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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Super Bowl TV Spot (2017): Check out Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Super Bowl TV Spot starring Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, and Javier Bardem! Be the first to check out trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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Captain Jack Sparrow searches for the trident of Poseidon.

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Joseph Simpson
Has anyone here read the Time Riders series? I wonder if Barbossa's small pirate empire reminded you of Liam's small pirate empire in The Pirate Kings ?
Vincent Robustelli
Amazing trailer, terrible movie
Sigh didn’t they already kill this enough with the 4th one
Toby Prusaczyk
This trailer is better than the actual movie.
ty toyshow
The Black Pearl is the best ship ever in the series like if you agree or post down in the comments
Sam Thorpe
Really wanted flying dutchemen vs salazar dead v dead pirate v pirate
Kelly Desbiens
Luza Oliveira Silva
Black Pearl and Flying Dutchman um pirates of the caribbean 5 revenge'of Salazar in final of adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nived CV
nice song bro
wagner bezerra
Pirates Life Hector ⛵❤
Tristan Salcido
Best trailer I've seen in a while👌👍
Dat Boi63
Jack has really powerful friends

Will turner killed Davy Jones and became captain of the Dutchmen

Barbossa killed Blackbeard became captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge
Alex C
I think next year is gonna be the game of Lego pirates of the caribbean dead man tell no tells
Adriel Gonzalez Barcia
pls name of the trailer song
Val Volkoff
0:36 Holmes? Barbossa?
Capt. Badger
This was such a great movie and is my second favorite in the series (none will ever beat 3)
Jesse Lugo
Why didn't will turner have a bigger part
João Paulo Sousa De Andrade
JACK morre
Carl Grimes


0:25. yeeeee

0:57-1:06. is my favorite
Evelyn Salsa
13:38 PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 M0VIE ( plus.google.com/u/1/+QuickflixMovie/posts/ZMmoqngvHwR )
so that's it huh were some kinda pirates of the Caribbean?
Eric Theodore Cartman
0:42-0:49 the most intimidating moment in any movie ever.
Por que Barbosa no esta usando su antiguo sombrero y traje?
Elijah Rideb
will turner you had one job
khalil uzumaki
Damn son
Tyler's Headmeat
This was the best trailer, especially because of johnny cash
where theres no way to run
Maria Prince
rewatches every POTC movie again
i hope we see the Black Pearl, Flying Dutchman, Queen Ans Revenge work together against Salazar I'M SP HIIIIIIIIIIIIPT
Shrek Arlington
Nothing quite like the tough gritty voice of Johnny Cash to accompany a badass pirate movie trailer
(did not read all comments) For a time I've been wondering why Will is in this movie, aside from fanservice. Then it hits me, Salazar is suppossed to be dead, but is one of those who kept alive because Jones wasn't doing his job, Will is fixing Jones old missgoings.
sebi marius
Is that the Dutchman?
Zack Marfori
this is how the whisperers in the walking dead should look like the dead crew.
Filip Telega
jack sparow hard mision save sea for grave revenge take course kil hangman winn with death hide on sea
cool full
that was the black pearl in the split waters look up and see the 3 lanterns
Ragnar Lodbrok
I don't Like to see Barbuda scared!!!
Your friendly neighbourhood washing machine.
The only thing I want from this movie is mr Gibbs
كبوس kabosi
Brbosa get black bird ship 🤠
Scott Culley
what is the song called
Mad Man
Where the fucks Elizabeth
Felwinter's Pie
I'm sorry NOT SORRY. I'm here for Johnny Cash 😼
cvofls brk
cvofls brk
Thank you for Turkish subtitles <3
Knight Of Hope
Man am so Hype I watched it a 100 times That's how hype I am I really!!!! Hope that Borbalsa Don't die
Pirate Life Cheers 🍻
Marlon Corrales
the black pearl 0:48
I have a theory: Salazar's ghost ship at 0:29 looks like a skeletal version of The Flying Dutchman, which is captained by Will Turner to ferry souls who die at sea to the land of the dead... Salazar and his crew died at sea, so maybe they stole the Dutchman away from Captain Turner to return as the undead to get revenge against Jack?!
Manpreet Singh
jack sparow is master mind of this game HHH
Assassin's Creed syndicate
Jack swallows
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