DISGUSTING! Deleted Video Exposes HUGE Problem In DO5 YouTube Scandal

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It’s time to clear some things up and respond to the accusations being thrown around…
(Update: DO5 Mike Martin messaged me after post to say that the video where the young boy slaps the girl, was removed by Youtube, not deleted)
Oh no… Not again… https://youtu.be/JYDewAmjl6E
TheDeFrancoFam Vlog: https://youtu.be/4qHra63n9pk
YouTube Abuse Scandal Apology And Why It Fails To Fix Anything: https://youtu.be/mrilDQugeME
WOW… We Need to Talk About This... : https://youtu.be/fvoLmsXKkYM
DaddyoFive Abuse Scandal:

My Original Coverage: https://www.facebook.com/DeFrancoNation/videos/10155301229874407/




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Philip DeFranco
...Im so done with this. bleh bleh bleh.
Yaz Min
disgusting fucking parents
Might I Share
Yea, you're KIDS who you have a better chance of getting loyalty from, and/or make deals to go to Chuck E. Cheese's if they say this in a video for you.....

EDIT Ok, you go to counseling BUT what happens outside the counseling sessions, and what do they keep from the authorities/whoever, AND ...explanations about your videos edited to look worse than they are...sister smacked in face,hand hit face....edited..smack..sound..in......?

"I go to church"/"I need to ask work if I can be off work Sundays to go to church"/"God is here for me and I thank God deerrrrr-bluhh-durrrrr I'm a God person"/"Lord knows the kids are crazy..LORD knows what's in 'em...after we scream bloody murder at them over stuff WE KNOW they didn't do...have them play a game where they smack each other and make each other CRY if they mess up..FILM it..POST IT ON THE WEB...LORD KNOWS that we're FUNCTIONAL"-ha with all that "DERR counselor" and "DEEERRRRRRRR LORD" shit now they won't suspect that I'm an abusive piece of shit..

Now, see, I would love it to be that I am taking this in incorrectly, but just WATCH HOW YOU TREAT YOUR KIDS people! Watch how YOU ALLOW THEM TO TREAT EACH OTHER TOO! And you're going to try giving them the reputation on the internet that they are CRAZY to maintain your facade that you're a happy, functional-enough family as you do the kind of shit you do?! God! Do you WANT everyone in the world to hate you, INCLUDING them when they grow up, turn on you, and never see or help you in your times of need once they're out on their own? Ugh God! That "smack" that I can feel on my face through my headphones..poor little girl <:(

just from 7:35-8:00... I'm sorry, the way this is all coming off.. You people are are such fucking LIARS, and you have children with you whom in a snap you can use against anything unfavorable happening in response to your horseshit. Fuck you you crooked piece of shit fakers. I'm not gonna give you death threats or any shit like that because of all this nor do I want to encourage it as it's not worth that, but don't ever, say, ask me for a favor if you ever see me in public.

I hope you really DO change your ways in the future! That is if you haven't already as this video is fairly old now.
Lovely Lumi
5:59 Exactly this right here
Maddie Stanton
The fact that this has so many dislikes as well as more dislikes than likes is fucking bs
Ckissol Ckissol
I feel like dying .This frikin breaks my heart. ( ●-●)~WELP TIME TO STOP HAVING TRUST
| |
Brandon Zubiate
He pronounces "over" "ERR-ver". If that isn't inbred vocabulary, I don't know what it.
WhyYou SoTroll
i just realized this was a dank meme
fred fuchs
Well.. Nobody would have heard about it if it wasn't for you.
Big Head face
Great video
Jessie Cooley
This really hurts me because I know how hard it is being the youngest sibling in the family (although I don't have a family as big as there but I do have a lot of step-siblings) I know about being blamed for every little thing as well for the big things. I can see how these young, small children are in mental pain as well as a little bit of physical pain to that they are not happy they need to be with a person who treats them with respect and loves and cares for them instead of these awful abusive parents that don't have a clue in their head that these children are hurting soooo much. This kind of thing can be lead to suicide and especially bullying from their own family, parents, who r supposed to care for them and protect them from bullying but instead is bullying their child themselves, this kind of crap can make someone want to end it all!! We need to come together to help these children and protect them from their family I say if we work hard we can do this and finally, truly expose these parents and protect, love and care for those who need protection, loving and caring!!!!
I don't get the Simone Biles part...
Idont wanttoshare
the mental gymnastics LOL
Idont wanttoshare
"my kids love the youtube channel." It's you who loves it you asshole lol
JoseCruz Tellez
Has anyone ever thought that it's just what happens in real families. I fight with my brother all the time, fist fight fights. Like this is normal shit that all those " goodie goodie families " would never know. Look I understand what everyone thinks yes I see, but that just show what actually goes on In a family with mainly BOYS. Guys some people here on YouTube want to make money, so what they do is say and sometimes exaggerate bad things. I understand what I'm saying is going to get so much hate but think about it, families fight, kids are rowdy with each other, it's human nature and also when one gets swept up by YouTube fame they start changing and want to appeal to everyone. Guys no offense but yes I see " it's his job " to throw dirt on people but c'mon y break up a fight more than it already is. Guys think of all the possibilities.
Phantom Popcorn
"Cody is going to grow up to be an actor" huh? NO! Cody is going to grow up to be either a FUCKING CHILD MOLESTER or A FUCKING PARTY CLOWN THAT IS AN ALCOHOLIC. WHY? BECAUSE OF HIS FUCKING PARENTS MOLESTING HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Esther Chilcutt
I somehow missed this video -
I was following you on this and did not see this.

