TOP 4 Golden Buzzer America's Got Talent 2017

Golden BuzzerAmerica's Got Talent2017got talentauditionsChristian GuardinoDarci LynneDancers Light BalanceMandy Harveysimon cowellheidihowietyra banksMelanie BrownLen Ken

1. Christian Guardino
2. Darci Lynne
3. Dancers Light Balance
4. Mandy Harvey 

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Angelica Hale deserved a top 4 spot.. disappointed!
jadfvd yywz
am speechless :O
Will Gaming
The first act made me cry
Rana Othman
Watching this make me realise how failed i am.....
Hans Rudolf Rupp
danke für die Einladung
Sea BelowMe
The ref chick was unreal, how did she do?
selam selam
Mukul Kishor Saikia
What is the background song in the first performance?
Robert Gibbs
Angelica Hale
Ishaan Arya
god bless you Mandy harley
Ai Akina
What the music in 7:47 please ?
The 4th one!!! Respect from heart <3
Terriesha White
The first act surprised the hell outta me! Not what I expected, kid can wail man!
Nolan Anderson
If Mandy could hear that crowd roar she would be even happier than she was at that moment.
sons of bitches got me at the end... great inspiration
Marcos Gabriel Altamirano Rodriguez
Que niňa tan hermosa
Zawwar Ali
9:20 song name?
Yareni Anahi Sandoval Canchari
Que hermsa vos
Jorge Cristo
The first act is so good and asome
the third act was amazingggggg
the first singer christian,, Simon said that he had a good feeling about him before christian started signing so to me Simon should of been the one to of hit the golden button unless it was so order that he couldn't of.
exactly what is the golden buzzer?
Kirito Kun
9:50 name song plssssss ty
Kirito Kun
9:50 name song plssssss ty
Kirito Kun
y love darcy lanne <3 -
Giovanni Padilla
Omg the kid
Brawl Playz
The girl was fucking cute
carlos Merina
Puntos americanos
Brandon Saunders
that good
carlos Merina
Putas ratas
Ahmed ahmed571
What’s the name of the first song pls
Sadiqul Islam Shihab
the last part of the video.....cried me up...and teaches lots of things to us 😢
(0_0) OMG is mi name
Rockstar Zainab
The boy is so cute!!
the viral chanel
Please subscribe to my channel
musically lover
Christian is so fucking good😍😍😍😍😍
-_Hitler _-GG
Kade os BRs?
Hanna Listek
9:37 Swastika
Jordan Johnson
10:25 reminds me of the ending to stomp the yard
Asli NTB Indonesia
Goood talent
Asli NTB Indonesia
Ιωαννης Παστραφιδης
is so good first boy
Трюки жизни!
six James
M live
I'm sorry it's three golden buzzers in the single day.....
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