Jared Kushner Faces More Trouble Than Donald Trump Jr. | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Lawrence O'Donnell explains that while the revelations of Donald Trump Jr.'s emails pertaining to his meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign are damaging for Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort, the implications for Jared Kushner could be much, much worse.
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Jared Kushner Faces More Trouble Than Donald Trump Jr. | The Last Word | MSNBC

lorna nunez
Kushner will not see a moment in prison his father in law is the resident of the White House.
Chee Meng See
Jared would do it all over again.... he's too deep in debt due to building 666 that he's got no choice but to play this Russian Roulette!
D Mack
As the investigation continues...their stories start to change...C'mon Mueller...get these traitors indicted. Trumps name will be forever used to describe traitors.
lorna nunez
Someone please answer this question. Before I was born in the history of America politic have there ever been a president who employed is children's and in-laws and other members of is family into the White House place them in I highly sensitive jobs they are not qualified for is this new for the history books??
mike Languein
Trying to find dirt on Hillary they got dirt on themselves.
Brenda Bernal
Jared is net worth.. 250Mill-750Mill.. Why can’t he pay debts.. Now he’ll be bubba’s boyfriend!
Chef Ms Dee
That's a lot of cell mate private time a coming. Will his wife Ivanka wait for him knowing that he'll need depends undergarments for the rest of his life.
Joy Smith
Trump would throw anyone under the bus e en his daughters husband
Charles Bombaugh
Donald jr is going to a prison maybe in New York or else where
TheGreat MangoMauler
True. Donnie Chump Jr. would have practiced his lies better. Loser. Sad.
Mark K
Jared I have a feeling your dance card is going to have a waiting list when you get to the big house. When you're being passed around the cell block and your mouth is sold for a pack of cigs knowing Don jr would probably have handled things differently on second thought should offer some comfort between swallows.
Lucius Head
A crime is a crime is a crime!!! They all should have stayed away from Donald Trump, they are the first to know that he has dirty hands!!! Now they are all going to prison for long time... I smell jet fuel!!!
Mario Comparan
first you have to place kushner at the meeting, i think he was, but, you got to prove it
Rachael Nelson
Only cause many are Anti- Simitic in this day and time 😡🖕🏻
Andre Newcomb
The Versailles Palace has many, many rooms. Perhaps Papa has arranged some new schooling for his boy. We have a paper in our small community. This paper's 'owners' have a son who was recently arrested in a drive-by shooting incident. Perhaps it's time for 'that' young one to realize that words are of consequence. And one arena of activity in today's world is as important as the next arena's activity. Try NOT to "complicate" things, son.
Aaron Shavit
you Lib nuts, please Just think about it. Trump Jr. tried to collect information serving american interests from what he thought a Russian Political dissident. What trump was thinking of was to save america from a grave fate under Hillary.
There is nothing wrong in collecting information from the enemies, this is what intelligence agencies are doing all the time.
off to prison they GO...
off to prison they GO...
Pvt. Pepe
Lawrence O'Donnell is a shrew and a buffoon.
I'm constantly amazed at the stupidity of people involved in US politics.
"I would argue in my defense that I am not a politician" I only wanted to help daddy. (Donbald Jr.)
Sharon Morris
This is the ANTICHRIST
dude who is this guy I'm really enjoying this
MoVon R
All this happened a year ago . Why everybody can't remember what they did in that Evil tower??
Ray Chang
The Trump family swamp is no different than the Clinton Family swamp, only dirtier and smellier. We all know Clinton was impeached albeit unsuccessfully. How long do you think it is going to be before Trump will be impeached, 2020?
Lizabeth lacy
Military personnel has to fill out the SR-86. If you're even having financial problems, you can lose your security clearance these days. It's very serious.
Kushner should definitely loose his job for this! 😡
Ned Thumberland
@Hookares? Here. Read.


arthur riley
Sorry, but you're going to have to show me someone going to jail; otherwise, we've heard it all before. I hope it happens and soon. Remove Trump from power!
arthur riley
Kushner, resign now and stay away from Trump, it is your only hope!
I guess the laws on foreign influencing an election are different for the DNC

john park
We want CIA, FBI, DHS to polygraph Kushner and his Family for their connections with Russians, we need it now and we want it recorded for the American people
Michael B
Slightly off topic here but I thought the Huffington's Unintentional Headline is priceless

Kushner would have done things differently, perhaps, but when father in law and daddy tell the boys - "don't include anything about Russia in your forms, I'll see to it that no one finds out. After all I'm the President [i.e. dictator-in-chief]"...who knew getting around checks and balances could be so difficult?
Larry Woods
There will be no jail time for neither of them. Because of who they are and what they represent. To be a Zionist, is something I would never understand the Aryan or the Europeans that become this. They are the best of traitors amongst the crypto Jew. They also are the enemy within the United States. If you look at it closer you will find they are the enemy of this universe.
Shlomo Shekelstein
frank magadan
the bad part is that the lying traitor RAT Will only get 5 years.
N. Francis
Cuff him and stuff him
Nelson Swanberg
"Power always thinks it has a great soul. And that it is doing God's service when it is violating all his laws." John Adams.

