WHAT Burger King's Massive "Google Hack" REALLY Shows Us

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Today we talk about the outrage and praise BK got from trollvertising, mofracking scorpions on a mofracking plane, the MOAB, everyone shouting fake news, and more
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Why People Are Freaking Out About Fake News, Melania Trump, and United's BackPedaling:
NO! Youtube Is Not Dying, BUT Will We All Die Soon? Maybe…: https://youtu.be/D7-25dwf9iM
The Hitman’s Bodyguard Trailer: https://youtu.be/Anps6VPe0u8
OG Funny or Die Video: https://youtu.be/yECd_Sz_zJ8
Transformers Trailer: https://youtu.be/79oxuuvx1JE
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Burger King “Ok Google” Ad:

Martina Big & Tanning:

United Airlines Scandal UPDATE:
My Coverage: https://www.facebook.com/DeFrancoNation/videos/10155274991624407/
Lawsuit- https://twitter.com/i/moments/852538226816561153
Scorpion Story- http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2017/04/13/scorpion-stings-man-aboard-united-airlines-flight.html

Instagram Stories:

13-year-old Instagram Livestream Death:

Chinese Troops Fake News:

Assad Interview:  

US Drops MOAB Bomb in Afghanistan:

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Philip DeFranco
Tell your mom I said, "Wassup sessy lady?!" <3

John Reese
she's doing good
Hiroshi Mishima
You know? I.. I actually think this makes me wanna go to Burger King. Actually, no, the ad or controversy doesn't impact my interest in Burger King in the slightest. However, Phil's bringing BK up period just reminds me how much I love their onion rings and would like to have some.

In which case, ads that cost tons of money and are potentially clever or dumb are less effective than just saying "hey man, Burger King onion rings." And then I'm like "fuck you, I'm broke and haven't eaten yet today but now all the food I have at home sounds infinitely less appealing."
Justin Taylor
You know, if we emptied our arsenal of MOABs and carpet bombed Syria, or afgahnistan, the problems there would be over
don't get the "which mom" thing
Damn it phil you made my samsung phone set an alarm for 4am lucky I turned it off but still 😂
eye in da sky
Ive never seen such funny joke about divorce
Wood Pencils
what the fuck people? that ad was GENIUS! cmon!
David G
Clearly lost on you dummies.. it's Burger King.. not Sandwich King.. WTF.. listen to the crap.. you just eat it up.. idiots
David G
who the fuck calls a burger a sandwich?? it's Burger King.. rite .. not Sandwich Ass ..just plain dumb!!!. never go there not interested but it's a fucking Burger.. clearly don't know your product.. idiots!! marketing needs a mince enema ..cock smokers.... sorry Phil... just sayin
Underwhelming Pictures
100% Not mad at BK for this.
Come on. People have more things to be annoyed/be dumb at.
Castaway 101
MOABs are in COD
Cameron Fischer
That Burger King ad is damn genius haha
rayzero's Mc
Who's mans is that
Samuel Pike
The hand prints on the bed cannot be unseen!
Megan John
emma daye
"im a child of divorce!" idk why i laughed so hard
I don't care about the Burger king thing I never eat there anyway
Александр Moore-Thoms
The ad actualy got me to buy a burger at Burger King
Mikayla hernandez
My Alexa... set a alarm for my dads clock for 4 am.... xD he would kill me
I make cringy Minecraft Let's Plays
Ha! My Xbox doesn't have the $100 spying tool/feedback loop generator-I-I-I mean the Kinect.
James Miller
Im going to exclusively eat at Burger king for fast food hence forth. This is the greatest thing ever!
I wonder what's more likely, winning the lottery or being stung by a scorpion while on a plane?
Josiah Lott
works on phones to if you weren't using headphones
Joe Martinez
Going to 'Philip' on a 'Whopper' of a burger at ...... FUCK... sorry
2:45 "which mom" favorite part in the show by far lmao
Hey Phillip, big fan and fellow creator here. I see you shout out other creators from time to time and wanted to know what I could do to earn a shout out from you? I know probably gonna get trolled but I am serious. I used to be a drug dealing criminal and I used this platform to turn my life around. Now I help thousands of others stay positive and have fun using radio controlled trucks and the lifestyle that surrounds it. Take a peek if you are up for it and you will see I am being honest. Just wanted to reach out and ask. Keep up the great work. You open a lot of eyes and generate great conversation. Peace n Chicken Grease fam! Josh aka Coleman aka just a guy with a bunch of toy trucks... :)
Marcus Brewer
You're channels starting to Philip.
Serra Kagin
Burger king is not the problem, the device that continuously listens to everything in your house is the problem.
David Burton
a good reason to not use the personal assistants. smh. what's so hard about typing anyway?
HiT _
8:25 That fucking face?
R Stickle
Had my 1st gun at 9 22 magnum revolver //// BUT I WAS SHOWN HOW TO HANDLE IT PROPERLY \\\\\ kids today are stupid and it is my generations fault ... my sons have guns but know how to use them. I taught them
1) I don't think my mom has fallen badly enough to knock out any teeth lately, so she's doing pretty well
2) The ad won't make me boycott Burger King, but I refuse to give a dime to any BK in Montana. A guy bought every single restaurant in the state, fired ALL of the employees, and if they wanted their jobs back, they had to reapply at starting wage. Pretty shitty way to try and "save money," if that even was his motive.
Stephen Filer
I honestly think the Burger King add is funny.
Heather Butt
I think the Ok Google stuff is funny. Like it's a tongue and cheek kind of we know you're not going to google us, so let us do it for you.
I dunno I almost always listen to my computer with headphones and when I watch TV it's never live.
Mike Wasabi
you know I've never had children before so maybe the Whopper is worth a try
a steak pun is a rare medium well done
Oh that is super clever. And hilarious! I dont like your food, but go burgerking!
Mike Czenkus
Treat guns with respect. Know your weapon
austin clatte
LMAO!!! My Google Home actually listened to you! Is it weird that I kinda feel betrayed? lol
"I'm a child of divorce" Im still crying that was soo funny
Anyone else with iphone who dosn't use siri beacuse you feel she is useless? I always have her turned off.
I'm never going to buy a whopper again. Mainly because I never bought whoppers to begin with. I don't really like burgers much.
Kek bless Trump.
"I hate puns"

Well then this comment section will be PUNishment
BossGaming HD
We beat our competition, not our customers
Udy Kumra
Wow Bashar Al-Asad is attractive. Maybe I should be evil.
Mayo For Sanity
To be Defranc, I hate puns as well!
I'm more offended by their crappy food and the worst night of food poisoning I've ever had than a hit or miss advert.
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