FKD India
josh gazaderVlog
Yes go superman
serge bidwaja
Bad movie 😒
Tessa Taylor
"Supergirl" /Kara his cousin is who Alfread is speaking with.
Robert Graham
This film better live up to it's hype
Roger Willians
Creio ser a super girl no 0:54
Penso que ela virá para ajudar o super man que de certa forma pode ser aquela versão malvado.
sm shakir
Heart touching 👍👊👊
JL vs Days of future past super sentinals..who wins?
Derrick Watkins
Alfred just talking to Supergirl yep
Derrick Watkins
Thor Ragnarok versus DC the League of Justice who will win
Another bullshit fan made trailer....
Augripah Thawatha
señores entérense, superman vive y linterna verde aparece y salvan a los otros superheroes, como lo se? información fidedigna, cuando ocurra escriban por aquí, y digan oye tenias razón
Mike Caruso
I hate fan made trailers, there is no point to them at all.
Josh Wilson
Hardly fan made by taking someone else's hard work, dubbing over music that doesn't match and sticking Superman on the end.
Bora Sarı
Superman & Batman my childhood kings , cant wait to see it
Nena van der Meer
I'm gonna watch this movie. Well done.
Honey Boy Tiambeng
i can't wait!!!
Maxi Dyhr
Dam looks cool
Broken Window
Another turd from Snyder, WB, and DC.
my boy the flash!!!!
Putting "fanmade" as the end is a bit disingenuous, especially with YouTube not also showing the complete title.
Shane Young
The last part was From batman V Superman when Lex Luther threatens Superman’s mom and he did that Red glowing eye thing
steve williams
Does anyone else notices at ....46 Aqua man Fish tail becomes legs and feet.
David Michael
This movie looks terrible and rushed. Video game graphics
Hafidh Mchillah
Nice movie
Creative Pixel
🔴 Justice League (2017) Movie' ✅
iAM Gelo
still waitingfor aquaman full movie on YTS.AG
abbas khan
akib ahmed
cg batman does look awesome
Matthew Zervas
Lame AF
007 YBSh
Кто русский?
The Boxer
Excellent editing! Keep up the good work.
Heaven and Hell
You see there's candy for baby's

And then there's trailers for hero nerds
Влад Добрый
1:02 LOBO!?
Ashley c
Alan Tracy
Comics now Superman Wonder Woman and Kronos

Took me a while and I enjoy the dc comics but psychologically now there’s a lot going on at the occult level. You may feel inspired by them but psychologically these films make humans seem puny. We are not we are potentially the universe. They can make your life feel insignificant, dirty and difficult. Even weak. Superman is of course Hebrew ie Judaic.
What is Hebrew? A
member of an ancient people living in what is now Israel and Palestine and, according to biblical tradition, descended from the patriarch Jacob, grandson of Abraham. The tribe of Jacob is ofcourse the origin of the Union Jack.

Superman's real name is Kal-El, son of Jor-El. The suffix El, of course, means “of God” in Hebrew, with Kal-El defined by some as “Voice of God.” Before Krypton's doom, Kal-El's parents put him in a Moses-like basket, sending him down the Nile of intergalactic space until he landed safely on Earth. Moses is Akhenaton, atonist is another word for This Pharoah. The amenists didn’t like the atonists. The Levites didn’t get on with the Benjamin’s. Freud in his last book identifies Moses are really Akhenaton.

Now wonder women has been recreated as not a curvy cool chick but a solar god in the vein of Jesus. Look at the solar cult headwear and she's Israeli ... gal gadot = translates as river bank -- ie the banks , the bench , maritime admiralty law. It’s all hidden in the allegories.

Kronos - god from Greek ie Zeus ie moloch; which is a Phoenician god. Ok it all goes back to Egypt and masons now. The Venetian genose and Swiss, the Fondi. They are same Pharoic people family lines. They’ve taken the comics and made them luciferian, Saturn/ satanic. Enjoy ! But be aware of what you are watching as it influences your mind.
Худодод Гулмамадов
Doug Loan
Why so many dislikes?
Martine Joseph
Not bad for a fanMade trailer
why so many dislikes?
John Beal
Look what you did to Khal Drogo?!!! How could you?!
Goul Really
Batman had 2 jump off that 1 buildin hella times
Hump de villain 6452
Did I just get click baited?
Kin Yang
Superman become #Poisedon ?
God damn this is some of the BEST editing I’ve seen!
Dave Richards
Cleveland is all in
0:50 Hiding in plain sight... behind her butt.

Ba.. I meant, The Batman [like The Superman, or The Batman in the Nolan-films] is going to turn into Knight Rider, fighting crime with his car.
Gabriel Silva
É impressão minha ou eu vi o super man nesse trailer?
Black Manta
Wait. So is Superman alive again? I’m confused...
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