iPhone 7 - 20 Things You Didn't Know!

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Here's 20 Important Things You Didn't Know About iPhone 7 & 7 Plus! Secret Specs, Hidden Features & Things Apple Didn't Tell You.

Bangtan Fan
MetroPcs is real too
Jose Razo
I have iPhone 7 plus and it's awesome
half apple!
Please give any one iPhone to me
Dorys Luck
i have a 7 plus in jet black itโ€™s gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Roshan Mahesh
Thatโ€™s the 7 plus clone
Daddy Carlos
2 things you know about the iPhone 7: overpriced and utter shit. ๐Ÿ˜‚
EJ Nelson
Whoโ€™s watching on a 7 (I am)
Lenny Lyrics026
Alydia Marcum
I just ordered the rose gold iphone 7 yesterday bc my six is done for ( yes i am using my 6 to type this ) it glitches, shuts off, freezes, dies at like 78% and crashes.
Network Music Group
Saniya Rulea
Im getting the iphone x, sub and reply if i wanna see a unboxing!
Movies Online
5 facts about-https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=b6ZWfIGvOTI
Johnny boy
iPhone 7 beats iPhone 7s preorder by 4 time. Wtf
1year I finally get the iPhone 7 when the 8 came out
Kawaii Crew
Everybody has the iPhone 7 I wonder who is getting the 8 and x I have 7 plus
Arun Kumar
Sabse Mast phone hai
Mohi Jokovic
hello can you give me one phone please
Mohi Jokovic
hello can you give me one phone please
Mohi Jokovic
hello can you give me one phone please iam from india
Mohi Jokovic
hello can you give me one phone please iam from india
Mohi Jokovic
hello can you give me one phone please iam from india
Kevstar gaming
Where the Matt Black Squad at
Alex Vlogs and gaming
I have a jet black I canโ€™t believe the color I have is sold out
Mohammed Wazim
get me one ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Garrett Driskill
The holes on the left are for a microphone and air vent
gary.roblox videos
my father have iphone 7
Emmy Abe
i am so so so much happy that Iphone 8 & 10 is now out in the market. I can afford to have an Iphone 6s Plus for my entire family... Thanks god.
Mariah Ruff
Iphone 8 gang wya?
Lil Hepta
Who else is watching on the iPhone 7?
Alex Serrant
2 USB Cables for iphone 6 and 7 only $4.92

Paresh Shinde
Watching in toilet with iphone 7
I just got the iphone 7 today
Zeinb Hussein
I'm watching on my iPhone 7
Maruk.khan786 Maruk.khan786
Eric Pulvermacher
Wait um at 0:34 he didn't have a iPhone when he out it under water are you lying
Caleb Buchanan
Water resistant not water proof
KayKayBaire Svtfoe Videos and More!
Wait... If I get one... I don't have to get a waterproof case anymore ๐Ÿ˜
KayKayBaire Svtfoe Videos and More!
I'm getting one on Friday, Saturday, or Tuesday the 26th for my bday
Makayla Greene
Honestly both samsung and apple kinda worked the same for me but I chose the iPhone cuz it looked way prettier and more appealing to look at and because FaceTime which I know you download apps for that but why would I do that when my iPhone has it ready for me and also the Find my iPhone and yes I know more apps but the iPhone just feels more efficient and cleaner
I was always used android.but I change to iPhone 7 and I'm loving this phone is fast loud
Sweatdreamer. DIY
The one on the left is a microphone
Lisa Virgo
iPhone 7 Battery Case ONLY $18.75 YIZO5FB8

Sydney Jackson
I have the iPhone 7 Red with 128GB
Wishreview Sanna
https://www.wish.com/merchant/ihomecome .you can find all of the type case in this store
Aranzzza Padillaa
Thx for letting us know
Xtreme Gaming With SK
2:35 its iPhone 8 screen guard
Matte black is better than jet black
Khalfano mohd ibrahim
Yo dude you have how many iphone 7 please give me one
IPhone in my opinion is horrible and Galaxy Samsung is trash, so all of you are cancer legit. You act like if you don't get that phone you'll die or some shit fucking autism. I'm the only one here is the reason probably why there's still terrorists, disgusting oh and by the way I'm going to do a cancerous move. Dab on the hater (cancer/autism) please kill me I don't want to live in this world anymore
Tangley Asmr
iPhone 7 plz
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