Giraffe Attacks Jeep on Safari

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Giraffe Attacks Jeep on Safari


Welcome to Giraffe - ic Park. This is the moment a jeep full of terrified safari tourists was attacked by a huge bull giraffe. The two-and-a-half tonne giraffe chased and kicked the safari vehicle with safari tourists in for two miles - just like the T-rex in hit movie Jurassic Park. The 13-ft male giraffe is believed to have had an hormonal imbalance which triggered the raging giraffe attack in South Africa. The dramatic footage of the giraffe attacking tourists on safari in South Africa was captured by cameraman Rainer Schimpf during a trip to South Africa.

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I had a dream where two really giant giraffes with heads as big as a building watching me , then one of them starts spitting a kind of dark matter like oil,I used then a "porous" shield to protect myself from their spit,and wondered if that dark matter will pass through the pore of the shield.
I like animals better than human beings lol,but if 1 of those lanky bastards tried attacking me or anyone I was with for nothing, it would get some sort of projectile in its arse
Lol keep drives through your home, you kick them out and YOURE the one with the hormonal imbalance. Alrighty than.
Pip Smith
Is that Peter Crouch?
I'm amazed at just how stupid some of you people are in the comments section. Yes, a hormonal imbalance is very reasonable for a male giraffe, especially during breeding season. It's basically no different than what a Deer or a Moose would go through, so shut up you morons!
the giraffe was like... "so you think you can come up to my part of the neighborhood, take pictures of me, call me out for PMSing, and get away with it. YOU THOUGHT"
King VeX
ohhh fuck that
Good. Stay out of it's home.
Hormonal imbalance my ass..wild animals aren't there for a few pics n laughs they need their space.
Too bad he didn't flatten the jeep AND all the people in it. LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! They probably provoked him in some way.
Solo Rider
Slow ass car.
jerimiah Juan Maxwell
Its melmen
Roger Metzger
Estimates of a giraffe's speed range from 32 mph to 55 mph. On a primitive unimproved road 32 can seem fast in a Jeep and 55 would seem very fast.
Ben Attwood
is it just new or is this actually wrote funny?
MarleyMan 2000
i had a nightmare like this once.....
Ink Pen
So, who's filming it while it's running? how come the giraffe doesn't bother the individual behind the camera? The camera person even got a side-view of the giraffe while it was chasing the Jeep, hmmm...
"...finally escaped the giraffe..."
Toaster Gta1175
Everything in Africa will kill you including people
Caitlin Abbate
that camp is where the one episode of Jessie on Disney Channel was filmed where the kids chase Jessie in Africa
raygian hans
mean while everyone looking at a giraffe chasing a jeep. im looking at meat that might taste good chasing a car. i mean look at that amount of meat in one leg
so if that long neck fucker catch them so what ? nothing
Jeff Darnell
Where did the "attack" happen, I must of missed it.
Wolfie Senpai
GTA San Giraffes
я думаю ,что жирафы очень удивительные существа природы. Видео очень понравилось
Jakob Mitchell
It wasn't a jeep! Gah
at least we know jurassic park 4 filming is going good
"The 13 foot Giraffe bull is believed to have had a hormonal imbalance, which triggered the attack."

Yeah, ok.
TrainHard FightEasy
What a bunch of pussies.
Next time take a Smith & Wesson 500 with you.
2 Bullets will do the job.
"take a small open vehicle out and drive through an area with deadly animals, sounds like a smashing idea!" cunts.
Chelsea C
Giraffes are my favorite animal, I'd probably be standing up in the jeep yelling "HE JUST WANTS TO BE MY FRIEND!" :)
Maybe the giraffe had enough of motherfuckin humans comin and taking pictures in their jeeps!
Ćmario Lizguz
She just wants to masturbate in peace.
chilli chidori
uhh no. u r a retarded pussy if u would be scared by a freaking giraffe. those fuckers are harmless and ur a useless scared faggot scared of everything. yea,
Must go faster
sorry that was me
Vaaman Burr
so the giraffe was depressed?
chilli chidori
okay... thank you for your input mr fomer president bush..
egergarg ergergerae
those poor white folks. they'll have quite a story for the people back at the country club
Hormonal imbalance? Hmmm or...And this may sound crazy. It's a wild animal and you were trespassing in its territory?
Mike Ike
Just wanted to play
James Fabiano
Freaky...moreso because you expect giraffes to be docile animals and would think something went wrong because they are charging.
Out of interest who were the white Sooth Africans in this. The tourists and the narrator are not Saffers
Will Ian
Girafossaouro Rex
wrong neighborhood motherfucker
Get off my property.
"Maybe now is the point to radio for help???" No shit, really?! xD
"hormonal imbalance" my ass. It's called being a wild animal....
Albino Polar Bear
silly giraffe, thinking he's a lion an' shit.
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