Feminist "Mansplaining" Video Goes Wrong

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This feminist sets out to prove that mansplaining is a serious issue- and accomplishes the opposite.

ORIGINAL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=696DSEIaF5g

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James Allsup
According to The Huffington Post, apparently King Kong (yes, the gorilla movie) is racist now too. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRk9pBtue_E&t=2s
Eh can someone tell me what mansplaining actually is it's the first time I've heard of it I thought it would stop at man spreading hahaha ( : ?
Nighn Karnaout
the world is full of stupid pll
Cooper G.
That feminist is probably used to losing, she's wearing a 49ers shirt
Sonic Howl
I just found your channel from here, this is actually a funny video, and I actually found this informative at the same time, nice job!
Her beliefs aren't my purpose to make true. Not yours. And an incoherent filibuster isn't worth hearing.
Can'tbeassedtothink Ofaname
Haha the denial is definite, this plays along to my theory that if it is only rational to you then it IS irrational
Aidan Cockerill
WTF is wrong with these feminist cant they get it through there thick skulls wait a minute what am i saying they dont have skull let alone a brain dumbass they dont have one of those either
Aidan Cockerill
alah akabar
Evil Lenny
"What did we learn by this video"
Short answer: Feminists are retarded
Jeremy Harris
she's using her platform in a really unprofessional, ineffective fashion. trying to paint women as being superior to men is just as bad as a man acting as though he is better because he's a male. we are all equal, if she were a true feminist that's what she would be promoting.
The term mansplaining is ridiculous. It should be broadened to condescendingly explaining or condescendingly/ rudely interrupting, as I've had about as many women "talk" down to me as men (and the majority of the time it's men, they're family members, so, that makes for a different kind of dynamic and interaction already). The ONE time I can think of a non-relative man explaining something to me as if I'm a simple child and had no idea of the topic, it was, of all topics, about how women have life harder because they have periods (and I was 21 at the time, so yes, I knew quite personally what they were and were like). LOL... So this isn't to say men don't condescendingly explain because some (but definitely not the majority of the male population) do. The only thing that makes it different from women who talk the same way is that these people happen to ...not be females.
"hmmm men are awful kind of human...*looks at "TINY WOMAN"* maybr she will teach me something about them..."
activates her autism powers and slaps the sidewalk with a ballon
caldarislayer HEAVY_TANKO
hm I can't wait for the people who major in bullshit like this go hungry and homeless... I'm not gonna feel an ounce of sympathy for them... imma drive by in my nice new Toyota I paid for with my engineering salary
Tyler Stops
That bitch can suck my balls...spread your legs and get fuck once in your life cunt...what a bitch I wouldn't fuck her with your dick and Hercules pushing
I once had a girl try to convince me that ALL women are superior to men in all ways. I asked her where they were hiding during Olympics and in world record attempts and offered to check the results to see. she called me a dilusional pig? look I'm not saying woman are bad. I'm a husband and have 2 daughters. but sometimes like this reporter you just not right. simple as that.
fender benders for transgenders
"The feminists enter the real world " cue 'It's Always Sunny' theme
Robert Mclean
The creator of the video keeps mansplaining by interrupting the interviews at various points. What a disgrace. This isn't a serious comment :)
Junyi Kômarôv
when she hold out the Mic it looks like someone stole her parking space
Whatis HIP
Both of these tools are both as bad as each other.
TheBeast IsBack
4:25 he look high as hell
Real women always die for mansplaining.
What is this fuckery? Feminism is insanity for the sake of hating a guy because....penis?
Damn that bitch is fugly!
bear claw
It's definitely been my experience that women don't like "mansplaining" because it takes up the room they need for criticizing men and their actions endlessly and deciding for them what they are "allowed" to say to begin with. Today's women are the bullies they claim men to be and their constant claims of victimization are just a cover for their own overzealousness and lack of self control of their own aggressiveness.
Yes, talk for too long. There's a great line in an ancient Anthony Newley song...
_My wife's voice is a symphony from the sweetest nightingale's throat
My wife's voice is a symphony... and I hate every bloody note."_
I feel like i've seen this on another channel
Steven Jordan
3:20. Im gonna say, Yes, he has "given her his man thing"!
Min Cho
FUCK THAT BITCH...thank you for killing this "man-explaining" shit...also BTW your fucking commentary is priceless...100%
Her face just looks like a fucking bitch, god damn i wanna knock her ass out.
W o m a n s p l a i n i n g
Isaac Varani
Well I feel embarrassed of being a niners fan with this bitch being a fan also
M H Doobs
I kinda get the sense that her reporting is in irony. No?
jay Jay
Shut it with commantary
My type of woman is the one who listens to what I have to say... Not these fat lesbians who think that men need to be eliminated.
Jon Cavanaugh
Mansplaining is when a woman tells a man she wants to lose weight and he tells her that not eating an entire cheesecake in one sitting might help her reach her goal.
John Liverpool
30 some thing woman childless on face book interacting with like minded friends. of course they know it all ??? let's get real ladies and stop inventing problems that don't happen in the real world.
Jason Warren
getting accused of mansplaining by a spineless beta male is actually one of the most offensive insults ever flung at me. sure I've met guys who cut women off, but they generally cut everyone off
"But my producer, who is a man..."
I'm so confused right now, is this intentionally funny?
What did I learn from this video?

Nothing I didn't already know before. Women, namely Feminist Women are retarded and need a man in their lives.
Dj Bloor
4:10 I feel like that was a bit of a stretch.

Sounds like she was just reassuring the conversation.

Actually, in general, I feel both genders have some form of "mansplaining".

I often find myself having to reassure people on my opinions and interrupting them on accident. But, it has never caused a problem with my peers. I just say sorry and let them continue. The same phenomena occurs with female friends. I just don't see the antagonization that Allie's video leads me to believe.
Pat Doyle
Gee, her dad interrupts her. My dad constantly interrupted my brothers and I even when we were grown men - but never my mother.
omg there womansplaining though omg.i just got a 20 minute lecture from my grandma of what the word "should" means.she said if i say someone "should" do something,that means they have to,have no choice.20 fuckin minutes!!!!!
I instantly subbed when I heard "Shadilay"!
Tommy B
what an ugly chick. pathetic
Sam Shyu
Gat 2mad
I love it when woman tells me she is a feminist its a good chance for me to tell them to fuck off and not waste any money on these time wasting bitches and I get great satisfaction that they will probably die on their own in a shitty little apartment with their cat eating their face. I am all for equality but I have no time for feminists I prefer real woman and not jealous wanna be men
Totally, dumbfounded, deluded, brainwashed moron.
this lady that is asking questions has serious issues
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