WHAT Burger King's Massive "Google Hack" REALLY Shows Us

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Today we talk about the outrage and praise BK got from trollvertising, mofracking scorpions on a mofracking plane, the MOAB, everyone shouting fake news, and more
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Why People Are Freaking Out About Fake News, Melania Trump, and United's BackPedaling:
NO! Youtube Is Not Dying, BUT Will We All Die Soon? Maybe…: https://youtu.be/D7-25dwf9iM
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Burger King “Ok Google” Ad:

Martina Big & Tanning:

United Airlines Scandal UPDATE:
My Coverage: https://www.facebook.com/DeFrancoNation/videos/10155274991624407/
Lawsuit- https://twitter.com/i/moments/852538226816561153
Scorpion Story- http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2017/04/13/scorpion-stings-man-aboard-united-airlines-flight.html

Instagram Stories:

13-year-old Instagram Livestream Death:

Chinese Troops Fake News:

Assad Interview:  

US Drops MOAB Bomb in Afghanistan:

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Philip DeFranco
Tell your mom I said, "Wassup sessy lady?!" <3

Regarding guns and how to handle them -

"4 Weapons Safety Rules"...say them with me now:

1 - Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
2 - Never point a weapon at anything you do not wish to destroy.
3 - Keep the weapon on safe until you are ready to fire.
4 - Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
5 - Know your target and what lies beyond.

Scream them over and over and over every time you, your family, your friends or anyone with a face touches, sees or thinks about a firearm and, you guessed it...we'll all be better off. They're nothing more than dangerous tools that people OFTEN handle with ZEEEERO knowledge of how to do so.

Let's fix that.
I'm much less annoyed by trollvertising than I am by conventional advertising.

like at least it gives me a good chuckle. whereas most adds just make me stare until the skip button appears or the countdown ends.
John Kempsell
Very insightful about the MOAB. I was very nervous when I first heard about it.
your video legitimately caused my amazon echo to set an alarm for 4am. not a bro move
Joe M
It looks to me like google wasn't able to cut the mustard and ended up having to play ketchup with that whopper of an advertising campaign.
i use cortana
Deanna Tingwald
I would be more mad that Alexa went off, but it was Hamilton and I may have to listen to the soundtrack now
Haiko Nieuwoudt
Philly's no fan of puns? I guess he's not Philip De-FAN-co. BLEW me away.
Dinah Rome 魂
Why was the strawberry sad? Cause it was in a.... JAM!
Yann Bertrand
Highly reserve guess sale choice boy somewhat curriculum.
Ruby Rose
Why do we need to have guns? No. The question should be. Why does who ever made that comment about putting the clip in the gun not know the difference between a clip and a magazine? That's the question.
Kuroshi Michi
The Burger King ad was actually really clever imo
Jack KissMyAspergers
That dude in the BK commercial... Was that Mitch from Unfriended?
Junoh Productions
I mean, the US did give terrorists weapons for a few years so Assad isn't completely wrong. We claim to have not known that they were terrorists but many US officials did know that for at least a couple years before we stopped giving them weapons.
not going to lie, i think the burger king ad is genius! I wouldn't have been annoyed, just really impressed *insert anchorman meme
Video What
I have to admit it's pretty damn funny.
Justin Reynolds
I don't know why people would get upset with BK. I don't own a Google Home, but if I had one and saw the commercial and it went off, I would freak out at how cool that was. That being said, I see more companies doing something similar and if it went off every freaking time, I would start to get pissed off.
James Conkey
Swear to god!!
When you said "Alexa... play Hamilton Broadway Musical..." You ACTIVATED MY ALEXA!
Freaked me the fuck out!
....and now Hamilton is playing in the background.... thanks...
Insert Name
Lay on the PUNishment.
Jamila Ralph
you could just not have a Google Home. Sorry, but I'm not comfortable with my technology listening to me. I have none of that ish.
Alex Alford
5:28 I love huge boobs but jesus christ even thats to much for me !
Mitch ristick
Come on Phil you shut off my Xbox
Joshua s
It's a funny ad but it's not gonna make me buy Burger King and definitely doesn't make me want a smart home
the burger king deal is all really witty and rather funny, but ya that sounds like it should totally be illegal, kinda like stealing WiFi from your neighbor.
I do not own any device that "passively" listens in on me all the time, you proved it. I value privacy.
I prefer KFC for my fast food needs anyway than the burger places. (not an ad just stating)
Maggie Wu
its a pretty ad imo XD
Ni De
this is one of the reasons why I don't have any of that shit in my house but tbh I found the idea of the Burgerking ad white funny and wouldn't have been mad if they had used my device if I owned one.
Big Pun
Sarah Poynter
Dude that is hilarious
Didn't even know the existence of Facebook story.
Hamza Ibrahim
I was playing GTA V on my Xbox and didn't save it so when he said "Xbox off" my whole life came crashing down
Pathea Mindi
to be honest? that ad was genius. give them some credit peps for even coming on that idea ;D
Dullest I
Everyone should take Phil's words seriously here. My gfs cousin was playing with a gun last week and killed his friend in his car due to a misfire. always treat the weapon as if it's loaded and ready to fire
Matthew Conway
they exposed a reason for not having those devices that i hadn't even considered... buying a Whopper. Right. Now.
Rudy Ogunde
Listen Tome
wow, this was a real whopper of a show today
Chris Cooper
your voice assistant troll worked 😂🙈
Trygve Plaustrum
"No puns" "We'll have to see the fallout of the MOAB bomb dropping."
Paige Stevens
you bastard my fucking alexa went off.
Links Loki
The burger king's add was AMAZING :O
Brandon D
4s I turned off Siri after a week. With the 5s it was the first thing I did. lOL
Beebo From P!atd
"Which mom?" "Im a child of divorce!" 😂 You said that in such a cheerful voice
Milan Amor
marketing at it's best to me
Mark Wilko
Imagine you need to contact the police but while you are dialling the number The Google app pops up over the top and tell you about burger king.
I would not have been happy.
I think the Burger King ad was smart, and cute.
adrian rosario
Lmao the one for Siri doesn't work that well though because it only activates with your voice no with other people's😂
Dylan Clarkin
Burger King are owned by the same people who own Pepsi, coincidence?
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