John Oliver Got Bounced from a Sauna and Tickled by the Dalai Lama

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John Oliver reveals why he was kicked out of a Tokyo sauna and some of the Dalai Lama's behind-the-scenes hijinks during their Last Week Tonight interview.

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John Oliver Got Bounced from a Sauna and Tickled by the Dalai Lama

Mark S.
nomber fooor
Currently Unavailable
One of the rare few who doesn't want to talk about his kid.
A legitimate Jimmy laugh is an awesome thing...makes me miss seeing him crack up during skits on SNL
Layna Gomes
am I the only one who doesn't quite understand why the fuck people comment such mean things about jimmy's laugh? I love it, it's so cute. stop hating on internet and go find some fun out of home, thank you.
The things I do for John Oliver... Even put up with Jimmy Fallon for him :|
David stowe
Great job and good luck 👍🇺🇸❄️☠️⚡️
Leonardo Domonik
John got us all at 6:18 lol

(look at his hand)
Leonardo Domonik
Jimmy never sounds sincere when he gives complements.
Its brave by Jimmy Fallon to invite John Oliver. John makes everybody look like a serious fool
Abbey Linsky
If you think he's funny here off-script, you should watch him when he would guest on this British show called Mock the Week. It's on YouTube and it's hilarious!
Mrs Unknown
Nick Donnelly
The dalai lama - never has a random laughing fat old dude in a dress been given so much bizarre credit.

Note - he's not a god on earth - he's a random laughing fat old dude in a dress, there to be laughed at, nothing more.
Julie H.
That rat-faced bastard 💛
Jimmy, stop drinking.
Sifat Mahbub
i love this man
Good comedian | "Comedian"
Bharath Swaminathan
Unpopular opinion. But Jimmy is somehow differently funny and charismatic. I love how he is excited about everything and I feel it's a quality that stands out and makes him different from the rest of the celebrities and hosts out there. I am not saying he is the best or better than any of the others, but he is different and no way less than the others. Although Conan is my favorite, Jimmy is funny and I live his presentation. :)
sarah N
Cringe john doesn't know when to stop 😫
Justin Clowater
If anyone here hasn't seen John Oliver's interview with the Dalai Lama, it is incredibly funny, and informative as well. Definitely worth the watch.
Reb Brown
Jimmy seems more nervous than his guest here.
LuckyH WoW
Can Not watch Jimmy Fallon anymore. His fake laugh is so annoying
John oliver <3 <3
I never bought that Jimmy Fallon fake laugh, but it goes through the ceilling here on this clip. Ffs, it's horrible!
William Lamb
I never want to know the context of this video
Ádám Arany
I'm a Colbert fan, and I think he's better at everything but I have to admit that Jimmy is a very nice, charming guy...I can get why people like him
Spencer Frank Clayton
I wonder if he laughed when he was tickled.
I just noticed John is wearing a 1st Cav lapel pin.
Jessica Hokkanen
Sorry you had such a bad experience in the sauna John Oliver. Being from Finland, I think I might have some insight into what happened, at least if the sauna cultures in Finland and in Japan are similar. Nakedness in a sauna is not at all about sexuality, but rather about comfort. Physical comfort. Its much more enjoyable being in a sauna naked, but not everyone (not even Finns) are comfortable being naked around people they don´t know. So there´s kind of this unspoken agreement of solidarity, like "let´s all be naked so we can enjoy the sauna, and if everyone´s naked no one has to be ashamed of being naked". So when you got there all dressed, it was like you stared at the others but did not offer anything of yourself in return , and that made them uncomfortable. Not sure if other Finns agree with me, but this is how I see it. Long explanation :D Hope you enjoy your next visit to the sauna!
Jesse Hammer
Fallon is clearly annoyed by having someone on the show funnier than him.
Love watching John destroy guys on their own shows
Hunter Huntoon
Is it just me, or is he wearing a Ranger pin?
Jimmy seems to be scrolling through his various levels of feigned entertainment and exaggerated laughter because he can't seem to zero in on what John Oliver is actually saying. Look at his rapid squinting, like he's trying to bring his guest back into focus.
Tuomo Luukkanen
As a finn, and by extension a real brat about what's a real sauna or not - I can confirm that it's weird when foreign people wear anything in saunas.
i love john oliver so much
John.. buddy.. bad stash
Jonna A
I'm a simple Finn. I see sauna. I click like. Greetings from Finland.
Vinicios Araujo
He's got fat...
John RAT TEETH Who will Someday Die From AIDS, Trying to be HBO's poor man's Piers Morgan, Oliver.
obama killed 4,000 women and kids.... LITERALLY !!!!
Dragon Curve Enthusiast
why is John so out of breath every time he stops to speak?
One genuinely funny, intelligent man, and a fucking child who can't string four words together into a full sentence to save his life. He literally interrupts himself on multiple occasions here.
Hate the people who come in to the Sauna with clothes. They have no clue what they are doing...
I want Oliver in Conan's show
I'm interested in what 19 year old John Oliver looks like.
Delta Dawn
who's hotter?
Anders Jackson
You are naken in the Sauna. Period.
You might have a towel around your hips and sit on. Byt you are not wearing except the towel.
Nadine Yes
I only came for John Oliver. Jimmy Fallon's fakeness is so grating.
jimmy fallon is trying to laugh way too hard
lmao i hate to say it but that's a very colonial reaction to japanese culture there, john
Robert Lacatena
John Oliver's accent is the essence of orgasm that's been distilled down to it's purest form...
What was the Elvis Costello song they played for his intro?
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