Chancellor Angela Merkel's Playbook for President Donald Trump | The New York Times

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Angela Merkel and Donald Trump couldn't be more different. They disagree on immigration, NATO, the European Union and trade. As they meet for the first time as world leaders, here are the factors that may shape their relationship.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel's Playbook for President Donald Trump | The New York Times

Roman Darius
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not take in a single refuge, yet she supports Israel as a Jewish State, but America and Europe must become Non-White? Is this woman a Jew?
Roman Darius
Why is Angela Merkel trying to Eradicate the Christian White Race in Germany? She supports Israel as a Jewish State, but wants to rid Germany of the White Christians? I'm staring to think that she is a Jew.
Roman Darius
Angela Merkel is trying to ERADICATE the White Christian People of Germany! As leftist German Women take to the Railroad Stations, singing passionately...."Say it Loud, Say it Clear, Refugees are Welcomed Here".....jolly good times for liberal women, they feel all warm and fuzzy inside, the Saudi Government is paying all Muslims Families to have 3 children or more. This Jewish Woman is getting rid of the German Race while at the same time getting us into a war with the Arab world.
Andrew Anderson
Buckle up libs 7 more years to go!!!
Andrew Anderson
merkel the turtle
Martin Keiler
This evil woman is a menace to Europe.
Will Ganness
Merkel has single handidly destroyed Europe - just wait a few decades - you are all past the point of no return, your fate has been sealed. Its not too late for the US.
America creating refugees and Germany taking them... simple as that.
lola i will miss you so much with baby boy with you daugther seacliff volker rohr unberge i love you so much for you lola i miss you beacuse i waiting for you come here in the philipines carlomichael levi twins mary angel jeanine
Kari Jäntti
Angela Merkel Euroopan mahtavin nainen.Ja minun mielestä kaunis nainen.
American Capitalist
Anabel Clark
I like the way MERKEL thinks, she believes in kindness, good of the world. MERKEL will become very strong with her great qualities. Trump is obviously going to bury us in USA 6 feet under I personally will always turn my back to Trump any day, and send him right to the toilet, that's were he needs to be first cleaning the urinals, and crap. Trump has the wrong job in representing us the USA the people, he can represent himself he stands alone.
hidden4 time
Islam uber alles
Roman Darius
Angela Merkel's Playbook for Germany: Tell the German People that diversity has failed, when the Germans fall for this and vote her in, bring in another two million non-whites, offer welfare, and tell the Germans that they are fleeing Syria because of the war---even if they are black! We must destroy the Race, Culture, History, Identity and Religion of our People. Germans were fierce fighters in World War 2, and will not go along with the Luciferian New World Communist Order. We must always thank America for getting involved in World War 2, for without the help of Dudley Do Right America, Germany would have won and we would not be having the genocide of the German Race.
Ray Wilding
Merkel is a traitor to Germany. and love migrant and the EU. more then her people. when migrant have destroyed Germany. and your country as you know it. she will vanish. along with her millions. to leave the German people. to pick up the mess. Get this traitor out before it's too late.
Roman Darius
How come the Jewish Controlled New York Times, and Communist Angela Merkel want Israel as a Jewish State---with walls----but want Germany to be multicultural?
Love music
Merkel should be in a mental institution! She is destroying Germany!
Merkel is garbage.
Mark Stinson
may need Trump and the US military when the diversity project Muslims become the majority
I hate to think about what's going to happen to the native population
Bon Chance
Merkel is Universally LOATHED
Kelly Prosnier
Yes. Merkel is a globalist. Please stop making it sound legitimate.
Sharon Kazak
If the Germans re-elect this evil woman, it will be at their peril.
Merkel keeps Germany weak.
She sell out to the highest bidder.
