COCO Official Trailer (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD


COCO Official Trailer (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD
© 2017 - Disney Pixar

比生命之书 还要赞了
Janet Segundo Diaz
to many haters who don't know sh...t about facts in this movie!
think about it, this kid goes and kills himself to be with some dead peole
Crazy Gamer 360
Can't wait for all the rule34 porn this movie will get
Quick theory: the kid in the movie's relatives are the Sanchez family from Book of Life

(... and to be honest, I'll be pissed if they don't mention BoL in this movie)
Arnaud Yumiro
The book of life.
Lovehannah Jade
Mm... coco fresh chocolate coco... that's what I'm here for!
Crazy Crystal
I think this is the movie band in the USA to words Donald Trump
j escoto
incredibly stereotypical movie. little brown kid learns to play guitar and day of the dead?????? fuck u american media
Kenneth Alquino
it reminded me of the movie called book of life.
Tyler Parker
Remake of the book of life but looks good
This is absolutely adorable and gives Latin kids a sense of representation in the media.
Tab Ripley
Grim Fandango!
People saying that we can't help but make comparisons...well duh. We do that when Disney fails to make original material. Not the first time they've ripped off something.
snoozefest. Can't wait to buy a ticket for my daughter so I can get a $13 nap.
when u thought a movie looked cute but everyone's saying it's copying the book of life and u get sad that you even had an interest in this bc everyone's doubting it and u feel kinda bad for liking it
Elizabeth Martinez
this kinda looks like the movie book of life
Eduardo Cruz
I swear pixar needs to stop using the last name Cruz because I'm foreal gonna I'm gonna have to throw a Lawsuit on them 😂
Heart Sama
why is it called Coco?
lukas potter
book of life
Janelle Star
Conan O'brien -TEAM COCO will sue your pants off! 😂 so.. Change the name! 😒
Leoine Perfinan
This is relly liek the book of life
Love the music that begins at 1:27. Plus when the boy calls for his dos..I cant help but to think of The last Guardian..
Stargirl Gamer
This is wayyyyy to similar to the book of life
Matias Kunica
chocolate milk
Reaper's origin story feat. El Dorado.
Jacqueline Torres
I really want disney to make a princess movie, like an aztec princess idk or like a mariachi princess
This name is taken by Conan
Matthew Spinazze
When he goes into the other world the music sounds like polar express
Ahi viene EL COCO!...
Conan is coming for you Disney.Watch your backs
Helox DarkStar
"coco" WTF
Stole Conan's name. Disney needs to be sued!
Funtime Girl
That was me dog's name!😭
kawtar Kawtar
non 👎👎👎👎👎
Diego Luis
ViVi Hearts
I fall in love with this ❤ can't wait
Prasoon Mishra
Coco name stolen from Team Coco....Conan O'Brien gotta sue disney
EverShall 2763
Lol when the two ppl on screen was kissing, his face though
Dhanush Abeyratne
Conan is not happy with this
Babsy Angel
Para !os que han mencionado que el trailer no dice nada del día de muertos, el altar al cantante, que obviamente está basado en Pedro Infante, solo se pone en día de muertos, también hay muchas flores de cempasuchil por todos lados, incluyendo los caminos de pétalos de cempasuchil que solo se ponen en día de muertos y por último (último ejemplo por que hubo más señales) el camino para que! los muertos visiten nuestro mundo, guiados por las flores y las velas se abre en día de muertos. Si en el trailer ves a Santa Claus , la película es navideña;si ves altares y cempasuchil, es día de muertos
Mandy R.
Team coco brought me here
Bre 101
they should do in Hispanic princess instead😊
Frida Morales
is a Mexican movie!!!!,for disney
Names Nos
Coco do not like Coco
Pixel Wolf183
This looks likes an attempt to make The Book of Life, but good. I'm looking forward to it!
jarius jackson
Fosters home for imaginary friends
Yessenia Garcia
change the name
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