THE SPICIEST RAMEN in Tokyo at Karashibi Kikanbo - DEVIL LEVEL Japanese Food!

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Karashibi Miso Ramen Kikanbo is known for serving the spiciest bowl of ramen you can eat in Tokyo, Japan, and not only is it insanely spicy, you’ll also find that it’s one of the most flavorful bowls of ramen you’ll ever eat as well.

They have two shops, the one of the corner serves only Tsukemen, a style of Japanese ramen where the noodles are dry and you dip them in the sauce. For the traditional bowl of ramen, you walk around the corner to the side and that’s the shop you’re looking for.

Like most ramen restaurants in Tokyo, you enter to a vending machine and choose your bowl of ramen, pay and get a ticket. There are two different spice levels to choose from, chili 1-5 and Sichuan pepper 1-5, 5 being the strongest which is called Devil Level!

I decided to go Devil Level all the way, both chili and Sichuan pepper. Price - 1500 JPY ($13.60) for my bowl. From the top bowl, you pay an extra 200 Yen due to adding so much more spices.

First of all, the Japanese food miso ramen was outstanding, the flavor of the broth was incredibly delicious. On my first bite, what hit me hard was the Sichuan pepper, that made my mouth start tingling and made it hard for me to control my mouth or even talk! The Devil Level chili was not too bad for me, but it was the huge amount of Sichuan chili that almost did me in.

You don’t have to order Devil Level, you can order whatever level you like, but the ramen at Tokyo’s Karashibi Miso Ramen Kikanbo is sure to blow you away with insane flavor!

Karashibi Miso Ramen Kikanbo
2 Chome-10-10 Kajicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0044, Japan
Price - 1500 JPY ($13.60)


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I'd like to see a spicy dish that Mark can't handle.
Now I'm craving for IPPUDO ramen... thank you
kiarash Miri
can you tell your wife to staye out of the camera , it's really disturbing
alya maisarah
i really like your wife style
Warren Hoang
this is my second time watching this and i still cant believe you finished that whole bowl. you are a spicy food connoisseur
bentley TRAN
Hey Mark someone stole your vids.
I really like and following every video u have. Me and my husband just ate dinner but seeing u eat the devil level ramen, my hubby is now looking for ramen and he was drooling:-))
lol dubbal duvail luvval
ライ † 石田
We wanna see you do the Samyang challenge as well Mark! That'll be awesome
you know it hot when Mark can't stop shaking.
The Traveling Triplets
Hey Mark - have you tried the Samyang spicy ramen?? They have it in Thailand. So good!
Majestic Baby
If Mike tried this, he be like BOI THIS AIN'T SPICY FAM
Mahmoud Rida
Elise Hantz
Wow you are so brave. Loved the video.
Айгерим Мейрамбек
I like Ying!!! Singing a song to a baby and making video!!!
Adam Shah Abdullah
Haha..amazing Mark, clean out bowl of spiciest ramen...
Niladri Shekhar Chakrabarty
R u Maaaad
Amazing dish! Your videos are so cool! Thank you!
Justin Tierney
Don't try so hard
Really_andrew X
I love this guy he is always smiling and it warms my soul
Matthew O`Conner
I want it
Christian B
That looks fantastic
Wow, everything about this ramen, the broth, the mat, the egg and the noodles, looks so amazing!
Carla Southwell
good thing Ying is not nursing thru this...Micah won't be sleeping!!
renae itali
Oh good he looks so healthy!
Mesharie Aleeman
A lot of people particularly non Asians saying Japanese are weird. But when you think about Japanese people again, actually, they are very cool people. Though not all.
Jay M13
Why he saying it like “Raw Men”. Lol
Nikisha Budhai
Would u autograph you tshirt and send to me
Irfan Murtadho
You should try every extreme spicy challenge in every country, especially in Indonesia!
Gandi Adi Kusuma
i love when mark said "no no super hot..."
Badmiss 1991
I really love how you do your videos. And also, your wife is amazing. Very supportive. Imagine juggling between filming and taking care of the baby. It is just so incredible. May God bless your family and this channel. I am a huge fan not just for you Mike, but also to your wife. 2 thumbs up!
416 rem
Mark have you ever run into a meal that was to hot to eat for you?
Yoza Adrian
You're such a badass for this !
Tamusyo Tamusyo
I went there yesterday! Couldn’t eat 25% of this ramen ! I am spice lover but it was beyond my imagination ! Spiciest ramen ever had 😂😂😂 Salute to you ❤️❤️❤️
Johan Harith
is that your wife or your maid?
Rod James
suck a cock idiot.
Rain Toro
I love your energy so much, your positivity and quirkiness.. mostly, he topics you choose to post targets everyone who wants to go to Japan, well deserved 1M.. but dude.. chill with the O-face when eating. Kinda led me to unsubscribe, not that it matters, but yeah.
Matthew A.
Just a common black ramen lover passin through (maybe even a weaboo) ok bai ( I don't expect anyone to reply lol)
My mouth was on fire just watching you eat that super hot bowl of food. I know it had to be so hot for it to be even hot for you.
Antonio Reyes
just went there in September. it was amazing
froyiori santos
Your wife is a trooper!! Holding the baby, taking the good shots, and following you everywhere around the world. Bless her!!!!
Francisco Medrano
Hanged dog face ha ha
Dereck Froster
which demons are depicted as having grotesque images. Save money. Live better. also You can find and buy this song with the links there..queen not prospored
jasonx ganjaman
Looks delicious
Night Lynx
At the end of the video I noticed I was drooling gallons
Props to camara mom!
That poor baby... How many times have you spill something on the poor babies head you always have it in front of you either your wife or yourself while you eat hot Ramen
Ryoya Kaneko
This Ramen shop just did collaboration with Shake Shack in Tokyo and that was epic!!!
Spicy numby roasted pork burger!
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