Chancellor Angela Merkel's Playbook for President Donald Trump | The New York Times

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Angela Merkel and Donald Trump couldn't be more different. They disagree on immigration, NATO, the European Union and trade. As they meet for the first time as world leaders, here are the factors that may shape their relationship.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel's Playbook for President Donald Trump | The New York Times

How Ironically funny it is, this time the Hitler is not the german one.

While Germany is helping refugees, Orange Hitler wants them all to die, as long as hes making money.
Diana Schneider
Play by Merkel's play book and you are so screwed!!!!!!!
Makes me wonder if they propped Trump up just to make other politicians look better and make their flaws invisible
Don't let this video fool you

Merkel is very corrupt and almost ALWAYS works against her own people, not for them. She too is a puppet to lobbyists and globalists who think waging war is a solid way to earn money.
So PLEASE don't forget to be sceptical of BOTH SIDES!
Farhan Anwar
Don't listen to them, they're lying, failing fake news, long live Trump
Markel kaput!!!
Our German/NATO friends, we apologize, bear with us for 3 years and 9 months.
Complete ethnic mixing is the inevitable future of globalisation, just get over it.
Maybe we DO need another war to remind westerners of the real horrors of the world, and that´s not arabs banging white women.
Nathan Embry
Merkel jails journalist
funny how people on here sound very intelligent and normal, but if and when they reply to you, they use profanity and sound like white trash with their filthy mouths.
Mat Broomfield
I'm not a fan of Merkel, but well done Trump for making her look like a shining paragon in comparison. What a shrivelled little creature he is, and how badly it reflects on those who voted for a man who wears all of his neuroses out in public where they're plain to see.
I don't know why the whole world think she is a saint, but she actually brought about a catastrophe with her refugee policy. She might have done great in the past, but she cannot be forgiven for this huge mistake. She is breaking Europe and most importantly Germany with this. the Brexit was influenced by this. Allying with a turkish dictator doesnt make her glorious at all. Germany has always been a economically strong country even before she became chancellor-believe it or not. Actually, i think it was the strongest during kohl.
Chris Blablabla
40% of Germany earn less that they did in the mid 90s. The gap between rich and poor only got bigger, Merkel is blaming the previous counselor and his party, Gerhard Schröder.

Costs of housing is on a extreme high, less investments were made in the last 20 years. Our pension system is crumbling for years, now you will receive 2/3 of your net salary when you're finally allowed to retire with 68. Here's a small example, 1300,00€, which means you'll get around ~900,00€. All that said it is certain to crumble even more, either way working longer or getting less.

Costs of of basic living are increasing, healthcare does because it can not cope for the new influx of people. Electricity will rise as well because of Merkels decision to change to green energy. Big power companies also lied, while having lower costs and bigger wining margins they demanded to increase the prices.

The Police is understaffed and our military is a joke.

Germanys school system is confusing, unfair and unecessary bloated.

