Ananya_ xoxoxo
Olivia's Adventures
guy at 1:48 "nah i just like taylor swift better"
is it just me or was that hilarious?😂
Unrecognizable just like clark kent with the glasses and superman
Abdirisak Awes
Her voice is SO RECOGNISABLE, I don't understand whether these people are playing along???!!!
I would recognize her in 0.00001 seconds
Ajok & Aker
“No I just like Taylor Swift better”
Eileen C. Sandoval Botero
2 years late but whatever...
Nilajah Skye
I would know who she is in a heartbeat 🤣, but she mostly asked old men... so no surprise there
taylor swift
Host: do u liek miley
Him: no, i like taylor swift better😂😂😂
I'm dying at the accent
Ol8va Ol8va
Janet up here, miley down there
melqui rivera
lol she got slapped by America jejejejejeje
moonlightbaes crybaby
Poor Miles❤😂
moonlightbaes crybaby
How dafaq did they not recognize her...?
Jessica Poponea
Gabby Gershom Bassey
I don't like jimmy kimmel
Kellie Chasity
Aqesome 👍🏻
Todo RD
Forëst NØVA
I would not WANT to recognize her._.
Daily Liv
Janet up here, Miles down there😂😂OH MY GOD MILEY😂😂
Lorenzo Thompson
I always wondered why nobody realised Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus were the same in Hannah Montana but after watching this I see why now
ROBLOX Trainer
She look like a linda
Qq Qq
The reveals the best part wtf
Kerline C.
Nooooooo, I wasn't ready for it to be done 😧.
Dani Dakota
She was not disguised at all. She was soooo Miley
Goldine Saintil
lol I just don't like the whole family
Build a Reef Aquatics
This is faker than the start to a porn scene
Qui-Gon John
She killed it
Mako Cant
OMG they said she was from Perth omfg ahhahahah
psycho Jquartz
i love miley cyrus but i really wish she let her hair grow out again shes very beautiful and could be very hot at times
Alex Kadi
they reminded me of hannah didn't they recognize her so fast?! oh god
Jazmyne Drakeford
Khamille Jones
Are you kidding me right know soon as I saw her I would know it was her
Adrian Alvarez
she looks sexy ass hell with that wig lol
Mark Stephenson
2:43- 2:47 she lost her Australian accent.
Mvk Mvk
She looks better as Janet tbh
Air Juan
I'm Australian and think her Australian accent is really good
Patricia Huffman
I have made everyone I know love miley cuz I talk about miley all the time and I have also made them tiered of me having my tongue out of my mouth a lot and I had my tongue out when I was 5 years old and when I saw Hannah Montana tongue out I did it more cut I love Hannah and I was like 12or 13 then miley came and made the best music I ever heard will I love all music but miley wow just wow so so amazing and cool and when now miley came and I am like 19 20 and 21 the tongue I love it cuz I do the same thing and when I first saw Billy rays little girl dose the same tongue thing it's like really BILLY RAYS KID wow and I love her so so much and what is funny is I am 24 and she is 24 and we were both born the year of 1992 like wow so cool and we both same month November but not same day but my aunt was on the same day love you miley and all you haters keep hating it makes us stronger
Patricia Huffman
I love this girl miley you crazy lol😂😂😂😂😂
Patricia Huffman
Lots of haters out there but I would of said your Miley Cyrus because your voice sounds the same and you hand tattoo are the same I love u miley
TG Sceptical
2:35 damn that girl on the left is fine.
its coral
Laila Elagha
Isn't the girl in the red shirt one of the contestants of the voice?
Justin Buffalo
really funny jimmy knows how to make us laugh
Kim Tran
That's Miley Stewart
ombeni munyamanzi
"Would you let you daughter dress like her?" "Can I say HELL NO?"
Noni P
🤣🤣🤣🤣Jannette up here Miley titty down there
Katieslisa laurier
How could you not recognize her that dump
how do these people not recognize her..
Joanna Marie Segura
She actually did an awesome job right there, keeping her composure and still can have a proper conversation with those people! Love her!
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