Second Puberty

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Thanks to Natalka for this suggestion and for all the people that liked it, I concur.  It is a great suggestion.  

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Why the fuck do you sound like Tana Mongeau now
I think I must be going through second puberty and I'm scared does this mean I'm gonna die real soon? I'm 18 years old I should not be making noises when I get out of my bed and WHY THE FUCK AM I SWEATING ALL THE TIME IT'S COLD HERE HOW IS THIS HAPPENING
Sunny Days
This was the first video I saw jenna in about a year ago
I'm not even 17 and I make dad noises
PB Babe
too real.
Chelsea Watson
First puberty was pretty typical for me. Pretty normal. The parting gift, though, was developing epilepsy... Thanks brain. I would say I started second puberty around 23, and currently at a critical point -- two years later. I got bronchitis and strep throat for the first time. I get really bad seasonal allergies. I am more sensitive toward the consumption of eggs and milk. However, I've seen more doctors in the last half year than I have since... ever before combined. All of the sudden, both my ankles got extremely weaker (they were already bad from past injuries... and weather) and had to get x-rays (still needing to go get checked out since I torn one of the tendons in my feet). Also, I developed dermatographia. Like... what? My body decided it wants to go crazy with its histamine production. Oh, then I get the flu for the first time since first puberty and it temporarily regulated my histamine production. Coffee makes me sleepy. I hate showers and baths now. I get hangovers now. Like... body... y u do dis?
Abigail Jennings
I make dad noises when I sit down and stand up and I'm 14. I've been doing this since I was like 12.
Fangirl FiftySix ™
She sounds like Tana Mongeau and the Gabbie Show
Taryn Wallace
she forgot the recovery time after going out. in your 20s u recover literally the next day and in your 30s it takes the whole weekend and possibly most of the next week.....this sucks
You sound like grace helbig
I'm on team "why am I sweating" and I didn't ask to be.
Kitty Cuteness
I get my 2nd puberty before my my 1st
Samantha B
Yes! I am 25 and have acne ☹️ I never had it like this as a teen what is going on?!
Let's not forget that women have menopause.

third puberty?
Danielle White
Why am i having a second puberity at 16
Elle Michelle
Enjoy your teenage zits. They're nothing compared to your mid-late 20's zits. They're stubborn as fuck. They just get worse as you get older. Also working out. you have to do back stretches more otherwise you'll feel like an 80 tr old after doing a 30 min ab workout.
Greg Baker
And it only gets more painful as you grow older. The worst part is, that as you get older time seems to go by faster, I was your age just the other day ago now I'm pushing f$&@in' 60. WTF happened. Where the fuck did I sign up for this crap? My fucking hair hurts for fucks sake. Why,why,why, nobody ever said anything about this, no warnings, no we need to talk to you about your life in the next few years and how all the sudden you will become elderly. Aaaaaaahhhhhh...aaaaaaahhhhhhh...phhhhhhaaaaaqqqqq...
Ouch that hurt!
Gotta fucking go now, that's another thing, you will become very familiar with your bathroom too...
You are the best kid, keep it up! Oh yeah that's another thing, uh, well maybe that's enough for now. Anyway, yeah what the fuck was I doing?
Oh yeah, wait, what? Hmmmm, I'm tired now...
Sometimes my skin just gets ir-rash-ional :(
yellow roses
dude i haven't even started my first period and everytime i move some part of my body clicks, legs move CLICK, head moves CLICK, everything moves CCCCCCCLLLLLLLIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK
The coconut thing happened to me
I used to drunk coconut water by the gallon, then one day I tried a Samoa cookie for the first time and went into anafalactic shock
Kelsey Moore
I must be going through second puberty! UGH>>>>> skin... sucks all of a sudden, can't hear for some stupid reason, sleep cycle is terrible, actually have asthma all of a sudden (haven't had it since I was like 7)... NOT KIDDING. This is really crappy, but thanks Jenny Marbles for making this video! At least somebody is warning us about this!
Bubble Gum
I don't wanna get old
Ella Davis
You should be a kitten or a kitten and cat cats cat and cats are so cool and cute I can't see the one I want it is a cat I have a kitten so I'm not going home this is a kitten I can't see any cat cats and cats so I'm not going home because I'm so happy for the family because I'm a cat cats cat cat cats cats and cat cat and cats are the cat cats zombie cat cats and zombies and cats are usually so quiet S is the one who doesn't make jokes because he doesn't like cats because they don't think he can get a kitten because he doesn't like cats.
I feel like im doing second puberty first.
Cande Palacios
this sounds kind of Jennifer Lawrence's voice
Lauren McGuire
why is all of this me and I'm 18
Furlour Egxsexsis
I'm in my teen puberty but like my jaw cracks a lot but my parents just say I'm growing but I don't believe it. IT FEELS LIKE MY JAW WILL BREAK OFF
Heather Hunchuck
the fact that your voice was lost in this video made "second puberty" so much more real (and hilarious)
sunset moonrise
All these kids who are much younger than Jenna Marbles' target audience are out here like "Like OMG I'm 12 and I have all of these I must be going through second puberty follow me on" THIS VIDEO IS TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE 18+. GO TO BED, KIDS.
Shailah Heath
stupid question #1 How do we bleed for 7 days and not die?
Melanie Panics at the TØP concert
When Jenna said "rash" she sounded so Boston omg
Melanie Panics at the TØP concert
Jenna: "I sound like thegabbieshow"
Me: Bbbbuuuuurrrrnnnnnn
I experience half of these. I'm fucking 14.
Shailah Heath
not trying to be rude to Jenna but at times she kind of sounds like homer Simpson's wife Marge😂
Shily Shiloh
Jenna I'm nine and my hearing is horrible! Ugh it's so annoying.
Angelina Van Noland
I know this was uploaded a year ago, but fuck, this made my day so much better.
I developed a lactose intolerance and garlic makes me sick which sucks because I love garlic! Was able to eat both up until 23. WTF second puberty!
The only thing keeping me going every day is knowing that puberty should end by around 20. Know I know I have like 12-13 more years of this sh*t
Kamryn Knittle
I'm 15 and I feel like I'm going through second puberty. I can stretch my am out and everything will crack. I feel so old now
shy kitten
she sound like Tana Mongeau
Sam Pritchard
Jenna I'm scared I'm tired all day and awake all night I can't stop crying and I have to wear circulation sock on he plane but I'm 12 JENNA GURL HELP
Yumibom Whoop
Relatable af
When I was 21, my thyroid decided it was too tired to function anymore, now I can't lose weight! I'm still working off that sandwich I ate 2 years ago :D
My wrist does that and I'm only 13
Rachael Baird
I was all these and I'm 19...
catrina garcia
I think the creaky voice was the best thing for this video topic
I'm a dancer and I can totally relate to the joints, knee pain, I'm not even 18 and my hips and knees crack everyday! I have to roll my muscles out with a foam roller everynight! The thing about dance, is that it ages you. You jump from like 13 to 31 real fast
Ava Wagner
"Why am I getting a rash?!"
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