merkel is the cancer for a save Europe. She's telling the muslim scum now that they have to start to take over the small villages so they can rape,molesting etc the women and children there and start to infect Europe from there. The only good muslim is a dead muslim,mtf pedophiles
Clemens Renner
Die USA ist da wo es ist wegen Leuten wie Ihnen Herr Trump, Hass gegen
Schwarze, Muslime und Mexikaner, jeder Depp kann sich eine Waffe kaufen,
die Gefängnisse sind voll, der Haushalt pleite und Sie sind an der
Spitze der Landes, herzlichen Glückwunsch, da wäre ich ja lieber auf der
White Ice Tv
Donald J. Trump
If in Merkels EYES everyone is equal, besides gender race sex sexuall oriantion etc. than why the f***, is Same-Sex Marriage still illegal???? 1:29
I am a german and let me tell you something: Merkel is not as great as you think.
nana kala
PH.D in Physics. Thats HARD major. Bravo
solo sin
Trump didn't even shake her hand. It was embarrassing
Angela Merkel, a name that will go down in history. Trump? Few generations later our children/grandchildren will look back and say: "So you elected this clown to the office?"
Merkel is a wise, steadfast woman. Trump is a dangerous madman.
Cheers from Russia
Roman Darius
Angela Merkel is part of the Morgenthau Plan. FDR and Churchill signed a bill to commit genocide against the German People after the war. (Yeah, America, Keep talking about the Holocaust) The Plan was cancelled after it was found out.. But Angela Merkel is keeping with the genocide plan and bringing in 3rd World People to destroy the White Christians of Europe. (This Italian would LOVE to crucify Angela (traitor) Merkel) In Black Liberia, they have a Black Only immigration policy, and nobody there is going around and pointing to other blacks and calling them racist.
Carolyn Nassl
What she did to Germany was a kick in the ass to ISIS. Trump is a disgrace. As an American living in Germany I have nothing but praise for Angela Merkel and contempt for the orange asshole
Nick Staley
She's an absolute idiot! Hail Trump!
Alcar Sharif
00:07 "They enter the field of politics late, without any prior background." This sentence is totally wrong for Angela Merkel. 1991-1994 Federal Minister for women affairs and youth. 1994-1998 Federal Minister for the environment. 1998-2000 General Secretary of the governing party CDU. 2000 - 2005 opposition leader. Since 2005 chancellor of the federal republic of germany. She is 21 years active in the field of politics NYT! Compared with Trump this sentence is absolutely ridiculous.
Dalmar Trois
I stand up for Angela Merkel's intelligent selection migration she not likeTrump.
I am From Amsterdam and christian but i don't like Trump or Vladimir.
Wolfgang H
My sympathies for those who hold up real US values and not the agenda of that pimp.
Johannes Denzer
He says he has friends in germany and they aren't lucky with Merkel,but i Wonder how It's possible that he has german friends?Only 20 % of the germans in his Age speak english well, and he can't even speak only one single german word
Augustine Raymann
Deutschland Uber Alles.
Darkstalker 212
*Germany is not paying it's fair share into the NATO fund. If Germany wants the USA military to have their back then it is only right & proper that Germany pay their fair share. Do we charge admission for some & let others in FREE....NO.
How Ironically funny it is, this time the Hitler is not the german one.

While Germany is helping refugees, Orange Hitler wants them all to die, as long as hes making money.
Diana Schneider
Play by Merkel's play book and you are so screwed!!!!!!!
Makes me wonder if they propped Trump up just to make other politicians look better and make their flaws invisible
Don't let this video fool you

Merkel is very corrupt and almost ALWAYS works against her own people, not for them. She too is a puppet to lobbyists and globalists who think waging war is a solid way to earn money.
So PLEASE don't forget to be sceptical of BOTH SIDES!
Farhan Anwar
Don't listen to them, they're lying, failing fake news, long live Trump
Markel kaput!!!
Our German/NATO friends, we apologize, bear with us for 3 years and 9 months.
Complete ethnic mixing is the inevitable future of globalisation, just get over it.
Maybe we DO need another war to remind westerners of the real horrors of the world, and that´s not arabs banging white women.
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