Dad in this is Nuts --->
But the mom takes the cake.
Er ner the toilet erberflered
Edward Perez
It's painfully obvious that this family was singling out the "redhead" kids from his previous relationship. I bet they're glad to see the other kids go.. Sick freaks.
Clifton Vincent
There both full of shit
Julius Tapert
every time it shows him throwing that little dude, I have to look the fuck away. This shit made me fucking cry
Ms.Wendy Thomas
See mcjuggernuggets is an actor, he made content that was looked at as real.
Zaki Anthony
Kill them
Aishoo 1234
I had a mother like them. Always being punished for no reason and being accused of things I didn't do. Thank god I left.
when Cody started crying after being thrown onto the ground, it broke my heart. I hope he gets help
what about the video where emma said she wanted to kill herself and her dad said, "don't make me turn off this camera"
Mskdb 98
200-250 lbs man pushes his 60lbs child brutally into a shelf
DO5: Oh but its Comedy
Snow Vanity
These parents are just covering their tracks! >:( Get them in prison! So sick of their excuses! They should never ever have kids! Their attitudes suck and they are bullies! Bunch of liars and disgusting monsters in the shape of humans! People like them need to be put in prison and let the inmates take good care of them!
Rayesha Nabila
oh, sweet america
Toxic Strawberry
I hope they go to jail. They are child abusers and all the thousands of people who think it's okay are stupid. They destroyed Cody and Emma's mental health.

How can they think is fucking okay to say "ohh don't delete the channel those other people are oversensitive prudes, you are the best" after all this?
Suga Buga
They sound like completely ignorant people who should have never had the right to be parents! F#cking idiots!
Melanie Grace
11:30 you see that? thats family.
Collywobbler Soufflé
Taking a look at 5:11, you can see his hand follow Cody’s path, and it doesn’t extend out toward the window or anything close to away from him, he bends his arm to follow Cody down to the bookcase. Legit shove.
Stacy Cruz
FamilyOFive channel is getting SO much love from fans! They need to be spammed with hate, because otherwise they're going to think it's okay to treat their kids like shit as long as they get support.
Bee Artistic
how come only cody the other young kid and girl gets picked on :/ seems odd to me. However I never watched all their videos, the comment that makes me feel like its worse then they say it is, is they say "at least you don't beat us". I wonder how many bones cody has broken...
Billie oddé
That man is a fucking monster and the woman who allowed it to happen and participated should burn in hell with him. I hope someone shows them the exact same misery they inflicted upon those poor kids.
Tasnuva Ashraf
I'm so sad for cody omfg you'll ne okay little kid life gets so much better trust me I've been in your place
Tasnuva Ashraf
This makes my ptsd trigger :"(
Teodora Tutina
Dad:You don't hit girls... but she's your sister so she don't count
Successful Attempt At Swift
2:41: Cody is gonna grow up to become an actor

No, Cody is grow up and become a school shooter
Can someone explain to me, who is bipolar according to phillip?
Emilee-Jane Richardson
Both parents need jail time.. poor kids makes me so sad that they were treated this way makes me want to cry..
Emilee-Jane Richardson
Step mom is the biggest c@#t
There is no way that the slap was facked. Even if the slap itself could be facked, the reaction of the girl is impossible to be facked. The same thing with the throw of the youngest boy, his cry afterwards is so real, no hollywood movie would even attempt to make it that real.
I'm honestly feeling sick right now, and I'm not a sensitive person. I never cry unless I'm by myself, so I've never shed tears for any movie or even documentaries. I've seen incredibly fucked up stuff and have never vomited post infanthood. However, these clips make me feel as though I'm on the verge of a panic attack. There's something deeply and inherently unsettling about child abuse, that I just feel gross. I hope they get to experience an actual happy childhood.
Spiffy otaku stuck in room don't send help I'm fine
When the mom is yelling at Cody in the clip she's yelling Very Loud. She's close to him and LOUD. Cody is Legitimately CRYING because he did nothing wrong, she knew that he did nothing wrong and still yelled at him LOUDLY and CLOSELY. That is child abuse. CHILD ABUSE. This whole thing was and is insane.
Ian Gregg
I wanna kick the oldest kids ass
You want to understand these people? Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Look it up. These kids (ESPECIALLY Cody & his full-biological sister) are going to have SERIOUS issues later in life. 😥😥😥

ALSO, typical NPD tactic: pretend-cry even though you cannot produce real tears....smmfh........
Zombei Kid
The dad looks to the left, down, and blinks a lot. Those are pretty key signs of lying.
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