Victoria Nazario
I will use this knowledge. I thank you.😝
Night Owl
Lives in Norway everyone will understand..
Men det var då självaste fan!
Watching this as a Swedish person is hilarious
Mr wallvirus
Jeg har en röv, yaaay
Zeno Sama
Pewds can you do mortal Kembet to day
Anine Norén
I laughed my socks off, this is so funny cause I'm norwegian/swedish so I undersand everything perfectly, so when u kept talking in swedish and used the ultimate swear words I couldn't keep it together anymore hahahahhaah
Local IrishMan
That Artorias Though. <3
Chris Vivar
Kids don't watch your videos teens and adults do
Fridays with pewdiepie on a friday!
Can we appreciate??
Retarded Asf
Hahahaha du är så rolig
The FlyingFish
I cant use any of this, my mom understands everything you just said. Im from denmark thats why
Yannik Müller
I think PewDiePie is the only Youtuber who still makes good video content and cares about his Subscribers even tho he got so many! He is not such an Fame bitch like the others^^
Artorias Desktopwallpaper so sexy <3
Grace Nava
Thank you for this for this lesson 😂😂😂
Jonathan Timmermans
What does PRRRRAAAA mean. You keep shouting it ^.^
Intense Giraffe
I inject memes into my bloodstream.
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