iPhone 7 - 20 Things You Didn't Know!

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Here's 20 Important Things You Didn't Know About iPhone 7 & 7 Plus! Secret Specs, Hidden Features & Things Apple Didn't Tell You.

just ordered the 7 plus hell yeah boys
Watching this on my iPhone7 cause I got mine today.
Getting mines on monday! 7+!
zarrouk hamza
Gianni Negrin
Wassup gianni
Ava Kimbrel
I just got my iPhone 7 yesterday so I'm watching al these vids on it lol iPhone 5 to 7
Super original username
an iPhone 7 screen protector works just fine with my iPhone 6s dude.
Jessica ruiz
i love the matte black phone !
steve robinson
the left "speaker grill" on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus houses a microphone on either the left or right side of the grill
Airforce Gamer
Why is jet black so popular? It's so glossy and it's a massive finger print magnet, it's ugly imo, I have the product red iPhone 7 and it's much better looking. The silver iPhone is great too, if you want to go black then the matte black is much better looking then the jet black and it's not so prone to scratches or fingerprints
precise mosley
- I'm watching this video on my Red IPhone 7
Carlos Yescas
Joshua Lusk
Shut the hell up dude you're using an iPhone 6splus or 6 plus
Victor Espiritu
Great Video
Sir Stratigiz
And I'm over here with a 5s
Dianna A
Or how to reverse out of a page.
Dianna A
Thanks for the very helpful video. How can I create a go back button
Mick Demcsak
I'm watching this on the 7 plus
iphone 7 is the best,.please never buy android phone!!
John Jezorski
iPhone 7 & 7 Plus: Buy iPhone 7. Starts From ₹47,999. Up to ₹12,501 Off. Now Available in Red https://dl.flipkart.com/dl/mobiles/~apple-iphone7-and-iphone-7plus/pr?sid=tyy,4io
Ovidiu Mihai Pop
samsung galaxy s8 kiling all iphones
I'm watching on a iPhone SE, what are you watching on?
Basty Patiu
Iphone 7 or Iphone 7 plus? Cause many people prefer the iphone 7 plus now choose Mcdonald's or Burger King?
Savannah Mcholder
OMG I thought this was techrax.
Nikhil Jagasia
I need some help. I have bought the iphone 7, 2 months ago tbh I don't like the headphone jack removal. I hate it when I go to the airport cause you can't listen to music while charging. I have tried thousand of splitter cables which you know connect the lightning cable to 3.5 jack and the lightning cable port. But no brand works. I don't like the Bluetooth earphones cause I hate the sound quality and the fact that you have to charge it. I already have a Bose sport earphone and I wouldn't wanna leave that. Pls help me with a good splitter cable brand. I am really suffering😔
Alex S
i dunno what to do. i had iphone 6s, then i switched to android (samsung s7)..but my heart is still with apple..should i go back to iphone? iphone 7? im thinking yes but still not sure.
honestly i kind of like the fact that they removed the headphone jack...plus i never charge while listening to music anyways. who's with me?
Christian Genwright
My iPhone 7 plus is 128g and it is so fricking slow I cant stand it, those geek bench scores were a lie... if anyone wants to help me fix it inbox me on Kik @ Christian_genwright
Anonymous Anonymous
I fucking hate the no headphone jack shit 😭
saleban muhumed
we TR RT u add CV j FB group
The Gameplay King
1:43 😂😂😂
4:27 what's that app again?
What's up guys, everythingforviews here
Woetah hoeplie
mackbook air territory? u know why, mackbook sucks. srsly. overpriced as fuck
watching this on my Samsung lmao
sher sher
hey bro i have iphone 7plus in rose gold colour you can also see it in my google picture and i use it in water also and it does not dammage and i use temperated glass and it works in water it is good phone and it is not so much expensive just 1 Lakh 45000 in my country
Saima Safdar
If u guys are Apple fan boys so do not buy Qualcomm lte modem iPhone
thediamond dude
the left speaker grill on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is actually a microphone, the right grill is a speaker. on the top front plate, the earpiece for listening to calls, the left part is the second stereo speaker, i think.
Sandra Thorpe
Look at the back haha
Sandra Thorpe
U have a fake iPhone 7 hahahahaha 😭
Benny Vu
Honestly, i knew all of these, but still enjoyed the vid.
Marquite Crew
Soad Hamdy
I have iphone 7 plus
Xx_Ariana The Dog_xX
My iPhone 7 plus has a different size camera on both lenses like one is bigger and the second one is littler like I don't know how to explains it with not unless I take a picture BUT I CANT CUZ IM USING IT TO TYPE THIS
Barcelona 6-1
version has a double check
Dynetro Podhirny
I could uh... test that out for you.. You know? have one ?..
Paige Hansen
Has anyone else noticed that the IPhone 7 and 7+ that he uses have FCC labels hmmm🤔
Kayla Hughes
Am I the only one who doesn't care about not having the headphone jack
Kaden Crump
this video helped a lot
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