930 Dude
This is sorta like halo 3 where everything is gone and you have to fight to get back to the top.
Laughing Man
2 Brothers, then the moon comes crashing into earth.
2 Brothers "Am I right or am I right!"
This trailer gave me the shivers...

Well done👍👍😉
Kevin Rouse
Mara Sov?
jordan frendo
Im sad man the tower was the best to see it go give me tears
Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Wu Yee
Wut is this? Borderlands theforceawakens?
James Cretchley
Alright, I'm in.
Epic Waffles
Sub to me if you want to see me do a full game playthrough!
Other games include The Last of us 2, God of War, Days Gone, Gran turismo sport & Red Dead Redemption 2
After playing the beta when you realise that all the super footage they showed in this video is super rare as your super only charges once in a blue moon.
What happened to halo
ChickenWangs 26
Still no dedicated servers and same graphics at 60fps. Also each shit dlc is going to be $20.
This new warframe trailer looks dissapointing
Matt Walker
Comes out on the sixth of September, that fucking suckssssssss , that's the second day I go back to school ffs. Won't get to play it as much now
im so hype big destiny fan sense day one let go
GWF Noobtastic
Destiny is like the last woman on earth but she has aids....you kinda like it but just can't fuck with it anymore
Games suffer when fans start treating it like a political party or some shit. No one needs to defend billion dollar companies from haters online. They should be able to take care of themselves. When it comes to destiny I have never seen a larger group of whiny little bitches deface themselves so thoroughly for such a shitty game. When you have such a loud vocal group of cuck lords needlessly defending destiny online creating echo chambers on Reddit and YouTube comment sections downvoting any negative post into oblivion discouraging any destiny detractor from voicing their opinions at all. It disrupts healthy community feedback and insulates developers from healthy constructive criticism.
0:57 me like. oh okay it's not gona be good game so let's pause the vid and write dumb comment then leave.
Razvan Ciociltea
Official "Gameplay" Reveal Trailer
now that the Tower is gone were we going to go to mess around
soy aca el unico que abla español :/
To all the people wondering how Destiny even has a sequel because of "a lack" of story I've got 2 answers to give you.
1. Destiny got a shit ton of money and basically required a sequel (I can't be mad due to my neverending Destiny Addiction)
2. There is a wayyyyyyy bigger story than most people would think. I'm not lying, if you were to read atleast HALF of the Hive Grimoire cards you would see how deep the story actually goes. They wouldn't be able to put in a full story for a single race in 3 DLC's. (Also Taken King barely even explained Oryx...did you know that he was actually a girl named Aurash?

Just read up on some Grimoire and you'll thank me later.
You know this is gonna be great when they reach Treyarch levels of badassery in A FUCKING TRAILER.
Emo Hitler
warframe better still
apoc -rising
Does Bungie think we're to dumb to realise this is the same game. Only the warlocks are now blade dancers hunters haven't changed at all besides a staff whoo hoo so exciting, no not really. And titans now have a shield instead of a hammer.. you took all of our money just to release the same crap but slightly upgraded with story. Bungie you've let me down for the last time.
Basilio Calinovschi Gutu
with the end i was thinking
no sun your mother f***er
Shan Markus
looks like xure is out of a job for a while
Advance Turk3y
I think they accidentally put destiny's trailer in cause it looks the same exact game
Rizza Kelly
Yep the ultra-emotionally constipated asshats are still around to let total strangers know just how much they hate Destiny...
Aaron Leon
someone please figure out the name of the 2nd song...
Well... Looks like we do not have the same definition of "GAMEPLAY" trailer.
Aaron Martin
Hunters will rise
Doreaga's PS4 Pro Edition Gaming
Good job Bungie I have the digital deluxe edition. So ready to play. Those that complain if you hate it that much don't buy it. Why play it if you going to complain🤔. Looks like D1 no it don't. I have a PS4 pro and a lg 65inch 4K tv and I see the difference in both. D2 looks way better. Talking smack about a game to try to get ppl not to play it doesn't work. Ppl still are going to buy and play it bc it's a good game. 🎤 drop
Alex MacNally
That firing in sync with the music at 2:16 is orgasmic
TardisPilot 2004
Josue Isai
A second Destiny game? It Is Awesome! On wait, Warframe just announced a open world map and weapon crafting system. Sorry mate, I rather put all my money on forma.
The cabal are just jealous they didnt get a raid in destiny 1
Spike Spiegel
Warframe is Free to Play.
Habib Firdaus
hey dude look at warframe update right now lololoool
Warframe is better
Bob Almighty
did anyone else notice that that weird statue where zavalas bubble was wasnt in this preview
Mikołaj Spychalski
so where is gameplay?
2:27 - 2:33 can we talk about this
Not A Whitty Name
Destiny 2 "Gameplay" Reveal Trailer. Lots of cinematic, less gameplay.
Dallas Miller
I bought 10. Destiny being one of them. I havent even played the other 9
SpaceGamer 50
Dear Bungie,
Please Please Please Add Splitscreen because that made me and many more Destiny players skip to another split screen to play with their friends or family. that really really matters a lot this should be added to destiny to make very good and playable with family members. I Hope this game takes a great step to perfection I like this game so much.
Thank You.
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that that hunter did a flip at 1:29?
Ed Andre
Oscar Portillo
"We're the freaking guardians of the Galaxy"
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