Ahmad Sidky
Enzo Amore is that you ?!!
Impersonation of Trump or Dice?
tucker com
Jon Stewart is awesome
Evie Barycki
Jon looks like a broken man
JCmtw Biz
Jon Stewart sounded more like he was talking like a black guy than Donald Trump LOL
Hélène Moreau
You get a car!
Tina and Amy
Jon and Stephen
De Niro Scorsese
Oprah Gayle
I keep on forgetting how short Jon is compared to Stephen
I feel like the second the wig was on Jons head, something inside him died. I mean, I have never seen such sad eyes!
george bush doesnt care about black people
Mr Munchies
Trump is weak
Travis Cummings
Can Jon Stewart please come back? America needs him back!
Jon Stewart's impression of Trump is his standard New Yorker impression with a lot of Andrew Dice Clay mixed in.
Never before have I seen Jon Stewart so depressed when putting on a wig
clicked a random video from 2015 to not hear about Trump for once...
Cutest couple on television
Gemma Pettersen
Jon has such an older brother kind of energy with Stephen - it's adorable
Jubilee Chambers
4:02 He looks like a lost puppy! XD
Now he is gonna fuck all liberals sooo bad
god, we didn't know what dark future was awaiting us back then
Hector Morton
America oh,oooooooo,HO !
Lucas Loreno
two good persons
Heather Marie
Jon saying "like old times buddy" at 7:35. Their friendship is so cute!
why did Jon lose so much weight! it makes me feel sad😔
Emily B
When Jon put on the wig he looked like a lost puppy 🤣
Ryan Burke
why does Jon look gaunt/sick.
Jose Cisneros
Jon looks like hes on drugs. These guys are clowns I hope nobody actually takes them serious. I used to watch their shows on comedy central when i was 14 but then I grew up and started living in the real world. Guys if you watch jon Stewart long enough youl turn into a sjw be careful.
Pastel Pink
At 1:52 i really wanted them to start making pottery
Lily Hannah
Stephen: "Baby"
Noah: "Papa"
Where the hell is John saying "Daddy"?
Kayla B
i want America to never ever forget that Donny Trump was attacked by a bald eagle.
Teddybear Grimm
Jon Stewart doesn't realize that he just did his Andrew Dice Clay impression instead of his Trump. Whoops.
Slavic Pride !
Damn i miss the Daily Show...
"If I'm elected, and I will be elected, . . ."

I never thought I would say this, but screw you, Jon Stewart!
The Bald Eagle attacking Trump? A sign?
daniel middleton
John Stewart for President
Michał Barcikowski
"And I will be elected..."
Cara Celeste
Cara Celeste
I get it now pay back ...grrrrr srry guys
Cara Celeste
Otherwise known as large dysfunctional Russian Irish and whatever else crazy gypsy sing moon was thrown in so yeah I love you been trust them they know they can read my thoughts alright my mouth is all dry because people probably eating too many salty peanuts and drinking beers at the house right now sclubdata big Pat am I right cuz I'm out of water or so someone come get me do you can come get me I guess I don't know Cortland this is totally awkward at this point because I'm the only one who has to be conscious in f**** reality alright I love you all
That was a good Andrew dice clay impersonation.
Adam Broadbent
Jon Stewart should come to the uk and make tv better and funnier
Tiia Mannix
They look so happy together.
mollyy tsanadis
I HARDLY know who Jon Stewart is mainly because I'm only a teenager and I'm Australian but this was so hilarious key word hardly there I do sort of know who he is
defeat ISIS hand to hand. LOL ..
A Number 6 With Extra Dip
Am I the only one that thinks Jon Stewart is having a midlife crisis as of late?
My gay dads.
Ramzi Abu Dawood
6:25 that handshake though
Jon (whimper)
please come back. do you see the stupid shit that is happening since you left us??
Ben dover
Fuck both of them useless morons!!!
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