COCO Official Trailer (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD


COCO Official Trailer (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD
© 2017 - Disney Pixar

Delaney Schofield
So like is coco a boy or a girl
hailey rae
Ryan Doyle
I am so annoyed by you guys saying is this the book of life two like shut up gosh
Slick Dick
Nick Worster
This movie is going to bomb just like the Princess and the Frog for obvious reasons
This movie looks like book of life
Carlos Flores
I'm going see this movie
Sabine F
Everybody complains about the "book of life 2 feeling" but surely watched the 100th princess movie with the same message without saying anything. Sooo annoying
Woodle Woodle
Looks like disney kicked book of life in the butt like:

Book of life: We created such a good movie


Coco:Take THAT!

Book of life: Forgotten by everyone

Pixar:Looks like we still on the top heh heh

Disney: You're right my secret weapon

Thats how it all went down.
Jennie DaWeirdo
Rip the book of life :(
Homo Phobia
Okay I GET that you can defend the movie and it totally has a different plot than the Book Of Life but you have to admit, a mexican boy who wants to play the guitar and meets his dead relatives in the land of the dead isn't a far off idea. I hope this movie adds it's own modern twist. Let's hope it can stand off on it's own after it comes out.
Rin Lockhart
I actually want to watch the movie in the VHS.
Jeeboi Banaga
Team coco sue them!
Angry Tomato
Wanna see this movie right now?

Watch The Book of Life.
gabriella garcia
I’ve already seen this movie! On a cruise I was on in the summer had played unreleased films! This one is a must watch😭❤️
Lemon Lee
book of life?
This could be a prequel to book of life or Coco is dead
Better than clara?
Joe Hal
It's a rip off of The Book of Life and the Coco name from Conan O'Brien. Way to go Disney.
Charles Bronson
BOOK OF LIFE. I hate disney
This Stoic World
so everyone hates this movie because it's similar to the book of life?
Nicky Choi
Cut Away: 0:28-0:33
Reverse Shot: 0:35-0:39
Action Cut: 1:12-1:15
Point of View: 1:18-1:19
Jennifer Choi
Jumpcut: 0:07
Cutaway: 0:30
Action Cuts: 1:21
Progressive Jumpcuts: 1:26
Angelito tranate
The little boy looks like a poor boy
0:05 Action Cut
0:17 Arc Shot
0:47 Action Match Cut
1:13 Tracking Shot
Monster man
This......this is literally book of life! Without the love story and the toy athstetic. I thought it was bad when people ripped off disney but disney is ripping off book of life
book of life is amazing we don't need this shit
BlueBerry Minecraft
BlueBerry Minecraft
Looks like Book of life
Kody Esguerra
So this is about one human visiting heaven? Doesn't that mean he's dead? Because everyone I heaven is a human that died
Schmitt Djeson
If coco movie, look is like undertale mexican movie.
Stuart Britton
We'll the animation looks incredible!
Mariel Lopez
Okay the book of life and coco might be very similar.
but how many movies about a white princess/ normal girl who isn't 100% happy with her situation gets curious, brave or lucky, some stuff happens,they find a boy/prince and live happily ever after are out there? But hey,whateva
sonic cool star
Disney version of book of Life
Jorge Lozano
Book of life Disney edition. pet peeve, speak Spanish with english subs or speak english and assume characters talk with an accent, why must movies use terrible Spanish accents?
Tran Khanh
I like The Book Of Life than this one
Tyler Villarreal
Coco 2:

Build the wall.
oPoKOLO 900
This film will probably get deported
Gillian Day
never underestimate the power of music
Ivy Garcia
All I see is the book of life in the comments but alot of people have the same ideas like bugs life and Antz finding nemo and sharktale you get the idea
Aqua Star
Beautiful❤️ I work for a handicap society and our clients love Disney Pixar~ I'll be taking them to see this in the Fall :)
Takashi Suzuki
i am in love with the coco
Courtney K and Delilah F
Anybody else just here to see if this is good or not to see if they want to go see it just to see Frozen short with this movie
Astronaut Unicorn
It's basically Book of life
irish kush
Fuck this shit
Afridi Rafi
it will be the best animation film of 2017💘
Melody Byrd
its pretty much book of life and kubo
Kim Robe
its hot
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