Mean Tweets – NBA Edition #5

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Sports fans are very passionate about their favorite teams and players. They love to love, and sometimes they love to hate. With that said, it’s time for another special NBA edition of #MeanTweets featuring Zach LaVine, DeAndre Jordan, Mike Conley Jr., Paul George, Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, Jay Williams, Caron Butler, Doc Rivers, Walt Frazier, Michelle Beadle, Joel Embiid, James Harden, Magic Johnson, Shaq and Karl Malone. #Kimmel #GameNight #NBAFinals

Kimmel Kidversations – State of the Union

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Mean Tweets – NBA Edition #5

Carlos Inda
Paul george tweet kinda came out true
Duanne Vlogs
Post more meantweets nba
Jordan Batista
That awkward moment when the paul george mean tweet became true lmfao
Alex Bellingham
Come On Man! Insulting legends like THE MAILMAN or Magic Johnson you've gone too far!
Ro G
J Leo
Best one ever is still Blake griffin lol. The Morgan freeman carrot top one
eddie ruiz
meat abroad within rtyluf gathering maintenance exhibition from length love
Shaq funny af
LuisGarcia. 13
Paul George basically was traded for a bag of crackers. Like really indiana. Victor and SaBUSTis.
Rosalina Calvin
You guys should have a comedians edition. That s**t would be hilarious!
Chetan Yarlagadda
RIP Karl Malone
Bryson Scoufos
0:30 he was right, he was traded for half a bag of saltine crackers 😂
Creative Username
Karl Malone looks like black Mr. Clean.
Lake Show
Well, the Paul George one came true so....
Jimmy finally got carl Malone
The funny thing about the Paul George one is that he was basically traded for half a bag of chips#Thunder Up
Um, I subscribed but bad things happened. Is there someone I can call?
Nina Blaze
That last dude sensitive ass 😂
Elias Hobeika
Here's a joke for magic: If DLO snitched on you, you probably wouldn't have aids now, just saying
The Pacers' GM wrote that tweet to Paul George.
Tong Pa Fu
Magic Johnson's face after he read his tweet is priceless.
David Worrall
this so funny
The pg one actually happened
Karl Malone looks like a mean armed forces Sargent.
mohamed mady
neil degrasse tyson edition
make another one
That paul george one got me dead af😂😂😂😂
jaqen H'ghar
I dont know why i cant stop laughing at embids squirell iq
Seakid YaDig
Karl Malone is og
Ugly Man
funny how paul george really was traded for half a bag of saltine crackers
Dr. J
Who was the last guy
Itschris427 B
The James harden joke will bring a flock of atheist calling the Bible a fairy tail
2:04 Why he look like a black version of mister clean
Funny thing is the Paul George one actually happened
I'm Sorry Bailey
It's funny, cuz PG was traded for half a bag of saltine crackers
Dat Boi
It's funny a month later because Paul George was indeed traded for a half a pack of saltine crackers
Darien 09
Devin booker's shirt slaps harder than my step father Lol 😂
jumangi Jim
He was traded for half a bag of saltines tho...
Даниел Димов
draymond green looks like a donkey from shrek...;d
Sunglass Hut
Walt Frazier's smile at the end of the tweet was amazing
0:44 Devin Booker 😊
The Legend
Paul George tweet became true
Mustafa Sheikh
ironic because the paul george one actually happened
nwilliou 13
When you realize the paul George tweet came true
TheRock 2988
The Paul George one actually came out true
Dylan Nardi
yasien adel
Yo, they weren't wrong about Paul George 🤣🤣.
Sammy Nevarez
I'm so sad for the mean tweets but honestly sum were funny 😁
Anthony !
Who else thinks lavar ball has to be on this
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