Heracross Plays
I want dis for my 11th bday lol
Birendra Pandey
nokia 3310 old is gold 😄😄😄
Karol Karpiński
Can you learn to manually set lens depth? Autofocus on your device is shit and gets unfocused every few seconds making it very annoying to watch.
Timmy Thy
BREAKING NEWS... Just yesterday on Nat Geo Wild, it was announced that a very dangerous snake had just been discovered. Scientists claim that the snake is an enhanced specie of the reptile family. According to Nat Geo Wild, the snake increases 0.5 cm in length every time it feeds and it feeds every 30 seconds or less. This particular snake cannot be killed or harmed by weapon it dies only when it bites itself. Surprising huh? Scientists claim that's the only way it can be killed but researches are still ongoing to discover new ways this snake can be killed. This is the most poisonous and deadliest snake ever recorded in the history of man. This snake can only be found in Nokia 3310 mobile phone under game option, Snake Xenzia. Thanks for carefully and patiently reading this through
Kelly Jackson
"Muslims will use this phone to trigger of bombs"
Sharmila Basaula
need to be wifi and selfi and name be nokia 3310s
Softviewer viewer
Nokia taked asha model and call it 3310 :D Its two different phones . Nokia fail with this product . Even appearance is different . I loved some old nokia models and its design. Probably nokia designer died and nokia start building bricks :D It could be called as in memory of nokia 3310 :D
গ্রাম বাংলা
বাংলাদেশে ৩৩১০ মোবাইয়েলের দাম কত
Erwin Rommel
Garbage Phone! throw it on the TRASH!
Jason Bannon
my battery only lasted about 2 days iz thsre a standby mode nokia 3310 2017
Pegasus Gaming
That is orange.
i'm sid
Too much battery life
Papyrus Senpai
I want the original for collectors reasons and the new one to use as a phone.
Nika Sermiento
I remember my first phone was a flip phone XD it was pink, I got it when I was 5 My parents just gave it to me since they dont need it anymore, I was so Happh back then XD
wow it has a hesdphone jack
RCSV Reptiles
"Can Nokia 3310 survive explosion from Samsung Note 7"
Edgar Lindo
Thats an old style phone all phone are smart touch screen android lol
Something something username
If Nokia makes one that has all the capabilities of a normal smart phone, but looks like that, physical buttons and all ( oh glorious buttons, how I miss thee. I HATE touchscreens with a passion), I ill buy it. But as it is, it's just another disposable cheap phone that will mostly be given to little kids, if even that since they'll just whine till they get something better like their friends.
Andrew Howden
got m new one in red yesterday,I agree abit to much tech,I wud have a 1998 version right now as a second phone.
Nokia phone beat company
Sangle associates Real Estates and builders Central Park housing schemes Ferozpur road LAHOR 00923455065050
Zaeem Ahmed
Nokia would never change
Furby Gender
They're full of shit. We didn't have cameras, we don't want bright new colors or colored big screens. We don't want cheap plastic. The entire point of the 3310 was its indestructible quality, its black and white screens and it's noticeable keypad. No old school? No fucking sale! TANK!!!! 🙄😡
KirilVR SV
Why does the phone, to my eyes, has a stinking Microsoft Lumia color resemblance?
Aaron Riedel
its a phone for the modern day flog
I would like it to be more 1:1... only new things I agree with are the new OS/graphics and the color screen.
I have broken two Nokias (one of them was 3310!!!) and I am getting this one now :)
Zaneta S
i really was waiting that they make really original ... 100 % ....but they made nothing ...bad bad dcision :)
Fang Qu
Nokia needs to leave the 20th century
Jason Holcroft
We need to return to a more early 2000s sensibility, basic phone so we engage more with our surroundings and leave social media to a laptop at home which takes time to load so usage will be more deliberate than whimsical.
I always hated the Nokia 3310. Even back then when it was popular.
Cody Sewell
I would say do a drop test but then i remembered the original might accidentally destroy the earth
John Paul Sacramento
its much better if they made its screen to function like most of the android smart watch is functioning so it will be more useful and functional and more fit to be use as a modern device. so it wont just end up in the warehouses or worst in the junk yards. companies need to make more efficient devices more than anything else to conserve their resources and maximized their profits. effective and updated or useful functionality will result to more sales and profits.
"it also comes in yellow"
shows orange phone
The ringtone isn't polyphonic, its still monophonic. The timbre is just different.
Kelly Jackson
"Muslims will use this phone to trigger of bombs"
Nouredine Baallaoui
I just buy a new 3310 and from first drop he lost power
I need nokia 1200
Marin 1996
3310 End of world 🌍
Aftab Baloch
nice janiz
Don't throw Nokia 3310 away.

he will be so valuable in future.
Jayson Pascua
but i like the old one
Cindy Koana
This new Nokia 3310 is has a Wi-Fi??
Just Curious to Ask..
Magnus Torset
. . . - - . . .
I love the way the new nokia looks, it is awesome. I think it's great to have a phone that just has the basics. It'd be nice if you wanted a phone that gives you a break from social media. I want them to come to the US!
Tro Vo
free 3310 ringtones app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vtrostudio.classical_ringtone
Noorina noori
Does it vibrates same as the old one? XD
Squats Deadlift
When I first got the news of Nokia 3310 coming back I was pretty excited about it. But then I read that it's reincarnation would be a modernized version. I got less excited.
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