Feminist "Mansplaining" Video Goes Wrong

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This feminist sets out to prove that mansplaining is a serious issue- and accomplishes the opposite.

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James Allsup
According to The Huffington Post, apparently King Kong (yes, the gorilla movie) is racist now too. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRk9pBtue_E&t=2s
Darly Nascimento
Nowadays the biggest source of embarrassment for women is one little movement called feminism. It's like if they wake up in the morning and their first thought is "How am I going to make the world cringe today?"
If they are so overly concerned about speaking up for others, go speak for animals used in a circus or something, but women can defend themselves and don't need this corporation of stupidity on our behalf.
How do I get my Evil Patriarchy card??
I would of told her to go get her fucking shinebox
ChefP 147
Oh my!!! A man told you no??!! ' The little woman' maybe can't talk yet. If a father says 'no' then it's mansplaining but if a mother says no then it's okay?! Women seem to be more verbal and have more of a need to talk than men.
Dave Hytmen
Every time I've told a woman I know about "Manspreading" and "Mansplaining" they laugh and tell how ridiculous they find it. I haven't met a woman in the real world who thinks it's a serious issue.

Just socially inept feminists who spend all say on the internet wallowing in their self pity or angry feminists on the street who everyone steers clear off
Some of the comments are saying this wasn't meant to be a serious video... I really hope that's true. I consider myself a feminist but this kinda thing makes feminists look bad. Not all feminists think men need to shut up and get out of the way. It's about mutual respect.
Dude you really thought that this was a serious video? It's comedy, you jackass!
pickle rick
Blonde crazy eye bean head biiiittttcccchhh she's got a problem lol 😂
pickle rick
Joke about cracking a man's head open like it's normal, trump did a joke tweet hitting a golf ball at Hillary and they literally loose there shit 😂😂😂👌
Feminists are so annoying. They need some dick.
Salim Mulla
she's obviously trolling feminism and "mansplaining", SURELY a YouTube account like this with so many subscribers could see that.
Harsha Vundavalli
4k no brain feminists disliked this video
Robloxian Dude
She didn't let anyone comment on her video because she knew she would get comments that proved her wrong.
Charles Kageleiry
I like James Allsup, but I don't like how he's a trump supporter.
Russell Mitchell
This chic is so uneducated. I hope she can grow as a person and do some soul searching. Be objective
David Bennett
Shits just got real for the bloke at 3:27. Judging by his reaction I think he may have woken up. He just needs to get some gym time under his belt and binge on some Dirty Harry and he could make a man out of himself yet.
I'd love Dave Chappelle's take on this..
Its the 'ladies' that are the worst interupters from my experience.
Michael Hull
you're unaware her video is comedy?
Stupid women use feminism as a bludgeon and crutch . When a man tries to educate a woman on mechanics and physics it is also referred to as mansplaining . These types of women get mad because they just can't grasp concepts that intricate . Instead of admitting to the fact they don't understand stuff they lash out at men . Make the man into a villain rather to accept the fact they cannot understand certain aspects of the world around them .
Oh my god, how ridiculous! I'm the youngest of six brothers in an Italian family and everyone was cutting each other off. My mother was the biggest culprit. Side note: Allie should put as much effort in her appearance as she does in her made up oppression of mansplaining.
Justin Covers
i actually needed to google what the fuck a "mansplaning" is
Garegin Asatryan
I saw her before. Is she an actor?
Chris Mattravers
Thick.... really need to find some real issues... quite pathetic
God, this guy is more smug than any feminist.
heh, i get gr8 lulz from this dumb girl
Superintendent Chalmers
I may not be religious. But if there is one out there. Please do something so that this woman can't breed.
Ethan Rose
Mansplaining, huh? Well, I say it isn't real, because men and women aren't a thing. Gender is a social construct *rolls eyes hard*.
Jesus, the left is a lost cause. I am liberal in my political leanings, and I can't condone the way SJWs compose themselves.
Zorbacci O
Men need not interrupt this woman to make her look stupid.
dillon lee
Lmao I commented something on her Instagram 😂
CUNT MODE: OVER 9.8..7.7.. overload bitch safety triggered
Arty Plays
Why are feminists so retarded?
Allan Thormod Sander Frederiksen
You just earned yourself a subscriber... keep it up!
Ill interupt anyone if im done listening
Its so ugly
Brakabracka boom boom m
Guys, I think that she might actually be retarded. Like autistic.
Felicia Burkhardt
I'm 30 and single(it's been difficult to find a guy who isn't a cuck or a jerk but oh well) and I don't even think like that.

In fact more so now, I'm against feminism today.

With that said, love this video!
Vyolet Infinite
There's this terrible disease that seems to be very similar to your typical Zombie apocalypse scenario, but it seems to only affect women. At least only women have reported having it. It starts off as believing anything. And when I say anything, I. MEAN. ANYTHING. Then, they start to have this hate against men. Then, they start to make lies, and share it with others that have it. Some side affects that may happen is you might look at a word, put 'Man' in front of it, and make a whole new meaning, or think that every women has what you have. What's this diseases name? Why, it's called Feminism.

(I should note, that I am a girl. So please don't say I'm sexist.)
Michael Coffman
Quick question... Why is "Equal Rights" what "Feminist" aim for, but the word feminist is gender sided to begin with... Why don't they just call themselves "equalist" or something...
Hantz Tremblay
What I learned from video is the girl likes to interupt people to put her words into their mouth and that she basically have the same IQ as a 4 years old girl.
J Vrykel
Her face looks relaxed all other. Big chin, huge nose, big cheeks. Ugly mutton
75th Ranger God
Think her next video will be about insufferable women bitching about everything?
dankoulous memeolous
feminist logic : playing with a balloon translates to "men don't know when they're talking"
Death Rager
can i kill all feminists? god i want to.
Liam Gibbons
MYELLO! Empowered white male here talking. I am sorry but I HAVE to take a stand on this topic. I have to say mansplaining is 100% real and the fact that James Allsup thinks he can just upload a video a puke a crapton of bs is just wrong. I mansplain all the freaking time when my dear old hag wife tries to put a ferret in my pants right before we begin foreplay, the fact that she tries to do that is just weird considering our sex life is a solid 6/10. In any case, I am getting a bit sidetracked , I have absolutely no freaking idea why James Allsup is claiming he knows what he is talking about when he is clearly just talking out of his butthole and producing and tone that makes you think you are right. He is in no way right. I mean just look at the facts.


Budd Justice
Aaaaannd comments are disabled on the original video. Shocking...
What a sexist pig she is.very very sexist.
Seymour Seamore
Women are known for nagging, so who is the one that really never shuts up
She needs to see this
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