β€œunrecognizableβ€œ 😏
Nora Green
Janet's accent is too funny hahahah. I love her.
Cameron Nelson
Millennials were the only nice ones she interviewed. Surprise surprise lol
It's the best of both worlds. "Janet up here, Miley down there"
Representing Perth baby
Dhanveer Chatly
Evan RaΓ±eses
An australian that lives in the south πŸ˜‚ I can hear her southern accent omg
Her Australian accent mixed with her Southern twang reminds me of Lindsay Lohan's British accent in The Parent Trap.
That first guy...really going for the Robert Duvall Apocalypse Now look....
Mony Swift
1:42 this guy answered and it’s actually me πŸ˜‚
Huma Raja
Nobody had anything nice to say about her.
Juliet Jj
Omg i love her voice
Annette Romero
I Love Miley
Ludim Carrillo
That guy lucky he got to see her titties
Owen McLoven
So they did a Hanna Montana
Arabella Garcia
When he showed the man her titties! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bianca Balenciaga
why does she sound more southern than australian
Kath Vilaiya
The way she pronounces her own name in Australian accent is so funny and impressive
Am i the only one who think thet Janet looks like Meily😏😏😏
Lily bird Awesome
I hate Miley so much
BapeBoi 69
Oh yes i wanna sniff cocaine with johnny depp
Ahmed Maazouzi
Fabric of Atlantis ois falling apart!!
Jaz Simone
I love the ending so much.
Kallissa Clark
I'm kinda ashamed of her Aus accent but she tried πŸ˜‚
"Thats miley cyrus' titties"
Notorious O.o
How can u not recognize her specially her VOICE!
wow she pulled off the accent
SoFish Antonio
And that's another dollar to the failed Australian accent fund
xXOreo LoverXx
I just like Taylor Swift better. LMAO
dj nonstop
The why am here...the black girl was mad sexy..mmmmm
akro boy
She knows what kind of attitude she us following through the question she ask the people that she is abig HOE
Swan Ronsen
the hillbillies aren't doing much to hold the fabric of this country together are they. they are kinda what got us into this mess.
Xxlexi WolfxX
I was like .....bich hurry up then it never happend rip meh
Mary-Jane Corbett
lol fuken black people
wait people know perth exists? what in the world
Benjamin Zhao
Ooh, my little lovable fairy, someone gives me headaches about you. You see there are two Taiwanese female leaders practice absent from sexuality, to promote themselves as purely beyond virgin. In a democracy world, they certainly can make their own choice. But once they set up a standard, it normally means to discriminate Chinese. As a matter of fact, due to my discovery of this video, a threat to my woman heard again today to dare me if you are a replacement. Taiwan has no guts to set up American in the same way, due to demanding our US to fight for them. Good luck Miley, best wishes. Our own fairy-tail story needs to wait.
It's Janet montanet!
the girl in the red has that good pussy
Bruh I would’ve known right away
Rachel True
I've met her
Amax with the Facts
Drake was better.
Mileys voice gives it away
Risa djinu
Jackson McNuggets
That was hilarious πŸ˜†
Purple Enigma
Cringeworthy! Don't ever fake the Aussie accent Miley. It's an insult to Aussies who don't sound like uneducated bogans. Just another pathetic try hard.
Essence Jay
She’s not disguised very well.
she sounds like a cocksucker
i dont even listen to her but id recognize her in a second
Sheikh Kelvin
How comes they don't recognize her voice
Dylan Chua
When you actually live in Perth, Australia
Tashin Harvey
This goes to show
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