Second Puberty

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Thanks to Natalka for this suggestion and for all the people that liked it, I concur.  It is a great suggestion.  

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Lee Arbuckle
Who develops a soy allergy at 35? Julien you're bitch as better get that
Emily Lewis
im 25 and im going through second puberty. pimples no reason, gaining weight easier. not fun.
She sounds like gabbie
Taylor Thompson
I learned in psychology that after age 22 your hearing declines for the rest of your life. So yay!
steph southern
Ebba Kloth
All of this is me, but I'm only 15.....
Daisy Mcmillian
I'm 12 and I hear my wrists cracking all the time lmao
Louise Grew
OK it's worrying that I'm 16 but I already experience most of these ๐Ÿ˜‚
When I turned 17 I got an allergy to pineapple.
Elijah J
Dude trans second puberty is wild
Kaity Klutz
when jenna is breaking out and she still looks 20 times better than you..
Trinity Chandler
I am going through second puberty while going through puberty. Lifes nice.
Sheridan Clark
I have never watched something so fucking relatable, especially the deafness
Tiny human
This made me laugh so much. Thank you.
rebecca zeller
I'm 19 years old and I'm can so relate to this.
I'm super young and i make dad noises all the time. #DadAF
Sophie Addington
Oh my god I didn't realize that the allergy thing was a second puberty. I developed lactose intolerance and so much acne. Like wtf
So it's a like a year late, buttttt. At almost 20 years old, when its gonna rain? I KNOW. Like my parents challenge me, "Oh it's gonna rain?" Me: "HELL YEAAAH. looks at knees innnnn say 10 min." ~10 minutes later~ RAINNNNNNNNNNNN. Me: looks at parents
jip huiswerk
jenna girl i love you but your rihgt eyebrow is bigger
The best face wash for me personally is brior charcoal face wash, it doesn't contain oil๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ
Jessie :3
I'm going through first puberty... it's like the acne ran from my face to my back when I looked in the mirror
Lina Faubert
I'm 13 I had no idea there was a second puberty
I honestly thought that once I was done with being a teenager that acne would just go away but it's still a pain in thr booty
Kaitlin Pennington
I'm 21, I haven't hit 2nd puberty yet.. Looking forward tho. This seem really nice.. really.. uh
Anna Pejลกkovรก
I'm 23 and my back started hurting three days ago for literally no reason... I just woke up and couldn't move anymore :D
Lexi Loo
this sounds like me now. I'm 14๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Izzy Miller
jenna is my spirit animal
Solis Aniceta
I'm having my period and cry laughing while I'm crumpled in my bed
Galactic Pesetas
im 15 and my knees crack more than my stepmoms. and she has arthritis
mango mikayla
When I was 12 I missed my second period and I thought God made me pregnant...thats not even possible wtf was wrong me
Madisyn D
I'm 14 and all my joints crack. And I mean all of them. #LifeOfADancer
kaley kuritz
I'm 12 and it's just like "BAM! Period! BAM! Sudden weight gain and loss! BAM! Stretch marks! BAM! Randomly cracking wrist! BAM! Random knee aches! BAM! Here ya fucking go, ache! BAM! No more dairy allergy (I'm grateful for that)! THEN, BAM! Lol, jk, we lied, you still have the fucking allergy! BAM! Random sweat attacks!" Like holy shit am I going through adult puberty already?
Ruby 2210
I am 11 and my bones are always cracking
Rebeka Szocska
I'm 16 and i have those problems, and i also do dad sounds when i stand up. :D
Alyssa Shoemaker
lol, I'm going through puberty 1, and man. I pop EVERYTHING! and in the mornings, I kinda look like a panda... and I only have 3 bras, so I wear them each for a freaking month, then mom finally gives them back to me and ... the cycle repeats :P I also have acne issues, and no makeup matches my strange skin color right! so, I only put on light cover up if needed :P Also, the peeps at this school aren't very social / accepting to the new weirdo xD noooooot to mention, the teachers LOVE to crap on u with fat tests and speeches and work. yeahhh, it's a freaking pain in the butt to be me, but at the same time it's pretty good in its own ways xD
Kylee Maggard
I hate puberty (thank God u don't have bad acne) and like... I don't want 2nd puberty. And my joints randomly crack too, lol. and idk if this happens to anyone else... I have not found a face wash that hasn't made me break out. it sucks, so I just use water....
Oscar Ryan
I'm sure it's been said a million times but I can't thank you enough for talking about trans folks second puberty because I was having the same exact thought! Super awesome!! From a trans man starting his second puberty next month!!
amanda kraus
When you watch this video again a year later and the groping supporting boob relationship metaphor finally makes so much sense it slaps you in the face and you completely rethink your relationship standards and have a new understanding of past ones ๐Ÿ˜‚ thanks Jenna ๐Ÿ˜‚
Kelsey Bevins
I'm only 20 and this is all me
summer277 Plays games
I'm experiencing ALL of this.
I'm 19.
Fatjon Murati
also dont forget getting hair in places u never wanted them to
claireeva H
She sounds like Andrea Russet
Good story timeing!
Willow Sapphire
My ankles and neck crack. I'm 11. I get random allergies, my ears don't really work. A lot of these apply to me.
We Are All Mad Here 666
Jenna White
I think we need "Team Why Are We Sweating" shirts
Natalia Sikora
I'm 18 and I have ALL of those symptoms... time to die beebee!!!
Evann Howard
I never turned into a butterfly. I'm more like a one winged moth looking for the right face cream.
Dang it! I don't want a second puberty.
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