Second Puberty

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Thanks to Natalka for this suggestion and for all the people that liked it, I concur.  It is a great suggestion.  

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Chloe Grace
you sound like tana mongeau
I gently slid about 18" down a muddy hill and now can't move my arm without shoulder pain. It happened a year ago. And it's worse when it rains. I'm in my early 30s. #WHY #THISISANABSURDINJURY
That One Girl
My fist puberty sounds like second
you kinda sounded like lindsay lohan when you said why am i getting a rash hahahah at 2:38 i actually cant deal
Grace Griffin
My 2nd puberty started at 30. The all over pain and cracking, the dry skin with acne (NEVER had acne before), swollen joints, weird skin bumps and moles, can't hear shit (also passed the hearing test), food hoarding, and my ankles were swollen last time I got off a plane. I am so glad to hear someone say this. I swear I thought I was going to have to watch Mystery Diagnosis forever. You are not alone.
sara parker
Everything she is saying is me and I'm only 16 😂😂
Alexis N.
now she sounds like Tana mongoose
Sidney Allie
I've never related to anything more in my life. I'm about to be 25. WHY AM I ALWAYS SO FUCKING TIRED?! SLEEP 7 HOURS? 12? WHO CARES STILL EXHAUSTED 24/7
So fucking true. I'm nearly 20 but I've experienced most of these. It's ridiculous.

My knees, the cracking, the pain, running, feeling emotional, the hearing, the lines, temperature, and breaking out. Agh! And I've actually developed slight lactose intolerance. Never used to be. =_=
im barely getting past the first one AND YOUR TELLING ME IT HAPPENS AGAIN!!
Liddy loo
You sound so confused with your voice
Lauren Greulich
I am 23 years old and I relate to literally everything you said.
i am 19 almost 20 and oh ho ho my goodness do my knees hurt when it rains
Katie Burnopp
Man I'm only 20 and I'm already going through this shit
Rudiger Woods
They are giving away makeup at
Yersa Draws
When I was 11 I became allergic to bell peppers and I never was, but my mother is
I've been perfecting the winged eyeliner since I was 14 or 15 and now I'm 23 and suddenly my left eyelid just developed a new crease and now I'm learning how to put on eyeliner again because one eyelid just decided to get old.
I don't mind all these small wrinkles that I'm getting tbh, it just got tricky to do my makeup.
My friend developed an egg allergy (we assume) at 21. It was the weirdest thing. One day, he had an egg sandwhich for breakfast, and was fine. Literally the next day, he ate an egg sandwhich and ended up on the shitter. It happens any time he eats straight egg, or something is too eggy. Like how a lot of people make French toast. It was the weirdest thing lmao.
Curse you, second puberty!!
Courtney Czarnik
Omg thank god it's not just me! I feel so much better!
I am 18 and definitely have all of that shit. Especially acne and all I can think is "Dear god, why?"
Tori Lovegood
wait I'm like 15 and my knees and stuff crack literally everyday I also can't hear and my body temperature is weird too I guess I'm a 15 year old going through second puberty 😕
shit, I'm 14 and I have all the second puberty sympthoms
Kyle Borlini
Second Puberty is otherwise known as menopause
Jenna White
Literally all of this. On and in and about my body. The fuck.
Sara Felker
so she is basically just having boy puberty. Messed up voice, weird skin, awkward body things... ya
Yana Yudich
LOL you just described me!
Sage Warren
My little trans heart just melted. This made me so happy
Gloria M 2025
I'm 9 and all this happens to me

Should I be scared
Gloria M 2025
Just when I think its over
Julie Hernandez
you kinda sound like pepper Ann 😂
Bloody Moons
I'm 13 and I'm going through first puberty and half way through second puberty
Tamara Delgado
she sounds like Andrea russett (Idk her last name)
cookie cat howell
Wait........ so I'm going through second puberty? I'm not even done with regular puberty but almost all of these apply to me what's happening
I think I'm going through second puberty at the same time I'm going through the first one XD
Liza Vasilyeva
Close your eyes; it's the Gabbie Show
According to this, I'm going through second puberty and I'm not even done with first puberty yet!
Mariana Hernandez
Binging These is my favorite thing to do
Emer Helena
I'm 22 and so happy I'm prepared for 2nd puberty thanks to this video
Cayla Belcher
Your accent is really noticeable in this video 😂
Hahaha I'm definitely feeling the second puberty! And I'm not that old, turning 23 next month, but my body is like "you thought I was done changing and doing weird shit?! HELL NO!" 😂
Nathalie Eskengren
Thanks for giving me even more anxiety about growing up. 🙂🔫
Cartoon Carty
if you like this then you...

have liked this!
crystal fittler
another one winged moth over here.. ^_^
Omg I love when ppl loses their voice it's just sounds pretty and also she totally sounds like the gabby show 😂
pisces person
I'm your age Jenna and the only thing that I'm getting from "second puberty" is the food cravings, stretch marks and whiskers.
Victoria Ko
O Fuck
Ira Lene
when youre 16 and you literally have everything jenna is talking about
I have this atm but I mean more emotional puberty, I aint got none of tha shih Jenna is on about and we the same age, wtf! Maybe she is just fucked! lol...sadness! :P.
Jenna Hunt
I turned 25 in January (about 3 months ago exactly), and the list of weird things that I have found my body doing in that short amount of time is endless. Besides the deep horizontal ridges now going across my fingernails, I also found a mole starting to form on the INSIDE of my palm. You know, the side that never sees the light of day. I'm 25, and I'm purchasing anti-aging makeup products, I am super emotional, and I'm just gonna have to live with how my body looks cuz I am never going to be as tiny as I used to be only 3 years ago.
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