Dude Perfect Hockey Skills Challenge | FACE OFF

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Dude Perfect FACE OFF...HOCKEY SKILLS EDITION! Watch the Dudes battle it out on their skating rink in a shootout, with trick shots and go head to head with a goalie! 

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Karen Worrell
why cant Tyler be an editor and Tim on dude perfect .
slam fekre
You're so funny guys wonderful
Naruto Uzumaki
I hate Jim shorts
Lol, I thought Tim and Ty were actually going to fight...
Owen Chambers
I liked Tim til he said he was from Michigan.
Niko Cattarin
Love Jim shorts
Annika Hennig
Any German people here?
'Jim' says eins, zwei, drei 😍
Aathi Muthu
For sure Tim is panda
lol tyler was wearing roller skates and so was jim
Bobby Hernandez
I play hockey myself I play for the sabers
Eshal hello
Eshal hello
Is yamaica Swiss because the countdown for the shooting was in Swiss not “yamaican”. I get that it’s from Cool Runnings but Jim Shorts was never in Cool Runnings.
Denominator 10
“I call this the quick draw”😂😂😂😂😂 it’s called a snap shot
Denominator 10
Michigan is da best
Mr KRO's Hockey
Do more hockey 🏒 videos
StarBucks Girl
Jim there is atuly alot of fighting in ice hokey
Jim is the best announcer ever
ball hockey man
Pancake is prety easy and im 11
Jeanne Holly
it did not go in ty wins
David Hes
tim is a wizard
Stephanie Bates
Jim has a weird voice
Christina Griego
Dopey zKyle
No way Tim coincidently got drawn to do the sport he plays
Its Apop!
7:35 Ty can't slap shot the puck flickers😂
Popcorn Gamer
Me too
Floydy Fox
You guys make the best videos on earth
Teagan Ditmore
It's understandable Tyler only had 2 years Tim had 17
Teagan Ditmore
The editor beat Tyler in hockey 😂
Teagan Ditmore
Angel Yau
Tim should be in front of camera
max vaughan
Love that stars cap
Melissa Y
who was the goalie for the shootout tim was super super good keep up the good work
Julius Colbing
From 7:15 to 8:00 you can just hear ty yeahhhhhhh!!!!!
Keir Silver
go jim shorts
Mason MacKenzie
Net was purple hoser
Zander Boughazale
i like your video
Saleh Algozy
How to do they miss when they do battles and when they do trickshot videos the make it not to be rude I'm a big fan but I'm just wondering.like and comment
bbbear123 Gaming and Stuff
Who was in goal cuz none of them or the editors have tattoos was it panda?
jeremy goldt
Jim shorts is so funny
Zombie Gaming
Why Is It Starting To Just Be Tyler Against The Camera Man
Jake mellor pro
Tim and Jim Tim and Jim Tim and Jim
Cavan Banks
Einz zwei drie SHOOT THE PUCK
The Shaniac
I want more tim
David Howe
Anyone else notice that he did the countdowns in German?
Lena De Vos
Request Arab orange enforcement couple surprisingly principle pretend lesson box.
Andrew Cicconi
i have to listen to these on mute. Tyler is the most annoying person ever.
vania De armas
I hate Tim and Jim stupid I hate you
Krish Patel
wait. ty's from plano texas? MY HOMIEEEEEE!!
Jazlynn Sweet
Ive been playing hockey for 5 years
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