Philip DeFranco
...Im so done with this. bleh bleh bleh.
Spoter Man
I think one kid has PTSD.................
fuck those parents they don't have any parenting skills or pity for anyone but themselves. and after the countless years of tormenting there kids fr views the only thing that they say is sorry and it's just a prank. they are going to hell.
Alex Martin
why is there 7000 dislikes?
Alexander Fish
Such a legend to defend kids like this when distress is represented like this, legend
It's Niyahh Teal
If your done with this then why the fuck do u keep talking about them. You should've just let them do their videos how they wanted too becaus you put their life in danger
we are desperately trying to come up with an excuse by claiming our ever so slightly abusive but not cleverly edited clips were only for your entertainment
Anti Alien's 2nd Account
io! I knew this before this video came out lol nothing new to me
John Barrientos
he uses his hand to talk
Kali Octopus
lmao that's crazy they said theyre taking responsibility for their actions but then continue to pass the blame to someone else
Scify Exists
Like let them figure it out in their own, I'm not on anyones side but get out of their business let them handle it youre just making it worst on them
Scify Exists
You're making it more deeper than it is, what the children did to each other he tried to stop them, and you're taking it to far just leave them alone, shit.
Chaython Meredith
This is every poor family, at least they were monetizing it
Amanda Henderson
This is the worst kind of abuse! Those poor children are being traumatised by their narcissistic parents on a daily basis and getting rewarded for it! Beyond disgusting! Cody is the scapegoat " he exaggerates ", "is an actor", "not normal", "crazy" are all typical narcissistic projections.
Joshua Blachier
Um, this whole mess is starting to make some more sense to me. I'm noticing at 4:45 the father seems to be irritated during the wife's little talk. Look at his face, it's like he's tired and drained over the issue being raised. It's a face that I've seen all too often with fathers who have been pushed to the breaking point and have just given in. Looking back through some of these psychopaths' videos, I'm noticing a trend of abuse that seems to be primarily directed towards the two children from a prior relationship of the father's.

What is the possibility that the stepmother is the source of the problems?

That she's "convinced" the father of Cody and his sister's "problems" by constantly pushing it onto him, and that he's internalizing that hate? It would explain his facial expression, and the seeming disconnect between the father and mother's versions of events. I've seen a similar case like this that I know of personally, where the stepmother convinced the biological father into neglecting his biological children while focusing on their children and her other children from another relationship.
Sour Cloudss
It hurts me man....I watched these guys at the start Bruh. I was wanting to watch them and found all this bs. I still have all the message history between us (me and do5) I love them😭
Isaac A.
you go de franco
Selena Johnson
Oh my lord. That guy sounds so much like my abusive step douche. God I've had too many similar experiences. This is fucked up. And I'm crying now...
Selena Johnson
Philip is an amazing person πŸ’•
Selena Johnson
Not the thing about them doing it for the views, but almost everything else.
Selena Johnson
This makes me so sick. I know from experience how it feels to be in that situation. Those poor kids πŸ’”
I laughed loudly when he slammed him
Kieron Van-Beck
Yano what... I spend a month or so staying with a friend. His two kids used to always sit on their iPads watching these random as fuck "kid friendly YouTube videos" and I always thought they was weird.... I specifically remember one where there was a man dressed as a gorilla who was what seemed like masturbating behind a rock and then white fluid started spraying everywhere and I was just like what in the fuck is this shit these kids are watching..... but now a lot of this shit starts to make a lot of sense ... always thought these type of channels were fuckin weird as shit... they all need locking up. Fuck
Next Tycoon
Daddyofive is so full of shit lol
The Gamer Xp
your're an idiot he just said it was fake put this dude philip defranco on the cringiest youtubers ever]
Jen P. Mitts
Cody is going to be scarred for life. If he doesn't get into therapy, he might wind up becoming a violent teenager and adult. I hope he doesn't hurt someone. And these parents, the language they use when they scream at their kids, that may actually be MORE harmful. But these parents are immature, mean bullies. They are non-intellectuals who only want to exploit their kids for money. "I HAVE to blog my life," Mike screamed at Cody. No, Mike, you HAVE to be a good parent to these children, which you seem totally incapable of. WHITE TRASH.
Beautiful Music 4 All
These are horrible parents. Anyone can see that.
Awaiting on a content cop for DaddyOfive.
White trash with video cameras
Spectra Anenonymous
When I think about it... this family is a complete opposite of the Eh Bee Family
Brandon Cavezza
their a good family, stop getting into other people buisness
Mini Rex Rabbitry Yaboi
Lol so now he's daddyothree
Speedy Gonzales
This is actually what we need, you-tubers cleaning youtube. Good Job Bro!
Russell Martin
The fake thing is so bull because David Dobrik has fake videos but he gets hella views.
millitary 95 / rybear 1977
if i was DEATH, i would kill DADDY0FIVE
Landan Custer
Fuck you all
Skinny Peniss
That slap was disgusting, I was about to be sick
I don't normally like your shows, I find you annoying, but I do appreciate you sticking your head out for these children.
RI300 the best
u a bitch ass nigga daad o 5 ain't do shit so shut up bitch ass up
david tasker
What a freaking freakish family. God help those poor kids, these parents are certinly examples of what a parent should not be.
cool minijeff
omagah that the worst family of the world
these are,parents that had too much fun bullying other kids when they were young and never wanted to stop because they were never caught and so they figured that if they bully kids at adult age thats illegal so they figured we'll do it to our kids they are ours nobody else decides for them we have the right to do this and now they realise there mistake and they are trying to dodge the consequences
dave porter
omg its clay from 13 reasons whyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
James Werling
Because of these videos you got a new sub. I will be watching your videos so that you can get my ad revenue. You sir, are a god send to these children. Thank you for your amazing work.
Agust D Trash
I can see why people love you
Marcy Stott
he says "over" really weird and "only"....what a weirdo
Marvin The Martian
Jedi mind tricks
"are you are OK."-" we are OK "
alexander tristan
love how no one gives a fuck about Ryan XD
Ethan Fowler
I can see how they only abuse the children of Mikes ex-wife. The 2 step brothers are unbelievably abusive. Makes me so sick. I hope these fuckers get what they deserve.
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