Feminist "Mansplaining" Video Goes Wrong

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This feminist sets out to prove that mansplaining is a serious issue- and accomplishes the opposite.

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James Allsup
According to The Huffington Post, apparently King Kong (yes, the gorilla movie) is racist now too. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRk9pBtue_E&t=2s
Dominic Commisso
This girl is so fucking stupid.
Max Walton
You should check out the band "War on Women." It's some feminist punk band. The lyrics to "Pro-Life?" are actually atrocious.
If that's what mansplaining is then i have experienced a lot of womansplaining.
This is why feminism needs to die.
Jeremy Parker
If I interrupt a woman, it is not because she is a woman. I interrupt because what was said was stupid, I did not agree, or I was tired of hearing about whatever they were talking about. If it is a man I do the same thing.
Rainbow war pig
We've learned this is why white people are dying off, they created feminism and not too many men want to put up with them.
Rodima Robinson
one ugly white chick.
I don't even know how much men, or other people in general, interrupt me because I couldn't care less. Honestly, my hyperactive mouth probably interrupts others at three times the rate that they interrupt me.
so funny how they go into their little bubble with like minded friends and think yeah this is wrong and mansplaining is bad and then go outside and realize yet deny that they've invented it all and it's not an issue.
Mark Lopez
49ers shirt says it all.
All I got from watching this girl act the same way as the little girl with the ballon is that she's basically admitting she has a child mind while trying to understand why the grown ups won't listen to her whining.
Mr. McRape
this man keeps interrupting the video. what a piece of shit.
Siannah Weir
the little girl was just playing with a balloon
Henrik Kragh
Seriously? This is satire!!! You are arguing against a satirical video. It is very strange to watch. I am waiting for your rebutal to be satire as well.
Noki G
Feminist femsplaining mansplaining.
I don't think she realizes what the final quote means. The quote, "Speak softly, and carry a big stick" was told by Theodore Roosevelt, meant to represent his views on imperialism.
William Zinedine Hasselberg
U sure this video isn't satire?
Jamal Scott
What a pussy
Carlos Pomares
5:00 feminists in a nutshell.
T. Woo Official Channel
"mansplaining." sounds painful.
Natalia Castelló
It's so funny, because I'm a woman and I am CONSTATNLY interrumping my friends (and its not like I do that consciously, it just happens lol), and I actually have a friend that takes TOO LONG to explain ANYTHING and I am like 'oh my god, there she goes...' xD
Hridya13 Thomas
I'm feminist but I disagree with her. Maybe it was an issue in the olden times when 1st world countries really needed feminism but now its 2017. It is statistically proven that women speak much more than men - (which I think isn't really a bad thing)
SnupeDawg Internet Troll
Went to comment on their video and I'm not at all surprised to see that comments are disabled! Continue to live in your fictional universe
5:30 Autism at it's finest
Alex Alvey
She interrupted him😂😂
Leviticus 20:13
Pathetic Beta males...
Leviticus 20:13
They dress as meat yet scream "Rape culture" Its like a bank manager leaving the vault open and saying thieves should not steal...
females are mentally and physically inferior to men . this is just a scientific fact
fucking dumb bitch, typical dog faced man hating lesbian
Will Witherspoon
I hate you, James Allsup, you use your vast array of followers to spread a terrible message although this video of man planning is terrible there's no one asking you to stomp all over it people already know mansplaining is not s serious issue. And by the way, not all older people are smarter than their children some have outdated and racist views on society that should not be reflected among more people with is probally why you are talking right now.
As a man, I’ve never interrupted a women’s anecdote. Women on the other hand… do that sort of thing all the time.
Will Morrissette
i love 3:33 where the guy is joking by interrupting her and the feminist didnt know he was joking
Aidan Thao
Women being judged by their knowledge...They get triggered...Men being judged by their knowledge... They're fine and will keep learning...

Sod White
"Mansplaining"? You mean like that thing my supervisor did to me every time she didn't want to hear me speak, then gaslighted me half to death moments later? That pendulum swings both ways.
luke parker
Feminists think their better than men but we are all equal to each other
Sosa ひ
Lol there's a reason why women didn't have rights back in the day . There's a reason why they should stay at home and in the kitchen . That reason is feminism. That reason is because women like this will produce such stupidity . Shake my head
Wander von der Seele
What an idiot. Of course the comments on the other video are disabled.
Brandon Skyrme
scratching a conversation be like:
so you won't believe this, it's just crazy, like I was so amazed when i heard (i bet you will). well i was walking, right, down this sidewalks​ and i was just chilling right, and then as i was walking I heard something, but it wasn't anything bad, it was just a dog so it wasn't a big deal. I was going to go to the shop and was going to go home and then this guy right, like a dick, with all his stupid hair fell over a rock and in a puddle, then i get to the shop, thank fuck, and there are no apples, like how how how. so i come home and have these stupid yellow ass 🍌 🍌.

Simple version:
we don't have apples cause there wasn't any in stock, that is why we have bananas.
haha these people are hopeless outside of the internet.
Edwyn lopez
Feminists like these just fail so hard to see what the real world is like. They live in this Internet world where they feel like what they have to say matters but fail to see that the issues they try to explain are committed by everyone regardless of race, gender, whatever the fuck. And besides.. what's the big deal with interrupting somebody? It's not the end of the world because a person interrupts somebody else. It happens all the time and guess what, women fucking do it too.
Kick Start
Why are people such retards.
Dang James roasted her😂😂
Simon Malone
lol I went to the original video, and comments were disabled. So, she isn't letting men AND women speak their mind.
Hayden Watts
lol u are so right I love you, fuck all those feminists they are stupid as shit P.S. I JUST SUBBED U ARE THE BEST
BoltActionGaming 17
my lord you my hero😂😂
Cuntsplaining explaining mansplaining !!!
Brian Bilyeu
This woman has problems
That girl should be ashamed of herself.
John Zoidberg
5:15 Savage
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