Destiny 2 - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer


From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated action shooter sequel, Destiny 2. Experience an all new cinematic story campaign, innovative cooperative gameplay, and intense competitive multiplayer as you journey across unexplored worlds to discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities.

New Legends Will Rise on September 8. Pre-order Destiny 2 to get early Beta access:



Venith K
D2 sucks ass.
Give us PVP gamemode like free for all, and can you have matchmaking for 6v6? The 4v4 that is now is a sweatfest
what is the music half way through the trailer - it inst in the score - if it is an ive missed it please some one point me to it and the time slot
Bungie can i get my money back? You can have your game plus season pass back in return!
Give us a casual 6v6 multiplayer, because the 4v4 teambased gameplay that is now, is a sweatfest
I think Destiny has one problem that Bungie also faced with the Halo series. While they do a great job of fleshing out worlds filled with enemies and lore surrounding those species and their cultures, they never seem to show you the stakes. One of my all-time favorite games was Halo: Reach. It tool everything you knew about the covenant, stripped it down, and showed you how massively devastating your conflict with them was to humanity. In Destiny, all you ever see are guardians, and aside from the Traveler, you're never shown what you're really fighting for. Destiny 2 missed a huge opportunity to show the cost of the opening battle. It made a great setpiece, but it felt empty without the idea that there were people on the other end of all that destruction. I'm a fan pf bungie, and while they've taken more than one misstep with Destiny, I hope they find a way to bring the core of these games down to something that's easier to connect with. Because where halo had conflicts that made you want to win, Destiny just has stuff. The only thing you're really rooting for is a new gun or helmet.
Chips My Boi
Josh Lopez
I don't know what it is about the moment at 2:06 to the end just pumps me up on how its edited. on top of that Cayde's "am i right?, am i right? or am i right?" seals the deal!!! Im hopping on and kickin some ass
David Karpas
Nathan fuckin fillion. Comon
What's this song?
Umbra Veil
It's funny these poor souls,didn't know what was ahead of them... Disappointment
Gold Franko
iDubbbz NiggerFaggotTV
Why is the black woman bald
You have to admit... Out of all the things Destiny has been amazing at, it's those fucking trailers. Chills every time.
new trailer of destiny 2 HD watch here -
What is this song
by XxxPieritoMendozaxxX
PVP IS BROKEN. I want D1 pvp back.
Anyone else watching in destiny 2 after iron banner and sees all the iron banner armor in the trailer
mister metaphor
i have a bad news.. anthem
Sean Yee
Anyone know the name of the music used?
The enemy of my enemy is my... friend
Silver Mando
I like watching the trailer after playing the game because now I recognize everything going on
Ben Yassien Boutahar
R.I.P. Speaker
Boss Man
Anonymous Maximus





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Hunters need BLINK BACK!
Jan Wizzarak
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frd noi
A bulshit game which only china people can believe.
Cardiff Hockey
Noooooooo my tree!!!
Yuri Neijhorst
This is more a cinematic trailer than a gameplay trailer
Guillermo LeΓ³n Miralles
I really need that fu.. song!!!
Shayne Rowe
Can we get some decent character creation options that don't look look like gay feminine crap? Let us create a character that looks fun to use including facial hair and a better range of options , this is supposed to be a sequel, step it up a bit and put some effort in to it ffs.
Prema Paramesvara
what is the name character who use the long stick ? is it warlock?
Tomas Martina
Ambientation looks horrible, reminds me of No man sky planets.
Cr00k3d T33th
What's the name of the trailer music that plays at 1:15 ?
Eu Kh
Is it Halo 6? or 7... whatever
Oluwatobi Pro check out destiny 2 full walkthrough
I get psyched every time Zavala pounds his fist on the table. Best part of the trailer!
Is the song for this trailer on the ost?
Proxire GT
I hope theres Splitscreen 2players
What class is the character with the knife at 2:00
x I Wolfy x
I got goosebumps from watching this awesome trailer!!!
Pickle Rick
Destiny 1/2 = Wannabe copy of Halo
Oliver Ingham
Why do people say that developers should do what they "promised"? When do they ever "promise" anything? They're not in a position to do that as things change throughout development. Also, developers don't owe you anything. You buy the product at your own discretion, nobody is forcing you to buy it. If you pre-ordered it and then realise it's not what you wanted/expected, that's on you, not them.
Toon Monster
Why does it feels like StarWars
Anyone know what the music is called that starts playing at 1:16? I do love the vibe to it, would be very happy if someone knew the name to it.
ben davis
For the puppies!
is this star wars
PD Pavlo
Whats the soundtrack called at 1:15 - 2:32 ?
Sean kenway
I thought it was sept 6th???
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