There is NO reason to doubt the Kushner-Russia story! There is a clear and undeniable pattern whereby everyone in this administration wants to work outside of the oversight of the normal governmental and congressional checks and balances. They have attempted to institute a strong man, dictatorship to serve their own ends and those wealthy corporate backers in place of democratic republic. Think about it, not a single action by the Trump Administration has helped, or is intended to help, the people of the middle class. They will continue to issue their self-serving lies and propaganda as long as the people continue to fall for it. Wake Up America.
Jared Kushner is only facing jail time if Trump Sr. is impeached and convicted. Otherwise, Mr. Kushner gets immediately pardoned after any conviction.
Allejulia Reams
This is all a ploy of the slimy leftist to keep the news on anything except THE SEXUAL TRAFFICKING of Clinton/Podesta/Epstein. Attorney Sessions take these evil sexual perverts down and lock them up.
"I took a lot of meetings at that time."
"You forgot to mention a meeting with someone described to you in advance as a Russian government attorney who claimed to have high-level sensitive, covertly obtained information about your political opponent?"
"I wouldn't characterise it as that... I was only briefly in the meeting, I had a lot of other tasks to attend to."
"You also forgot to mention meetings with the Russian ambassador and various other Russian business contacts, whether political or commercial, during the conduct of the campaign?"
"I took a lot of meetings, it was a very busy time."
"Were you informed at the time by the US intelligence services that Mr Kislyak is strongly suspected of being a spy and spymaster?"
"I can't recall."
"Were you aware that you should have reported such contacts to the authorities at the time?"
"I didn't think them significant."
"And later, when filing your declaration to obtain high-level security clearance?"
"I met with a lot of people. Certain instances slipped my mind."
"Your role in this administration comprises multiple briefs, Mr Kushner. In fact, it's probably true to say that you are the President's highest ranking policy aide. These briefs range from US foreign policy to reform of US government itself. Would you characterise yourself as a forgetful person? If so, don't you think your workload is a little too much to handle?"
"I have good people around me."
"Indeed you do. Let's get on to that next..."
(Incidentally, Jnr may not be in as deep on the issue of falsifying declarations to obtain security clearance. But he's still in deep because he's de facto admitted on emails to conspiring to commit espionage, whether he realised what he was doing was illegal or not. The conspiracy alone is still a criminal act and ignorance is no excuse.)
Qas Perr
All the people in this administration are dirtbags. Greedy ,little, dirtbags.
After 8 yrs, Obama I wonder just who are enemies are.. YOU LIE.. JUST HEARD THE LAWYERS SAID IT IS NOT ILLEGAL WHAT THEY DID. Talk about Hillary and her meetings with foreign governments. The whole administration of Obama was anti-American and remember YOUR station never told us that she was selling arms to and aiding ISIS . and what about backing the Muslim Brotherhood in the Syrian War? Our government back in the 90's declared this group as a Terrorist Organization
Your are trying to put out a president that wants AMERICA FIRST,, and aiding those that want this country to be a third world government and sending our jobs overseas.l. YOU stupid kid that want free college, stop and think, what good is it when there are no jobs? Trump bring back America and stop paying other countries bills could offer free tuition to citizens
and when he gets pardoned by his father-in-law?....
Barbara Brown
Trump family will get away with EVERYTHING. Rich, supporters don't believe in the 'fake news'. They are like the Saddam Hussein Family. They have made billions off this time in government anyway. Even if he gets five lousy years...wth....how much does he make a year. Then he will come out and go right back to what he was doing before....ripping off the government and the 'little guy' just like pops in law
OK, but don't overdramatize the situation. You made your point in the first 2 minutes, then repeat it over and over again for 8 minutes.
Ron Ryan
trump broke more laws than just a form
bruce long
Donald is right! The MSNBC, is a mouth for the lying Democrates! MSNBC promote evil democratic new world order misrepresentation!!!
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