Jeffrey B.
This has quickly become one of my two favorite church videos. I've used it in several lessons.
This is a great video with a great meaning. We can learn a lot from our American Indian brothers and sisters. Our Father Created them to be close to The Father, the earth, and creation. They stay connected to them all because many of them can still hear the music...they still feel the power of God when they dance. Something we all could learn from. Thanks for the video!
Tammy Peterson
Thankyou so much for this wonderful video, such a moving message and metaphor. Forest Grove, Oregon
52 people cant hear the music
john zimmerman
President Brigham Young taught that our “first and foremost duty [is] to seek the Lord until we open the path of communication from God to our own soul.” That is the key to hearing the music.
Ashley Cutterbug
I'm 3 types of Native American Sioux,Apache and Cherokee I love Native American 🎵 it calms me into the spirit world of my Native American ancestors
Zack M
I am so glad my mother taught me to hear the music of the gospel. Her three children now hear the music and our children and our children's children will also be taught to listen. Now multiply that though out the millennium and that is the gift my mother gave us as a new convert to the church.
Mark Maksimov
Алексей Шнырёв
This is one of my favorite videos that explains whey we need to to listen the Gospel with my all heart.
Lisa Williams
I like this one.
Kevin Rockhill
Hearing the music inside of us brings us so much peace 🎸🎹🎷🎵"Rockhill's"
Stormy days
I want to hear the music again. .my world has been too silent and loud at the same time. .
S. Thomas Lewis
Where was this video filmed?
Yes, this is my favorite for sure!! :)
Daniel Burt
I really love this. What a wonderful analogy! Also, great music and dance throughout the video. I'd love to learn more about music from the Navajo tradition.
Joseph Moulton
This was excellently done. What a wonderful portrayal of such an important lesson.
Mickell Brown
That was a really beautiful one:)
Tyler McCombs
Best Church production since "Lift."
Wes S Oliver
A true message. You have to hear the sweet music of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Colby Purcell
Beautiful video! Brilliantly done.
Barry Moore
President Monson's testimony of the Book of Mormon is---last of all---a "song of redeeming love," the lyrics of which he sang to us again in Spirit in our last General Conference. Those of us who are striving to join our voices with his are of one mind about this Song-Book. We know deep within our heart, that it comes with its own music, dedicated to all of God's children...but none more so than "the remnant of the seed of Lehi." These are they who are hearing its music and the Message of the Restoration as they've never heard it, or sung it before. These are they, who, like the young boy-warrior in the video, are learning to dance like David "before the Lord with all his might." (2 Sam. 6:14). May the rest of us learn to do likewise.
Every time I watch this video, I feel the truth of it. You can show the way, but truth cannot be forced on any of us, we have to feel it for ourselves, and we have the privilege of choice God has given us... what a beautiful thing, that we can choose to dance...
Ben Brown
I am happy to see this story of dance and song merge with going through our day to day life.
Wow, amazing video and an amazing message.
Mark Nielson
I am so grateful to have grown up in a home where I was taught the dance steps of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has made all of the difference in my life. I was taught by loving parents to look for the music like in this video and today I can say that I can hear the music. I know it's true!
I see
A great conference talk, a great video.
Thank you for sharing this! We all could use a bit more of the music of the Gospel in our homes and everywhere we go.
Ringleader24 T
Love it
Keri West
This is sweet....
Reace Foster
Despite being an Atheist, this is a very beautiful video.
Sheri S.
I'm not Mormon but I came across this ad and I absolutely love the message. had to share it on FB!
Maddy Corrasa
I love the story of the video. Reminds me of what elder Holland said in this year's general conference.
Ninovia Peterson
Beautiful message! So thankful they added this new video and compared to Native American culture. My Cheii did a great job!!
14 people didn't hear the music, unfortunately. I wonder how many more are lost. But, this moved me, and I hope it moves others, too. We need more messages like this (:
Lyndsie Miles
Throughout my life I have learned to hear the music of the Gospel. It is something a treasure and strive to teach my children each day. Thank you for turning this into a Mormon Message! I loved this story when it was told at conference.
Melanie Fagan
beautiful message :)
Todd Beck
Somebody please help me identify the location of the opening shot. It's amazing.
Who noticed the heartbeat? As a muscle the heart drives our lives. When a song enters our hearts we are moved to dance. The music of the Gospel has to enter our hearts to drive us spiritually.
Ellie Kate Kunzler
I love when y'all take the stories from conference and make them into videos like this :) when that cute boy knelt down by his mom to pray my heart melted. He and that older boy are good dancers. I thought it was cool too when he starts beating the drum and scenes of gospel living come to view on beat. I would love to see more videos where the church highlights stories of other cultures within the church's worldwide membership. Thanks for making and sharing! :)
Steve Wilson
What a powerfull message this video has. Hope that everyone I know has the chance to watch and ponder it.
Amy Beach
One of my new favorite videos. Thank you for such an inspirational message!
Hawaiian Cerveza
I wasn't taught to hear the music at home. There was more contention than teaching. But, I did learn to hear it through the examples of the leaders of the church. Many of my local leaders were great examples to me and because of them, I can hear the music.
Frederick Olsen
This fits perfectly with Elder Valeri V. Cordón's talk from this past General Conference:
Danielle Detera
By far, one of the best mormon message I've seen. ❤.
Felt the Spirit right from get go.
Oh my - this is the most powerful 'Message' in a long time. I love love this metaphor. So key to true joy - properly hearing the music. The film is expert to the highest level - I was lost in it (in a good way it transported me to this thought - perfectly.) Just so good - not cheesy - so profound!!!
Launa Gay
It has become the joy of my days
Richard Hardy
Sharon shared this with me and suggested that I share it with you, enjoy
Cute Cockatiel
I remember a little bit when we heard that message in a talk
I love how they pictured it in the video
Soo Beautiful <3
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