DISGUSTING! Deleted Video Exposes HUGE Problem In DO5 YouTube Scandal

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It’s time to clear some things up and respond to the accusations being thrown around…
(Update: DO5 Mike Martin messaged me after post to say that the video where the young boy slaps the girl, was removed by Youtube, not deleted)
Oh no… Not again… https://youtu.be/JYDewAmjl6E
TheDeFrancoFam Vlog: https://youtu.be/4qHra63n9pk
YouTube Abuse Scandal Apology And Why It Fails To Fix Anything: https://youtu.be/mrilDQugeME
WOW… We Need to Talk About This... : https://youtu.be/fvoLmsXKkYM
DaddyoFive Abuse Scandal:

My Original Coverage: https://www.facebook.com/DeFrancoNation/videos/10155301229874407/




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Philip DeFranco
...Im so done with this. bleh bleh bleh.
Luuk Suijs
The way the dad talks is the way I tell a lie. Clearly he is not telling the truth and is saying that so people give them attention. Fuck them.
Alex Tulloch
Good job for exposing these criminals
I have only seen one video of DO5 and that was because their family visited a YouTuber that I watch from time to time and he linked them in the description. The 1 video I watched of DO5 one of their sons had stolen wrestling action figures from the guy. Even if the video was fake what he said and actions did not seem at all fake. He was mad and rightly so but when he drew back his arm and made a fist and kind of flinched it at the boy and he said I should hit you was a real red flag to me. I saw a lot of my abusive father when I watched that and I am pretty certain he would have actually hit him if he had not been on camera at the time. I had been wondering about that every since I watched it and then I ran into this. His apologies all seem fake as well and almost like he took a page out of my dad's playbook. My dad would always act all nice and sweet around other people and stuff but when alone it was a whole different story. If there is real abuse going on I hope CPS does investigate and remove the children.
Scott McAllister
What have you done Phillip! all his fault guys aha
Random guy On YouTube
That fucking prick
I swear if someone slapped a kid like that in front of me they're dead
Fluffy Rainbow
Omg I hate this topic can we talk about unicorns or something like if u agree
Beaujangles McJiggle
We all see it. Straight up psycho. Imagine what's happening off camera, those kids need help. Now.
Thanks for exposing these people.
Tyler Jayy
Hmm maybe now you'll understand how Cody feels you sick fucks. Thank god for Phil, his channel and everything he does! Maybe you should watch phils family channel to see what lovely amazing parents look like.
Joel Mantanona
Daddy of five is way better then that
Pia Stark Eriksson
As a person who grew up with a very emotinally abusive mother i can certainly say that if I was in Cody's position, sat around a table surrounded by siblings and parents willings to abusive me with a camera pointed to my face, I would say I wasn't being abused. I would of course say that everything is fine in order to save myself from even more abuse. Not to mention, how do we know that the video was the first cut? Maybe Cody or one of the other kids said something else the first time, so they refilmed it? Jesus christ just the clips shown in this video makes me want to cry because of how scared this kid looks. Disgusting, im so happy Defranco covered this and used his fame to call attention to an important issue.
Gee Phil, are you sure those were ALLEGATIONS?!
Giuseppe Cunto
these parents should be locked up!!
sorry doesn't cut it!!
the parents haven't got anything better to do
but abuse these poor children!!
its disgraceful that these people get away with abusing children. Go and get a real job!!
Diana Scott
You've gained a sub.. I like your classy take on the terrible DO5.... You're a better person then I am.. I would lose my temper talking about these people!!!! Keep up the good work!!
Sophie Harris
damn I've never had my toilet ERR-VERRFLOW sounds bad 😂
doh, Steve Stephens should have said the murder video was fake, would have saved a lot of trouble. what a cunt
Paul J. Morton
"I'm sorry if..."

