel.
Nadine Yes
I only came for John Oliver. Jimmy Fallon's fakeness is so grating.
jimmy fallon is trying to laugh way too hard
lmao i hate to say it but that's a very colonial reaction to japanese culture there, john
Robert Lacatena
John Oliver's accent is the essence of orgasm that's been distilled down to it's purest form...
What was the Elvis Costello song they played for his intro?
Bane Tudajfor
John Oliver is The man
Bryan Agostini
British man's richness
The careful lines on his face
Essence of hist'ry
Indigo Osmanthus
We need to automate Jimmy. He's utterly useless.
Steph Eff
I hope everyone understands why everyone has to be naked at the sauna??!!!
Ashkar Ibne Awal
Watch this video just for 0:40
I didn't even know what the title said until the end. I just clicked when I saw John Oliver.
Anuj Kumar
its just that thing you do with your mouth
cool dude
the way you make words sound hurts my ears. lol.
Why ist Oliver such a prude?
-A damn
I think there are alot f people who didn't get the eliza doolitle reference and i think u have to cause like i'm twelve and i getit so
Anna annA
as a German it's very interesting and funny to hear British and American English.. especially when you're studying English.. :D
Anna annA
as a German it's very interesting and funny to hear British and American English.. especially when you're studying English.. :D
Corey Lahee
Does John Oliver have a neck parasite or something? Every week his neck grows bigger.
best show ever last week tonight with john oliver
Gabo Vidal
Best Crossover
Jorgidan 92
How is the worse late night show host the most popular one? Not hating on Fallon but come on... Conan, Kimmel or Colbert are 10 times better.
Xe M
That was a VERY short interview of him.
I skipped the robots vid for this, but he made me watch it first.butterflies are now dangerous.
The Fibonacci
This man is pure gold. And I don't mean Jimmy Fallon.
K J Aravind
Duncan Principle
You know, I was thinking about how some people feel like Jimmy Fallon's laugh is fake, and I get it. But I was watching his body language in this clip, the way he watched John Oliver and instinctively emulated John's posture and reactions. Those are empathetic actions, putting yourself in another person's place and being able to feel what they feel. I think he has this nervous energy about him and since he knows the stories, he's anticipating the laughs already, but his emotion is genuine and it catches on. It can feel foreign how he's so easily excited, but there's nothing rehearsed about his reactions (quite the contrary, he often messes up and cracks up when he's not supposed to).
"Sauna sounds awful anywhere to me"
Damn! I had always hoped John Oliver would enjoy the sport-loving, self-deprecating (or just self-hating) and reserved nature of the Finnish people, which is not far from how the British behave. But if you can't handle a naked sauna..
Vamanos Ninja
-I got kicked out of a sauna for not being naked enough.
-I never got down to the bottom of that.
He looks like Mario with his red hat blown away.
The way Jimmy can start laughing, like almost rolling on the floor, and then immediately stop is really disturbing.
You can't wear clothes when everyone else is naked... I think it makes sense.
C lementine
Ariel Steinsaltz
Aww I didn't know he had a kid.
I love to watch John Oliver but Jimmy's laugh is making my ears bleed!! Only for this rat faced weasel I tolerated the fake laugh attack!!
Zoe S
What is Oliver's facial hair doing?
bongu le
I have the same exact fkn TIE as Jimmy Fallon ...I brought it two years back....and he wore it now......😎
He's eating like an American, the fat bastard.
With those incredibly short arms, he could not get lift off.
Loool i think john oliver is the only on to make this guy laugh genuinely x3
Mr. PokeyLope
John looks like he's two days from a commissioner gordon moustache.
I mean Fallon probably earns points for being an amiable if bland host but his shortcomings in the comedy department are pretty obvious when he's next to John Oliver
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