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Heath Ledger lived an incredible life and I AM HEATH LEDGER looks like a great documentary to tell the whole story. Hard to believe it has been almost 9 years since he passed away. #IAmHeathLedger
Like shooting stars, those that ultimate light, burn fast but glorious
He was destined to be joker...No one will ever replace his place :(
imagine if he still alive today... he wouldve been a vlogger. RIP Legend.
OutThereInTheSilence I'llBeGone
What a loss.. he will be missed forever
Nicol Franco
iam a pelican
Lord Cthulhu
why hollywood tries to make money out of dead people name
Mr. Bubblegum. jr
Now there has to be Paul Walker version of this as well
Deborah Olin
He was my neighbor in BROOKLYN .he was great ..we will always miss our homie Ledgie ❤😙😔😂🌺
Ojberretta Berretta
i feel this is kinda wrong and too late
John Mackessy
Heath ledgers performance as the joker inspired me in so many ways rip
nathan cook
Heath Ledger's Joker was a Legion!
Wait what? The Joker was a gay cowboy? lol
Candle Ankle
A movie about an actor drug addict? No thanks
Gaming With me
Every year on my birthday, January 22nd, I'm reminded of Heath's death and I can't help but be sad the entire day. He was and still remains to be an amazing, wonderful actor and human being. I hope wherever he is, he's at peace and happy.
I think Bruckback Mountain and The Dark Knight were his best movies. The greatness of his acting in other movies is um.. debatable. Im not gonna lie and pretend he is Leonardo DiCaprio or something. But his acting as The Joker truly was remarkable and his performance in Bruckback Mountain. You see he was still very young when he died. He didnt have years to show his greatness. It was only still developing.. The Dark Knight was when his ability really came out and he showed what he could do.
gave his life to play the joker
bernard tamayo
He really loves to be in front of the camera.
ke ja
It's the same day when my dad and Heath died.:')
Achraf Abbes
so this how Vlogging started !?
James Anthony
arron Bennett
One of my favorite actors! Loved him before the joker, it is sad that all the great ones are taken away to early.
Ajizue RZ
if he still alive, there is no jered letto joker..
Swizz Chocolate
@0:54 he looks exactly like joseph gordon-levitt
Raja Miller
Great man we will miss u
into_ perspective
i don't know why he reminds me of jeff buckley ... why the most beautiful beings are dead
Intan Nisita
heath ledger is famous actor in 9965 he movies role is 10 things i hate about you with joseph gordon levitt and julia sitills before he 's died played role last movies is the dark knight joker in last movies 10 years ago he died cause stroke
Naughtius Maximus
He looked happy
Ledger looks like a cross between 3 people. Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Orlando Bloom. With a sprinkle of Joseph Gordon-Levitt
el patron
This man was born to play the joker on big to the king
Dan Addison
If they made an actual movie about him, then they need Joseph Gordon Levitt to play him
Far far far better than that jared' version
ChickenTastes GOOD
One of the greatest actors of our time passed away 9 years ago.

R.I.P Heath Ledger
everth kailuhu
i am so inspired
Flame Road
He looks kind of like Joseph Gordon Levitt
Winny Patey
If he was still alive he would have been all over social media.
Arpit Agarwal
I don't understand why people take his role so seriously. I mean at the end of the day, he was just an actor. I appreciate his efforts in entertaining the human crowd through his movie acting but I don't think he should be given "god like status" and documentaries made over him for it.
Steve Edgar
And he just smiled 😧and we just cried
lone arch
My best three heath ledger roles:
10 things : a romcom which I only remember heath from
A knights tale: a action/com which I only remember heath legder from
Joker : a action/ drama which I only remember heath ledger from, oh yea and also batman
andi atsal
i think joseph gordon-levitt must can be the next JOKER!!
Daniel Gilerman
He sometimes look a lot like James Franco
nik Bahtin
The real joker
only of he was still alive, he would be in the di caprio tier, he would be up there
Author Neptune
really wanna see this
Tyler Durden
You will always be missed.
Nic R
"I'm not a monster, I'm just ahead of the curve."
Stella Daube
Er war so ein guter Schauspieler ich habe in zwischen alle seine Filme auf DVD er war ein guter Vater ein guter Freund und so weiter er war so hübsch so gut gebaut er hatte so ein schönes Lächeln und so scheiße wie es klingt er ist an Tableten und einem Film auf Phsichechem Problem gestorben ich bin so traurig das er starb er hat es noch am wenigsten verdient 😪😔😖🙁😢😭das ist so traurig man ich will zu ihm ...
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