Dude Perfect Hockey Skills Challenge | FACE OFF

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Dude Perfect FACE OFF...HOCKEY SKILLS EDITION! Watch the Dudes battle it out on their skating rink in a shootout, with trick shots and go head to head with a goalie! 

COMMENT with what you want to see Dude Perfect do NEXT!

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Rachel Grimley
He is the panda
Jerry Crook
Go Tim
Aalisha Byles
Has there ever been a game without Tyler?😆
william oconnell
Tyler is the best dude perfect member ever
Tristen Lovely
4:20 team edge's intro music< lol
danger Cloud
this is an awesome matchup a real life trickshotter vs a hockey pro that has been playing for about 17 years
Gavin Metli
Why is ty in every face off. I don't think his name is on every ball in the videos
Christopher Li
I like how he said, "no fighting yet"
as if they would save the fighting for later
Aidan C.23
Does anyone else notice that Ty wins everything but when a cameraman or editor is involved... he seems to always lose.
Alejandro Anaya
Coby or Garrett are my fave
Jayden Winter
Tyler lost to both editors lol Tim and that one guy with short hair I think it was a pool face off
Nick Fuller/the fam nation
Im jelly lol those hockey sticks are like top of the line hockey sticks lol I have the older model of Ty's the 2015 Bauer 1x
Carie Sanow
I hait ty
Relate Neon
I play ice hockey
The Asaisinator
I just came back from Jamaica
NHL Matt the official channel
I am a player
Candie Saldana
Tyler is savage
Haryy Gemmell
Y does ty always get some type of role
Evan Gilbert
Jim Shorts!!!!!!!
Keelie Procise
well tyler
Keelie Procise
I like coby and billy
Kehau Murao
Do bowling face off
{MattItBruh }
4:21 did I hear the pals intro?
Bill Vanek
is Tim the panda
Sam Carlson
cory is sucks and is badest
Logic Fan
Only if his name was gym shorts
Christopher Powell
At the 6:36 point Jim steps and trips on the puck
Braison Borgonha
Tim is actually a professional hockey player
We all know they let ty win 2nd round for the 10 min mark
Jet Newick
all of your videos are fake
Evan Gora
I think the goalie was the person that plays panda
Davion Meas
Lmao at 2:17
Scooter Kid
Jim and timmmmmmmmmmm
Rohan Gisiawan
7:47 That face in the background of Tim
Rohan Gisiawan
Where is Tim from in Michigan?
Jonah Lowe
He's wearing a Dallas stars hat
I'm a Pens fan
Vincent Hill
Is the goalie the panda!!!?!?!
Colton McNeil
Luke Morin
Cory is the best announcer
Heidi Cutts
9:44 When was the other face off with the editor?
Ty wins too much. I'm happy Tim won
Golden Savages4
They made the top bar challenge look like nothing
Miles Cohan
Tim could be the biggest try hard of all time.
Andy Dang
Nice Apple Watch Cory 😎 3:20
Nicholas Kurz
That was the 2nd time ty got beat by an editor
Esther suther
Jim and Tim
Jim and Tim Friends forever❤️
Colin Chan
I play ice hockey
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