New Nokia 3310 Vs Original Nokia 3310

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Yes, the rumours are true. There is a new Nokia 3310 and we've weighed it up against the original 3310. 
If any phone can sell itself on nostalgia alone, that phone is the Nokia 3310.  
It’s one of the most popular mobiles of all time, remembered for its near-indestructible build, long-lasting battery and legendary Snake (Snake II if we’re being accurate) game, and Nokia has jumped at the chance to reignite the love for a brand which was once the leader in the mobile market.
Enter the new Nokia 3310, a lovingly crafted homage to the iconic handset with a helping of modern-day upgrades. If you were a fan of the 3310, the likelihood is you’ll want to pick this up.

stu morris
I would get one if it had Wi-Fi and youtube and spotify
Terry Dinkstein
The hipster factor on this thing is through the roof.
The fuck does he mean red? It's orange
1234 5678
S30 os? 😐
Dennis Urmeneta
they should've kept the same size. therefore the phone would have more battery life, better features, and kept the durability.
Minnie Hopo
I want one ..want one...WANT IT!! Yesteryear!
GAY!! Destruction test.
I owned the 3210 and 3310 back in the day and I think this phone is perfect for me... I have had a few smart phones over the recent years but where they are cool for the first 3 months... they then slowly become a headache to use.

All of my smart phones predictive text sucked... trying to text while moving involves me having to look at the screen and getting in peoples way, or almost walking into things and looking like a fool... voice texting gets half wrong.... after a year the phone will get slower.... and battery life sucks.

with my leisure time on a smart phone.... 90% of my phone use is listening to music and the other 10% is checking news... I don't use it to view videos cause thats what I do at home (plus no matter how big the screen gets, it is too small to enjoy shows properly) and picture and video taking does not interest me.

With this phone I'd lose out on the 10% of news viewing but not really a problem to me.
After all, NOKIA hit the spot, a fifty dollar phone that makes you live the best of your past in a future in which mobile technology is repeating its units for the sole
purpose of increasing its economic coffers thanks to human vanity Who
do not have enough immediate communication and other possibilities
offered by these modest and cheap mobile phones, but that way they do
not have to eat anymore they care. SHOW to the friends the last phone
model of almost thousand dollars !!! OOOHHH!
David Cable
That's orange...
Sanal Kumar
nokia3310 which sites are ready to deliver
Curtis 187
This reminds me of all of the futuristic hollywood movies.
Viraj Patil
from which site it is purchase
403 Forbidden
Request forbidden by administrative rules.
Fked up website...
fafa tech
Can this video take to my channel...please😔
Swag Zilla
No 100 meter drop test or dipping into molten lava comparison?? Maybe they are trying to hide that the new one is not made with nokium..... Disappointment is real.
Syed Hyder
hmd global should keep this in mind that nobody in india would buy this fone if it's priced at 3990($49) you should half the price if you want to fit in indian market. We are poor, right? 😂 according to SnapChat's CEO.
This doesn't even look like 3310. Looks like a cheap Chinese non smart phone.
Clorox Rangers
Nokia 3310 reborn in 2017

The Power of Meme
where were you able to buy that
Gamer Cat93
In America you try to brake Nokia

In sovit Russia Nokia tries to break you
Vermilion Inferno
no wifi is a deal breaker. Better options
The original Nokia 3310 cost £129.99
Automatic Dislike
The new phone look like a child's toy.
make nokia great again
amir ali
lovee titan
old is gold,love u Nokia
Pradipta Adi
if you drop an iphone 7 on the world's tallest building it will disintergaded but if you do that in a 3310 the road below disintergrade
ShadowMoonie Bwahhh
forgets to charge before sleeping
Me: wtf low battery?!!

forgets to bring charger during a 4 day trip/vacation
Me: wtf it's been 4 days but there's still 3 bars of battery power left?!!
Randomized Gamer
throw them off a parking garage and original 3310 survives
Asad Chohan
i still love the old one <3
Christian DeBoben
lol, I see you tapping that display
Fariz Abdul Aziz
Noekeeyuh not nockiyah
Ahmad Shabeeb
What the fuck is that thing, no WIFI, only 2,5 G, shitty display, 2 Mp camera and 8 MB of internal storage. What the hell NOKIA. My last NOKIA phone which I bought 2006 had better specifications than this thing
Old "snake" was better.
gordo thomas
All of us saying how good it is because it is basic.... while we type this on YouTube on our phone
พรพรรณ สังข์ขาว
nokai 3310 new only true ? my farther he like now user ais network for price buy thai up to
cost for phone he user change old up to many 1200 bath/free tel 1000 bath? user he not like alike remote data delete automatic talk nature ! intro he user true he user AIS network like he self . buy in thailand you thing price ?
cosgrove notts
never catch on lol
You didn't do a durability test!
"Is it going to be as loved as it's old..old original?" No. Not by a long chalk.
Watching this on my Nokia 3310
Nolan kelly
I bet if I smash the new one with my hammer it will brake in one hit
Wilson Eng
This phone is cute.
Joseph Signorino
I'm the iPhone you the nokia
Ritwik Dubey
Damn I miss this so much. My father used to have one. My younger brother and i used to play a lot on that phone. It was like a member of the family. And now my much younger cousin has an iPhone se ,patterned lock as if he has some government secrets. Hardly knows anything but thinks himself as if he is someone who is even smarter than Bill Gates. The smart phones have made people dumper than ever.
Novo Ime
On the old 3310 you can click the main button while nokia logo is showing up and it will be faster than the new one and boot up faster
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