COCO Official Trailer (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD


COCO Official Trailer (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD
© 2017 - Disney Pixar

sukhbat sodnomdorj
Is the main character girl or boy???
Kate Heartsilla
Is it just me or does it seem like a rip-off of "The Book of Life"
why is everyone saying this is the book of life? first off, just because it has Mexican cultures in it doesn't mean it's the book of life. and, you've only seen a 2 minute trailer of the film, so you don't really know what the story is about. i think this is going to be a great movie, i just wish disney would've gone deeper into Mexican celebrations and culture, and not just make it about Day of the Dead
Just another youtuber.
Bruh who else watched this 20 times already 😂 IM SO HYPED
Hannah McBride
This reminds me of Book of Life, a movie I saw in theaters that had a very small audience because SOME animation company decided to release Big Hero 6 around the same time.
Diana Roque
I'm glad about us getting SOME sort of representation but it does look a little like Kubo and the Two Strings influenced and if that's so then I am kind of scared because the story line was not that clear and it kind of faded so I hope this has a clear climax unlike Kubo
Bluu Bandette
This looks good! 😀
Alex Bogdanowicz
Oh gee, I wonder what other animated film stared the protagonist with a guitar in hopes of finding his dreams. Huh there's also the day of the dead, Huuuuuh I just can't think of a movie much better and more original. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
:v TM
Elle V
this movie is gonna be fucking awesome
sunny water
sunny water
Is this a boy or a girL?
SonicGamer 6410
Book of life 2
I'm getting a mix of spirited away meets book of life. Just me?
La TrotaMundos
but... I swear the coco was like the bogeyman. like a horror story they used to tell kids about the Monster under the bed or something.
Patricia Lyne Mirabel
Coco Martin!! 😂😂😂
Loui chen
The book of life and kubo and the two string's love child.
Grace 5SOS
When the kid first ran into the skeleton lady I immediately thought of The Corpse Bride. Idk why. Still looks interesting though.
Rheanna Sercos
It's kind of like the book of life
The Art Of Comedy
This gave me a Book of Live vibe. am I right?
Erin Haas
I thing I saw Bing Bing in the trailer
This movie represents El dia de los muertos. Guitars are symbolic in the way that music is important to us. we have festivals to celebrate the life of the dead, we play mariachi, we drink, we sing, we spend time with family. we honor our ancestors, friends and family who have passed away with flowers, food, music, candles. we dress up for death, so that the dead join us for a day and we mix together easily with our painted faces and our colorful clothes. We are not afraid of death if only at least for a day. Movies like these are important for the chicanos who have never experienced the celebration of life as it is done in Mexico. How amazing it is to share a part of our culture with extended family members who have forgotten about us through generations or distance. It is one of my favorite weeks!
Luisa Ojeda
this is the book of the life , with a different plot maybe , this is getting really repetitive and absurd
Amanda Lazo
Why does that kid look like Marco from Star Vs The Forces Of Evil?😂
EpicOru Ulterra
Jorge Gutierrez should fucking sue Pixar.
Anna Cupet
Man, this is definitely Marco Diaz from SVTFOE. This boy has even got a red hoodie!
Raul Cipriano
I wish someone would make a story about popocatepetl and iztaccihuatl.
King Alex
when ur a Christian Mexican s u won't be able to this movie :))))))))
i realyi like this..
verry much
Ella Preuss
So Book of Life again. I'll be surprised when Disney/American filmmakers realise there are more countries in Latin America. I love my Mexican brothers, but we're not all Mexican. Next time, try making a story about the Mayan, Incas or Aztecs. That'd be fun, and educational. Or idk, go deeper south, and try writing something about Chile/Argentina/Uruguay. Y'all seem to think that Mexico and Colombia and Venezuela are it.
Mia Hopkins
I low this
Andy Becerril
So proud!!. So proud to have my culture beautifully represented!!. it's like you guys been at my home!!. A very good work!!!. 💖💖💖💖💖
Joselin Hernandez
I would just like to say that...Coco in Portuguese means poop.......which is what this movie looks like is going to be. Pixar how could you? After all the amazing movies you have made, you've just created poop, literally poop.
Is cod a boy or girl
the book of life looks great
Belén Medina
it's fun because now that Donald Trump is their president, they make a mexican movie
Ohh ohhh OHHHHH!
Book of life meets Kubo
Ize Belle
haters are gonna hate.
Isabella Augustine
Honestly I think animators are part of the reason why everyone thinks all hispanics are Mexican. The only two animated movies where the main characters are Hispanic (book of life and this one), they're Mexican! They need to include the other hundreds of Spanish-speaking ethnic groups. It's so upsetting 😡
I'm Not Chase
Disney didn't think killing parents was enough so they decided to kill the kid too. I like where this is going ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rosa Mata
ur mom
never has a trailer given me such intense chills as to almost reduce me to tears until now! I absolutely cannot wait!
there is more to mexican culture than día de los muertos
Kehkasha Khan
What's the story??
Mexican boy who plays the guitar and finds his way to the afterlife? That doesn't sound like The Book of Life at all...
The Loser
This is the same as the book of life!!!! I've never been so mad at Disney in my life
Daniela Noles
Do the mexican singer voice just heras like ROGELIO DE LA VEGA from jane the virgin???
Apurbo Safayet
wow the book of life and kubo mixed movie lol
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