Cheat Codes - No Promises ft. Demi Lovato [Official Video]

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Watch the official music video for "No Promises ft. Demi Lovato" by Cheat Codes Now!
"No Promises" is available now on Spotify and iTunes!

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Director: Hannah Lux Davis
DP: Carlos Veron
Editor: Ethan Chancer
FX: Ethan Chancer & Gloria FX
Exec Producers: Brandon Bonfiglio & Luga Podesta
Producer: Angela Gregory

Cutting me up like a knife
and I feel it 
Deep in my bones 

Kicking a habit I love 
Even harder 
You oughta know 

I just wanna dive in the water, with you
Baby we can't see the bottom,
it's so easy to fall for each other 
I'm just hoping we catch one another

Oh na na
Just be careful
Na na
Love ain't simple
Na na
Promise me no promises
Oh na na
Just be careful
na na
love ain't simple
na na
promise me no promises

Baby I think about you
And I feel it 
Deep in my heart 

Maybe we just ain't 
meant to be something 
Maybe we are 

I just wanna dive in the water, with you
Baby we can't see the bottom,
it's so easy to fall for each other 
I'm just hoping we catch one another

Oh na na
Just be careful
Na na
Love ain't simple
Na na
Promise me no promises
Oh na na
Just be careful
na na
love ain't simple
na na
promise me no promises

I just want to dive in the water 
Baby we can't see the bottom 
I just wanna dive in with you 
I just wanna lie here with you

+ilovepink213194 No...I meant "Legal". It is legal to deny someone a job solely based on the fact that they have dreadlocks. This precisely my point. People completely disconnected from the culture aren't even aware of the discriminatory laws that affect people who are actually connected to the culture. Demi can wear the hair as fad and people defend her, but the people who are actually committed to wearing their hair like this aren't defended. People aren't even aware that they need defending but are so quick to call someone dramatic for pointing out the double standard.
Hello Mandie
I love this!! ❤️
gtaf gtaf
subscribe to my channel please, thank you for your time.
Sometimes I click on trending music to see what the 12 and 13 year olds are listening to.
Astro Pirate
The editting here is better than the song
Furyalex GD
0:17 makes me cringe for some reason..
Mr Budweiser
Thumbs up if you think Muslims should die
spicy meat
People refusing to realize the idea that most music nowadays is flat out synthetic lmao
The tone is familiar. when he say "oh na na". it's like old song.
Sijan Khanal
Demi's voice is amazing but the guy's voice though, HE HAS AN AMZING VOICE. I wish I had his voice though. Everyone shows love for Demi but I have not seen any comments saying how good the guy's voice is, I mean without them this song wouldn't even be made. Show some love for Cheat Codes god dammit
he kind of sounds like Justin Bieber...
Lauren Schlepp
I LOVE this! i wanna hear it on the radio ASAP!
American Horror Story
Demi Lovato P-E-R-F-E-I-T-A
Dilynne Stuthers
His voice.
Cheat codes has ghost produced so many pop songs, I'm glad they're getting some actual attention for their work
Sm McD
I'm not the only one who saw all the ingress glyphs and their logo right?
That beat drop is epic, it's a very zedd-like beat but good vibes will for sure be a good summer song.
this literally just sounds like every other song on the radio. so boring.
Cabbage Lettuce
Oh my gosh, this is so bad...
X10 -
Demi is back :)
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy!!! :P
Like pls, I'm not here for nothing bro :0
Please Don't Visit my Channel
who else love this song?
Alexis LaFury
Hit this video so fast when I saw Demi in it. Hit like as her voice began. Demi always delivers. This video needs more views and likes seriously!
fuzzy wolf
Add me on snap (@chilliris) I will add y'all back
Michael Jerome
i feel like this is just a normal trendy song tbh, they should try something different
Gus Bruno
song is so catchy!
Caroline Swift
I don't get why there are always triangles in the music industry..
ZenkiTrueno SR5
How do I get the hydra
She's so beautiful 😍
Maryana Ribeiro
Anna Chow
Trevor's and Demi's voice😍😍😍😍😍
Jai Guardado
so much autotune I get it's a edm song but still why use demi if your just gonna change her voice
HowToMinecraft - Minecraft Tutorials & More
does anyone even realize this song was released like over a month ago.....
Izzy xxx
This that "road trip and stare out the window daydreaming" kind of music.
Michal K.
I didn't expect someone would ever rock dreadlocks like this!!
hossam akram
Good song but what's the point of this video?
Skull Songs
Finally edm is coming back
Tashtan Tashtanov
Everyone hopping Justin Beiber's dick for having retarded lyrics and I see the LIKE/DISLIKE ratio on this video and I can tell, Betsy DeVoodoo-os is working her magic.
daria mitchell
I loved this song before it was popular
Rafaella Martins
Leandra Torres
Woow just because her hair ?!!! Everyone does it like that no matter what color
Carolina Nathy
♡ Love my queen
cheat codes never disappoints, Demi is a great fit for this song
martin r
Alvi AR
Cheat Codes Are Love,
Cheat Code Are Life!❤️
Who searching type: "o Nana" or "O lala"
Brendon Boyer
Tryin to go viral with that o na na.
Val's Mind
Love the song... but why the triangles and squares
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