Second Puberty

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Thanks to Natalka for this suggestion and for all the people that liked it, I concur.  It is a great suggestion.  

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Studio of Special Effects
I hate dad noises
Audrey Clark
This video is what happens if The Gabbie Show talked like Jenna Marbles
Willows End
When I was little I used to be lactose intolerant
She sounds like Halsey when her voice is like that tho
She kinds sounds like Tana Mongeau
Sheila Allen
Those who wore braces during puberty will notice some of your teeth slowly starting to go crooked again during second puberty !!Or rather, it happened slowly - you didnt notice - and now it's quite noticeable in your second puberty. Also. Ladies. Horrrrnnnn----- af
Samantha Temple
This is so accurate it is kinda painful. I'm currently laying in bed unable to sleep, wondering why my back hurts and how come just days ago my skin was extremely dry but today it's oily. Fuck second puberty.
everything is happening (i'm 14)
Mackenzie King
I'm 14 and I'm already goin through second puberty. Fuck my life!!!!!
Katie Nickerson
Kate Untamed
Somehow I miss this when it came out, but it makes me feel better. I mean I finished first puberty and went straight into a decade of the hormonal shit storm of kids and breastfeeding. Somewhere in the middle I got diagnosed with lymes and my body just went to shit. My 80 year old grandmother was more agile then me, even pre knee replacements. My doctors says we're nearing remission and I stared at him, are you kidding me? I'm cold, sweating and know that a storm is coming cause my...well my everything hurts. Oh, second puberty, I get it now, I'm doing fine then. lol
My eyes started to water when she talked about crying D:
Taylor Broadhead
I'm 13 and like half of these things happen to me already πŸ˜‚
Horse Girl
All of these 2nd puburtey things happen to be and I'm under 15. I'm old I guess.
Miah I Guess
I haven't even graduated high school yet and I think I'm already going through second puberty
unikitty person
My sister was 26 and developed an allergy to asparagus she loved asparagus now it's trying to murder her
Allison H
Holy shit she really sounds like Gabby
MI Gymnastics
She sounds like tana πŸ˜‚
Ellen Grey
Actually sounds like tana mongaloid
Hey It's Cami
I have all of these
queenslay kk
Gabbie acc loves her
Hannah Wiederholt
can someone tell me why I'm going through second puberty at 15 almost 16???
Megan Marchant
Okay but when I was 14 I used to use EOS lipbalm and then all of a sudden if I use it, within a few hours my lips swell up and turn red
Nearly 23 and the spots situation is just ridiculous.
After watching this video I have concluded that I am going through first and second puberty.

What type of cruel joke is this
I freaking love her! She is my spirit animal!
Taylor Dalton
I am just now entering second puberty. I used to have asthma but my body decided to trade that in for bipolar disorder. I'm also transgender so I'll be going through a third puberty in the next few years hopefully
Raganstar Starkey
do one about period
Danny Goodwin
she is the gabbie show in a comstume
ah kkaebsong
Whenever I lose my voide, I become a cross between The Gabbie Show and Tana Mongeau. STORYTIME!!! Overdose.
Sonja Creasey
I'm 24 almost 25. I've developed lactose intolerance just a few months ago. I also use to stay up all night, but not anymore. I go to bed at 9:30 and wake up at 5am. My bones break super easy now and crack all the time. I swear sometimes I feel like I'm 80.
Sabiha Ahmed
She sounds like Tana
b i c t h I'm 18 and my body already does more than half this what the fUC
Katie A
I'm 12 and I sweat from doing nothing tooπŸ˜‚πŸ–•πŸ˜­
Theatre Geek
People in elementary school are like: I can see your veins Me: So, I can see your pimples!
Does this mean that Cermet, Paesh, and Marpel are experiencing second puberty?
sarah white
I'm literally only 15 and my body feels like it's 50 years old.
Jen Wyatt
The dad noises is too real.
Azalea Alvarado
i'm sixteen but i have all these problems. i'm not exaggerating either, i don't know why i'm sixteen, i look twelve, and i feel eighty.
Zoe Eleftheriadis
I thought there'd be no pimples when I was a grownwup. WHY DID NO ONE EVER MENTION IT? Also, rosehip oil is magical for stretch marks and scars
Dan No
I've literally had hip problems since 5th grade, I'm currently a senior in high school and now my knees are going πŸ˜‚ I cannot sit down or stand up without making "dad noises" , all my friends say I'm really 80 years old
Minnie Mice
Omg in 31 and I have all these. I get random rashes now and a wealt on my forehead when I get stressed at work! Aaahhhh!!
i'm 22 and suddenly my fucking SKIN is allergic to garlic and it gives me chemical burns
Super Player32003
lol I'm 14 and more than half of these happen to me
It's Zoe, DUH!
She sounds sexy, like GabπŸ’œπŸ’•
Lizzy Zamora
I have all these things.πŸ˜‘ And I had growing pains when I was 3 up till I was 11 then they stopped. But I still grow
This is so true! I always thought people only grew out of allergies, not into them. My mom is 51 and just developed an allergy to penicillin but my sister was allergic to it as a baby and now she's fine with it. Shit's crazy.
Have a magical day
Puberty is really shit for me and I thought It would be over ever, im really emotionally unstable and have lots of mood swings all the fucking time, I have stretch marks on my stomach ( both sides and middle, and the back) and to add it all up I have pimples fucking everywhere. My skin is super oily, my hair could not look any greasier, anxiety and depression is a huge part of my life. Atleast im soon done with puberty 1, im 19
Kay White
Why are all of these me and I'm 15????
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