Trump's awkward visit with Merkel

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Body language expert Chris Ulrich decodes the unspoken messages between President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during their meeting at the White House.

Prabhsimar Singh
Loser Trump supporters can't handle that their fake president is failing so much!
anu aggarwal
Trumph is mad how can he treat someone like that
Sureshort cure
Donald Trump is a hom0
Dinu cv
He was acting like german chancellor is his ex.wife who took away half of his wealth
Zach Griffith
Women shouldn't have those positions of authority
Play Now
It's because Trump is against globalism, and Merkel is an agent of the globalists. Mass immigration of terrorists (refugees? mostly male who won't fight for their country? and Syria is the conflict place but why are there Pakistanis? Black Africans? wtf?).

And now a liberal without proof of his argument will comment on me with ad hominem (personal) attack instead of a logical conversation.
Gehto Geasy
not my president
john bates
Seen it plenty of times.Trump is suffering from the onset of senile dementia.
Usa Life
Donald Trump is really insane. I don't think he would be elected for the second four years.
Usa Life
Donald Trump is the most uneducated and uncultured president in history of America. He hasn't even sit like a president.
Tretown Tret
Merkel is german red nazi dictator German red nazi people + she KGB putin friend is very denger to U.S.A Country ! NOT TRY german fuhllers !
francis christopher
god bless trump
Charmander Charmander
They shook hands at the podium you morons.
Master Blaster
CNN ur fake news
Trump, the ultimate Loser. embarrassing for all americans.
Katharina Lydia DDr.Livey
LOL!!! Two lunetics together
WTF? He is like a 5 year old kid. This tangerine Terror puppet is a joke, he doesnt know what hes doing! The voting System in the states is fucked. Merkel is in the Bundestag since 1990, and he? Ist just all about Money in the states, I am ashamed that this happened, but thanks to you, rednecks, we now have the best comedyshow ever made!
Phillip Norton
Another "I'm the President, and you're not" moment.
Rohit Shinde
trump has actually managed to change expression of Angela Merkel.
Skipper Clement
I hope it will be a looooooooooooong next four years for CNN. They are fake disingenuous enough to deserve it. I am glad Trump has called Merkel out on her madness. Somebody had to say it out loud that she is totally insane and I am glad Trump did it previously and showed subtle contempt for her.
DRO Österreich
Merkel is just a traitor to her own country.
Thats all what she is.
No, it's a "cold diss". How could he have been self absorbed?
I would be honoured to shake hands with chancellor Merkel. She is calm, intelligent (has a Ph.D in quantum physics), and diplomatic. She's played huge roles in advancing not only Germany but all of Europe. She is a true leader and I respect her a lot for her service to Germany and to Europe.
Looks like an upset kid playing silence game
King Ali
Trump is cool :-)))Peace from Turkey!!!
Deathclock 5000
Merkel is a rolling fail train, so leaving her feeling embarrassed is no small task. Great job, King Combover!
PolyTicks Comics Official
They DID shake hands. He just declined to pose for the media. This wasn't a diss to Merkel, but to the media.
Ann Jane Shepard Gaming
freaking hate Trump he acts like a lil stupid child
political korekt :D bye bye Merkel :) Not every climb into the ass
shut up cnn
Ron La Manna
If anyone is acting weird its Merkel
Righteous God
I'm glad the President is an independent non-establishment thinker (not like Obama) and not the press' monkey - barking at him to stage an event for the cameras is so disgusting. He is interested in what is best for the American people, not the globalists. He shook her hand when she arrived. CNN is #VeryFakeNews.
Björn Hellman
Fake News?
Moon Door
Trump is doing the right thing.
nobby stiles
Well done Donald , you shouldn't have even let that evil bitch into the WH . She is a pariah and a disgrace to Europe . She kisses the arse of the Zionists.
SN Manor
Yeah, they don't like each other
Beverly Harden
It won't be the first time Angela has dealt with a mixture of dangerous chemicals in a faulty container. Angela Merkel has a PHD in Quantum Physics Mr. Trump misspelled TAP. Not exactly a meeting of the minds.
Trump and Merkel look like siblings.
Merkel is destroying Europe with dirty rats
No respect for that
King trump doing a great job
Nohj Renrut 70
How long do we have to put up with this walking ,talking(well sort of) ..fart smear of a global leader? Watching him trash his own appointment is becoming unbearable.
Lady Death
once again trump showed the world what a bitch he SAD!
Anna Cabella
I bet you won't ask to shake damn hands again. Quit making excuse for this spoiled brat.
Tanya Oxner
Well damned can you blame him, the media been making fun of all his hand shakes. fuck people damned if you do and damned if you don't.
I miss pussy obama !!! He would kiss her stinking ass.
Sam Longbladder
I find it quite amusing trying to explain away a simple fact, the man chose to ignore a head of state, lets look at this with a level head. A HEAD OF STATE! now what does that say to the rest of Germany and Europe on a whole! childish and immature posture, and attitude on display globally. I am deeply concerned for the good US citizens of this world he is taking your country to the level of a clown, the world is laughing and astonished all at once, I just pray the counter reaction is in motion already!.
He is absolutely ridiculous.
Dane Hart
this unclean creature , would not be invited . save her office sadly he did touch her . french and germen people and the rest of Europe would be better off ,with her out of government .the push of NATO into the face of russia , drags us closer to atomic war . please take your family to a no go zone if you have little girls , see the peaceful loving people you are defending . take the red pill
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