COCO Official Trailer (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD


COCO Official Trailer (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD
© 2017 - Disney Pixar

Mariel Lopez
Okay the book of life and coco might be very similar.
but how many movies about a white princess/ normal girl who isn't 100% happy with her situation gets curious, brave or lucky, some stuff happens,they find a boy/prince and live happily ever after are out there? But hey,whateva
freddy cool star
Disney version of book of Life
Jorge Lozano
Book of life Disney edition. pet peeve, speak Spanish with english subs or speak english and assume characters talk with an accent, why must movies use terrible Spanish accents?
Tran Khanh
I like The Book Of Life than this one
Tyler Villarreal
Coco 2:

Build the wall.
oPoKOLO 900
This film will probably get deported
Gillian Day
never underestimate the power of music
Ivy Garcia
All I see is the book of life in the comments but alot of people have the same ideas like bugs life and Antz finding nemo and sharktale you get the idea
Aqua Star
Beautiful❤️ I work for a handicap society and our clients love Disney Pixar~ I'll be taking them to see this in the Fall :)
Takashi Suzuki
i am in love with the coco
Courtney K and Delilah F
Anybody else just here to see if this is good or not to see if they want to go see it just to see Frozen short with this movie
Cali Rose
It's basically Book of life
irish kush
Fuck this shit
Afridi Rafi
it will be the best animation film of 2017💘
Melody Byrd
its pretty much book of life and kubo
Kim Robe
its hot
Beau Yuan
Re make of book of life?
Raul Rojas
oh my God, i want To See that movie
KillaBLACKOUT98 the arts
nice guy
The Message this film is trying to portray is that the dead soul lives on. However is this a great deception in light of the Word of God.....The dead sleep in the grave, and are dust. They cease to exist till Jesus Christ comes to resurrect them. Ecclesiastes 9:5, John 11:11-14, John 11:24
puspo panji
do you know about song in film ? what a title ?
Episode Gamer
This is not a copy its made by disney
this is something that DreamWorks would make
Firelily's Animations and Pets
oh kinda exited for that to come out.😊
Norbert Varga
awsome xD xD xD
This looks like it's going to be amazing.
Stonersloth Hughes
the kids watching this just went wtf did he put in that tv
John Ibarra
Jesus I cannot read these comments
Tashelle Ok
Book of Life meets Moana.
Evo: Book of Life + Kubo and The Two strings + Wall-e. Geez
Yobropro 56
It looks bad
Geoffrey Gibson BSc
conan said change the name
Shahmar Chaudhry
Spirted Away rip off
متى ينزل؟؟
S a t u r n
Jewel East
This seems oddly familiar to book of life?
cherry noodles
Everyone is saying this is like Book of Life and Paranorman, but imo this movie is complete rip off of the corpse bride. The main character even has a dog who is guiding him through the land of the dead, just like Victor's dog!
Nah, more like book of life
AL Rho
A Mexican boy who go hell.. Trump like it
Miguel Salgado
Am I the only one who's NOT complaining about this movie and is actually excited for it?
Gabriel Perez
spirited away: edition mexican
Minion Lover
He is Mexican because of Mexico's holiday "The Day Of The Dead"
Sarah Craig
fumomo fumosarum
Wait, haven't I seen this movie before...? o_O
Yes another movie basted off of hispanics! I love seeing these culture differences and that Disney is expanding on different type of genre...I guess you could say. I'm quite excited for this!
The trailer for "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" brought me here. Movie looks great, seems like an interesting take on the Mexican "Dia de Muertos" aka Day of the Dead holiday.
tina taefu
can't wait
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