iPhone 7 - 20 Things You Didn't Know!

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Here's 20 Important Things You Didn't Know About iPhone 7 & 7 Plus! Secret Specs, Hidden Features & Things Apple Didn't Tell You.

Eric Pulvermacher
Wait um at 0:34 he didn't have a iPhone when he out it under water are you lying
Caleb Buchanan
Water resistant not water proof
KayKayBaire Svtfoe Videos and More!
Wait... If I get one... I don't have to get a waterproof case anymore 😁
KayKayBaire Svtfoe Videos and More!
I'm getting one on Friday, Saturday, or Tuesday the 26th for my bday
Makayla Greene
Honestly both samsung and apple kinda worked the same for me but I chose the iPhone cuz it looked way prettier and more appealing to look at and because FaceTime which I know you download apps for that but why would I do that when my iPhone has it ready for me and also the Find my iPhone and yes I know more apps but the iPhone just feels more efficient and cleaner
I was always used android.but I change to iPhone 7 and I'm loving this phone is fast loud
hawaii gummy drop
The one on the left is a microphone
Lisa Virgo
iPhone 7 Battery Case ONLY $18.75 YIZO5FB8

Sydney Jackson
I have the iPhone 7 Red with 128GB
Wishreview Sanna
https://www.wish.com/merchant/ihomecome .you can find all of the type case in this store
Aranzzza Padillaa
Thx for letting us know
Techy Shashank
2:35 its iPhone 8 screen guard
Matte black is better than jet black
Khalfano mohd ibrahim
Yo dude you have how many iphone 7 please give me one
IPhone in my opinion is horrible and Galaxy Samsung is trash, so all of you are cancer legit. You act like if you don't get that phone you'll die or some shit fucking autism. I'm the only one here is the reason probably why there's still terrorists, disgusting oh and by the way I'm going to do a cancerous move. Dab on the hater (cancer/autism) please kill me I don't want to live in this world anymore
Tangley Asmr
iPhone 7 plz
Calista Hampton
Come to my channel calista Hampton
Anna's Gaming
Who else just got a IPhone 7 so they're watching this proudly? πŸ˜‚
Boris Sarcev
fake iPhones
javed iqbal
So it's sure that iphone7plus is waterproof or not can you tell me please.
Trash battery my Samsung j7v has a 3030 mAh battery. I haven't charged this since yesterday.
Angus's fuzzy blogs
4:13, as if I'm gonna have a bloody 24 hour conversation... or even 14 hours. Big deal...
Henry waltham
idk _
how do u get that ripple from the click at 1:43
my battery life was worse on the 7. I used to have a 6s and my 7 dies within 6 hours
Madison Hinson
I got the charcoal black IPhone 7+ and I'm so happy I get it Saturday
I want one 🐼🐼🐼
Good vid this helped a lotβ™‘β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™‘β™‘β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
testing testing 123 gang gang gang
iPhone 7 : $980.00
Me : Can ? Can I Hold It Real Quick ...
There is always a rainbow After a little rain
Where is the rose gold fam at?
Logang 4life
Where is my jet black fam at
ask khan
why not dual sim in iphone :(
Jacob The gamer
Cool video
Everyone think "omg no headphone jack??! I'm gonna die" guys it's not hat bad
Sama Aread
Well Actually i think the difference between the 7 and + in the battery will be unnoticeable due to the change in the size i guess the bigger the screen is the more it consumes electricity so it will be the same.
So tell me if i am wrong.
Angel Rojas
Who's watching this while they have the iPhone 7 like it if you are cuzz I am
no.1 walkingdeadfan
Wow I would never notice 5g missing nobody would
Luis Alfonso
perfect secret specs
Kiss ねこ
Someone should give this to me
The iPhone 7 isn't necessarily waterproof in the commercial it said the iPhone 7 is water resistant which means it can stay in the water for a certain amount of time so if it was waterproof for one they would have said it in the video in for two if you were able to sit in the shower or a bath tub or a pool and even those water resistant you are still going to get electrocuted
# Life
I have iPhone 7 plus jet black but i have wait for this in 2 months
Scott Brazil
I asked for tricks NOT COMPLAINTS
Raouf Mokhtari
please upload more videos this 3 days was boring with eap o youtube :(
Hey can I plzzz have the IPhone 7 Plus in rose gold plzzz i beg u i can do anything for it in using a broken tablet plzzz i am subscribed to ur channel and I'm trying to give a like to all your videos plzz I beg u
Shona Duffin
Where these phones proto types cause they don't look like the real thing
Cupquake XoXo
My iPhone 7 cracked so easily
Kenny D.
I'm so glad iPhone 7 is out finally I can afford an iPhone 3G.
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