Southern wolf Productions
Who cares if he wants to where a bathrobe and watch tv
Mitch Ross
Philip Claassens
Some Americans is simple , not funny .
ShyGirlLucy Coosie
he denies wearing a bathrobe ? WHY? he cant even be honest about little things that don't matter! like seriously? like someone denying breathing air????!! WTF! BIGGEST DISAPPOINTING PRESIDENT EVER!
Why is he upset about being portrayed as someone who likes to watch tv at night in a bathrobe? Don't a lot of people do that? Where's the shame in that?
Open-minded Skeptic
The orange man-baby is tirading again!
Spicer is weak because he was betrayed by a women lol
Evalynne Torres
Dylan Penman
Talking about dishonesty as you post a misleading title.
Ian Simpson
Why does the most powerful person in the world behave as if he was among the weakest?
Linda Flores
I love Sean Spicers. With Melissa Mcarthy .good job girl 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
John J
So if you don't agree with Trump and his Gang, that automatically makes you fake, dishonest? LOL! Don is losing his marbles!
Reportedly = made up
PolyTicks Comics Official
Where is there any indication that Trump is upset with Spicer, as the headline claims? The report says that he's upset with SNL for their portrayal of Spicer. Get your facts straight, IE.
Buzz Miller
MSM is dishonest. The New World Order war machine wants Trump gone. This is David versus Goliath and we Trump supporters know who will win
Did a cat lick his hair? it looks absolutely disgusting.
Mommy Garcia
Thin (Orange Skinned ) Trump !!!!!!
Shouldn't he be upset with himself after seeing Baldwin? Baldwin makes Trump look like a whiny 2-year-old.
Rosie will be the very perfect candidate to play Bannon . l hope she will be asked to serve .
We want Rosie, we want Rosie!!
Denise Spurlock
Go for it Rosie.
Ellaine Anderson
Rosie would be an awesome Bannon, but she'd be a good trump too! Do an interview like you did with Leslie!
Which is why Trump should be portrayed by a woman.
You liberals, including SNL, give yourselves too much credit. No one cares about your childlike antics. No one, except your feeble minded base, watches this stuff!
calvin lim
you got a fruit loop as your president. what an embarrassment
Oh, c'mon, Trump. ..take a joke for once
I eagerly await Rosie's portrayal of Bannon!!
That is a good point, why is Spicer played by a female considering that she actually looks really ugly.
There's Beauty In Everything
Haaaaaaaaaaaaate to be the one to inform you Tump, but your team looked weak waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy before Melissa McCarthy impersonated him on SNL
Holly Kane
Doesn't own a bathrobe? I guess he just wants to show everyone that he is "HUGE"!...Euueeww!
Cynthia Jokela
LOL, dear lord, every time someone prints something negative, truthful usually, he throws a tantrum. He needs to lighten up. Even Nixon went on Laugh In and made fun of himself. Nixon. Laugh In.
fake news
Ha Ha Ha!!! Then there's ACTUAL PICTURE of Trump in a bathrobe!!! LMAO.. . AWESOME!!
Claude Nine
to be honest trump revived snl during the election. now snl is just dead again since all they do is bash and because they belong in the pockets of big money
The only president to have "3 baby mamas" and 5 kids, and the youngest is a special needs kid, he doesn't pay taxes, and is a pathological liar. he's like an old "Joe dirt" won the lottery and somehow became president.
damn, trump is ugly. ivanka lucked out
You can't keep saying "I know how dishonest the media is" just say it once and move on.
Next time they should use a woman to portray Trump, then.
If not a bathrobe is he walking around naked.
Monique Cardell
I hate television. I do not watch television. And I am fine.
Bertha Martin
What's not to love about all of this?
Chad Davis
"I don't think the president even owns a bathrobe, certainly doesn't wear one" LMAO that's the point you focus on?🙃
Cuña, cuña, cuña.
Noah Rodriguez
nowhere in this report does it mention anything about why trump is upset with spicer..... did yall forget what you were going to do the video over?
Kathleen Twomey
such a tool!
I'm watching this in a bathrobe... what's wrong with bathrobes, lol
william perkins
McCarthy doing Spicer, Baldwin doing Pussy Grabber and McKinnon doing Kellyanne Conway. . . . They will have job security for 4 yr.s and SNL will be making me LMAO.
"anonymous source"
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