Nicolas Chapman
Thats debatable. Its not facts are not debatable
The Wannabe In The Sidemen
ksi u are literally thick. he said smaller and you said small. he also said that he had never made a diss before. go back to school
0:54 it was because he knew it wouldn't last long :)
Diss tracks are fucking embarrassing. Seriously grow the fuck up lads.
Did i just see diss god ??(
Widr CZ
Xtra Pandaz
I hate ksi but Ethan’s diss track was shit
Samsung Tabe
Carbonite Reviews
“Seen him try to talk to girl I was cringin to death” -ricegum
AlexBoro Boro
Sub to me to make me feel better
Jeff Oligopoly
Fu*k you
Gucci Sushi
Lmao, have you seen your sex clips with Riecegum ;ooo
its funny to me that the others TRY to diss KSI with their weak lines, but when he responds, he absolutely murders them. Don't give up your dayjob, sidemen. I don't follow you anyway lol
Frost Bite
Uiii nice Gtr r35
Lew Crew Gaming
Do one on Simon so he does one on you
Aysha Lunat
Ksi your disstracks Are worst then Behzinga
Frankie B
Who's the diss track to
1:30 Lol he just complemented him
Jillian Hansen
Me to my fam @0:00 : alright ignore me if i laugh this video aboutta be funny
yo these n*ggas aint ready
If Ethan is toad than this means you have tittys
oussama sadoune
00:00 wtf xD
Casey Ebbing
Frickin cal man only cal
Lucy Ferguson
I’m a new subscriber came from joe Wellers channel u can well beat him in a fight as much as I like him u can beat him it will be like flicking a pea x GOOOOOO KSI❤️
Michael Deokinandan
Jim ur laugh is so obnoxious
William Parfitt
Fuck you jj
Paul Hewitt
i saw discord
Gael Hernandez
Ksi has the most legendary laugh ever
Gael Hernandez
I'm sorry for bringing this up but the beginning is killin me lol
james the killer BB
Bro u the best but he is not fat man
You're just jealous that Ethan destroyed you and has better flow
raul valentin
Thanks for this reaction, thats exactly how I felt about this shit lol
Creature was shit
RageQuitX03 Gaming
U stupid fucking nigger cotton picker coon
Mohammed Rashid
I like your music... Just not enough to to listen to it more than once.
Kaj Balm
I like how the disstracks here are more funny then serious
daily grayming
I didn't get the bit where Ethan said "and when I mean fade away I don't mean fade away
I don't think you kids will ever know how impressive my videos are....
David Gough
When is ksi having this fight
Just Fantastical
Oreo Dolphin
His Laugh In The beginning with 2.0x Speed XD
zephyr crease
see jake paul (said) he passed all the compition but KSI has more
stefanos Mandelas
Water Molly
shut up jj your mean to Adam the best minecraft youtuber ever I fill bad for him he want to see his son and I miss his chanel Skydoesminecraft is the best guy ever I want to see more off him then you
Shinesuke nakamura fan Riches
You look like a donut
Tgamer yt
after jake paul came his channel is dieing
Ghaffar Ahmed
Harry you know he can't fit in a car
Richard Tamarua
Behzinga: Erm no sorry ksi:Erm no fuck off hahahahahah
Brad _25
Ksi is a beast
Summer Maile
I kept replaying at 1:07
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