There's just so much going wrong here.
Entidade Wolf
Why would you even start the video comparing them , oh please...
Donald Trump
Germany is just fine. We don't have riots in the streets, so would you please stop abusing our country for news and political propaganda?!? America has more problems than Germany.
Angela Merkel has no political background?
She has been a member of the German Bundestag since 1990!!!
Do your job properly New York times.
Adolf Hitler
William Clark
Merkel looks like John Houseman in drag.
She's playing chess....he's playing uno.
Merkel had previous political background before becoming chancellor. Sad you didn't even read her Wikipedia page before claiming she had not.
Roman Darius
Angela Merkel is "very proud" of the people of Liberia for their Black Only immigration policy. She says that it warms her heart that blacks are keeping their culture, hehehe
Blue Kikino
All she needs is to read the Playbook by Barney Stinson.
Maybe she can redefine the understanding of our Babo Trump
As a German i'm worried about the political situation in Amercia... In the 1930 you were worried about us and helped us after the war. Now the exact opposite is happening. Germany seems to be the leader of the free democratic world. How time is changing.. Let's hope America will survive the period of Trumps election..
Tess Cavacuiti
America's deficit last year was so great they were close to bankruptcy; had to be bailed out by China and other countries. Hmmm, not so great eh!
A good and factual video, that approaches both sides, well done!
Elisabeth Bethge
Merkel had a very long background, she slowly entered the field of politics as TNT you should do a better research.
HeX on broom
Merkel is in Europe an example ..she is alas one of the few left who are working without being led by motives that only benefit the ego of the leader and heel licking followers. we are proud of her as a neighboring power
MC Mark Markson
Germany is cool, but if you smoke weed you are treated like trash just like in america before it changed. Just with better prisons. Respect for human life eh, if you smoke a join the you will see what respect there is. Scumbags. Of course even while hating Merkel, compared to Trump everyone looks nice.
Truth B Told
Buy European weapons, not America. if we need to increase military spending we should make sure we don't give the money to the orange monkey in the white house.
Merkel is just bad. I never understood where all her supporters came from.
News 24/7 Chanel
Chancellor Angela Merkel's Playbook for President Donald Trump.
Some pigeons were having breakfast on my balcony. Whenever Trump started speaking they were scared off by the sudden increase in volume.
Actually Germany hasn't fallen short on the 2% promise as it was an agreement to be fullfilled until 2020, which, believe it or not, hasn't come yet, so i wonder how it is possible to have fallen short of it.
infidel pride USA!
3:28 Don’t take unbelievers as friends and allies, unless it is for “fear of them,” i.e. deceptively for protection of oneself or of Islam
Wim V
the leader of the free world had to waste her time visiting this orange ape...he's an insult to all of us..:(
She speaks of obligation and doing right by others even if they are out to kill you
but had to be pushed into finally fulfilling her fiduciary obligation to NATO.
She has a commitment to protecting the safety and security of the German people but
has put that is second place to the welfare of people who could potentially do them harm.
She goes on to remind Trump of his responsibilities as a world leader to abide by the Geneva convention permitting the same potential harm to occur in America as it has in Germany, France and Britain in the name of humanity.
Carlos S
Angela Merkel for President of the United States of America
Roland Vetter
I guess hosting tens of thousands of troops and the bases, flying drones out of Germany is free. Maybe it is time for Continental Europe to have it's own pact and we can stop making refugees for Europe to house. Trade? Aside from weapons we no longer make much, we import cheap plastic junk from China, what part of the world do we have a trade balance with, maybe the Caymans where all the corporate loot is stashed.
The Nazi Times- Fake bastards!
Urs Schaffer
when trump opens his mouth he lies!!
Jahar Rolling Stone
Angela Merkel is a prick and I nominate her for the next ISIS beheading. She is by every definition, a useless woman. She's barren and can't reproduce. Thus explain her needs to wanted and love by migrants. Except that she's too shetupid to see that these muslims aren't interested in her or German culture.
Abaas Mohamud
what is it trump want to see the german war machine
Oscar Fonseca
Merkel isn't a perfect politician and needs to bring together a country almost as diverse as the United States. She has, however, experience and is able to lead. She has been Bundeskanzlerin for over 10 years, so it's also understandable that Germany wants change.

No easy answers.
Mikes Free
Sadly many Americans live in a fantasy world. They can't believe they live in a country that is so unjust so unfair and very autocratic. So Trump represents a fantasy. A very dangerous fantasy. Reality will be brutal for America and that reality will drop on the USA like a nuclear bomb. So sad.
Random Random
back mario
Daniel Allen
our us vs. them President...99% are them
tuan side
trump keep provoke german and try to get ally with rusia..heh german n nato will burn US to ashes if WW3 happen like they did in WW2..this trump really bring disaster to US
jcee 123
calculated hahahahaha, how much calculation went into allow the people you've been bombing for the last decade to immigrate en masses to your country?.
Terx Pahseyton
You translated "respect for law and human dignity" with "respect for human rights" I wonder why, since it is not the same thing.
SucDa D
new York times is fake news and cancer
SucDa D
this channel is fake news!
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