If. Fuck if in apologies. Say "I'm sorry that..."
Who Reactions
You can tel that the 'father' was shaking his head behind the camera when he asked the kids if they're being abused
Adam 13
Is jake Cody step brother
MyNeckMyBack LickMyPussPussAnMyCrack
😒They're BOTH horrible FAKES !
Them kids should be REMOVED ASAP !!😡😡😡😡
Bird Gurl
Uuuummm...I have seen MANY videos where other youtubers are showing clips from these videos. They do not hold back the anger. Philip DeFranco, you were very diplomatic and just called it as you saw it. To have so many people get angry at them, and for them to react by turning it around on you...um no. Honestly, some people shouldn't have chickens, never mind children. The level of immaturity on their part is astounding, really.
FaZe dodat
ok but are thay your family no so stop making videos on thim is this 17 everyone​ in other people's business thay do what thay do for views and you make a big dill out of videos I get what your coming from but it's not your business
Give a family of rednecks a YouTube channel of course your gonna see stupid shit.... why are people surprised?
Eva Lore
For every thing you see, something much more serious and fucked up is happening in secret. There is definitely more going on in that house than "just" verbal, emotional, and this type of physical abuse.
Cody's going to grow up to be a abuser.
His step brother throwing Cody to the floor could've seriously injured the poor kid. THAT IS CHILD ABUSE NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES
Atomic Bro
What 6000 child abusers liked this.
Jason Caulkin
Hey, fuckwit, if you didn't mean to push your smallest child then why didn't you comfort him afterwards, you are a fucking bully and your children will now grow up to be bullies and that it is okay to hit people.
colin schabel
The "daddy" and "mommy" neither have red hair
Nikolaj Jensen
Listen boys fight so i dont know whats so bad about his brother slamming him i have been slammed by my brothers a million times when we were kids
Just wanna say THANK YOU for having a hand in ending this child abuse for money
colin schabel
Daddy loves the money
Jonathan Wood
I thought that woman was his MOTHER
colin schabel
Mommy is not on meth. You can tell because she is so fat
2:39 "Cody is going to grow up to be an actor . . . "
No, you stupid fat cunt, Cody is going to grow up to be a serial killer, and his asshole dad and fat-ass step mother will be his first "victims". I put the word victims in quotes because they will totally deserve it. He seems like a smart, sensitive kid, and he's being made into a monster.
Their channel needs deleting and the authorities need to get involved. Assholes.
colin schabel
Daddys on meth
dave shoe
I hope people don't attack them. I don't mind if the parent get what they serve but running the car off the road with the kids and I have a serious problem with.
I Will Beat You Like A Cherokee Drum
Hey this is generally going to be a long comment regarding all those people who are say stuff like "Disgusting" "Not Okay" "They don't deserve them" etc. It's very difficult to grasp the concept of abuse unless sadly, you've experienced it first hand. My heart goes out to the commenters who actually were or are still be abused in some form. But hopefully those that have been abused can understand where I'm coming from when I say that it's very confusing and painful for all those involved, victim and abuser. People commenting stuff like "Evil father who is a bad guy" or whatever have no idea. (Prepare for deepshit now) Speaking from experience abuse is more shock and confusion than immediate pain. Feeling the blow is nothing compared to the breach of trust that is being hurt by the one person you think is protecting you. It crushes you inside, and truly makes you feel worthless. But also understand the pain the other is going through. I severely doubt that the father is either unaware of his abuse or just chooses to ignore it. He probably tries to give excuses due to his inability to withstand the emotional tidal wave that is the realization of hurting the one your meant to protect. I can't say I respect him for doing any of the things he's doing, but I most certainly understand. Growing up a victim of abuse you learn ways to cope with the crushing weight of betrayal. You learn the pain that others feel, you become more sensitive to it. Abuse is a confusing and frightening time, but please try to remember we're all human. Everyone should be willing to accept his apology and move on. They shouldn't have done the things they did, that's obvious. But if you were so passionate about abuse maybe you'd have a little understanding about both sides of the "battleground". Anyway, that's all.
Tas LovesYou
literally you are getting views by "exposing" Daddyofive but your WHOLEEEEEE channel is made from this like dude seriously
Andrea Gonzalez
I'm worried that Cody does actually see a counselor, but the counselor believes the parents. What if he or she really is under the impression that Cody is a bad seed and a menace like the parents are insisting?
poor kids.
Sydney Slade
When I was a kid I was treated like Cody. That stuff doesn't ever leave you. Just watching these updates is so hard for me. But I feel the need to make sure something is being done so I'm still watching.
I approve of this 100%
That channel is bullshit and needs to be taken down.
They are horrible parents and need their kids taken to better parents and the parents need jail time.
Thank you Phillip for staying in this story because they need to be stopped.
Talk about Bill Nye the "I like sucking binary cock and swallowing dike vagina juice and getting fucked by SJW black dildos" guy
Michael Sharpe
find someone else's family to fuck with bro
Sick fuck that guy does not have the mental capacity to father children.
pun pun
why are people so frighteningly stupid allowed to reproduce to such a degree. nasty lazy inbred liars exploiting their children. 'i'm sorry' my ass, they're only sorry that they got called out for being absolute monsters.
terabyte games
Fuck you
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