Rups k
super movie hai.. shridevi role supb....
Mukesh G
Sameer Kulkarni
why Pakistani talent here? when we Indians are not even allowed to step on their land leave alone stay and when so many hindus have been driven out or killed, why this tolerance by our country towards them? Enough is Enough!!!!i really wanted to watch the movie cos it has my favourite actor Navaz and an actor i like Akshay khanna but...not watching now..
Kamran S.Khan
Akshay Khanna is one of my favourite actor
today i watched this superb movie seridevi g she is amazing and life of this movie nawaz akshay khanna and all r very good a r rehman's music specially backgound score is so good
Isha Rahman
very nice flim
shahroz shah
my fvt sridevi and sajal ali mein ne ye movie sirf sajal or seridevi ki waja se hi dekhi h.
Arooj Sheikh
Sajal we all love u ❤️ your acting is best 👍🏻
Arma Mehreen
In this movie...
What is Mohit's real name????
gentle man
I watched MOM today. awesome movie. thriller till end and spine chilling background music at rite time in movie. All actors did full justice. Abhimanyu singh, Nawaazudin, Akshay khanna and on top.. Sri devi.must watch
Muhammad Tamana
We are waiting for translation into Russian. Oh really want to see))
Vishal Tiwari
Vishal Tiwari
Premnath Bangar
killing Voice... Love you Rahman....
f paki
horrible devi
wabag dambulla
I came for Akshay Khanna.. He is Brilliant
Shazia Nazir
it is nice to see talented sajal and Adnan in the movie.
Ramesh Brahmadathan
Just hope that it's not inspired by the Korean one..heck that was a classic drama.
Ajay Pratap Singh
can't believe it Pakistan has such beautiful , cute & talented girl....
Well seems like natural Beauty and talent has no boundaries...
abhi pandey
Akshay Khanna is my Favourite One nice to See & I hope Ye movie Superhit ho....
Najam Mallick
I always liked sridevi's old movies but when she came in English vinglish , I was like oh my god she is a STAR , desperately waiting to watch this movie with my mom 😊
radolf p
mysterious trailer didn't gave a single hint of the plot.. good to see talented actor akshayee khanna..
Soumya Ranjan Nayak
Nazia Khurram
Lovely sajal Ali
Fazy faizan
wow good 2 see back sridevi in movie in pak actres the fill is great waiting
Jyoti Yadav
kash ye Mumbai terrorist attack me bony kapoor mar gya hota ise Pakistani hi milte he film banane ke liye apne TV serial ki ldkiyo ko chance nhi de skta
Flambuoyant Gulli
feel nice to see akshay khanna
Ayesha Raja
Adnan siddiqui!! yay
Priya Shaikh
looks interesting
prasad bhat
Teaser is way better than the trailer
Srinivasan M S
Sridevi acting is worth watching
shravani krishna
Mrs.Sridevi kapoor are u so desperate for a hit?
Suresh Mallela
'Water' movie 'naina' song music stolen.....Wow that BG from 0:45 is stolen
Pablo Jose
Came here just to see Sajal Ali and Adnan Siddiqui ,love you Pakistani actors ,respect from BRAZIL.
Baligha IB
sajjal is actually looking like Siri Devi daughter and so talent in this movie, can't wait 😍
munmun saha
Dear Mr. Kapoor, Indian actor actress ap ko nehi mila? Pakistan se pakar ke lana pada.. so sad..
Very fine actors make this movie worth a watch!!
sneha gurung
Rahul Joshi
nice femail legendary of Hindi cinema
Kamlesh Kumar
Sajal Ali..hope you sign up more Bollywood movies..liked all yur TV shows..
jayanth krishna
BGM from 0.33 is awesome
Kiran Sidhu
is this something like mama?
Shut Up
I love Pakistani actors adnan Sidiqi and miss Ali...!
rohan sarkar
Wow what a background music
I thought she would say "neeche comment box mein bataiye" after she said galat aur bohot galat mein se kya chunenge?
Nayan Talu
These average actors from pakistan are getting work here contary to that large number of our talented actors from different places of india are trying their luck to get roles


sajal ali & adnan siddiqui are just average drama actors ftom pakistan they dont deserve to work in bollywood
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