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Fåret Shaun
Pewdiepie is the best thing that ever happened to the internet
Opa Alf
Thanks! Always wanted a best of PewDiePie compilation!
Golden JR
pewdiepie Your the best!
QuantumWaffle -Official-
When people take this seriously.
örölörö plöötplööt
DEATH TO ALL SJW and WSJ zionistcommunistfascist intolerant nazi "people".
Maks Wieczorek
Maybe it was taken out of a context but saying 'nein' is not nazi...Thats kinda racist
Swastika has more positive history than negative actually. But you cant be ignorant to be able to think that :D
Herr Hügel Hügelgügel Products
nice Joke
frank x
All nazis are dumb, but only some dumb people are nazis, so PP is probably innocent.
Fuck Felix
Pretty obvious he is just making jokes/refences about nazi's as a statement about the fact the the world is witnessing a "new hitler" come to power in Donald Trump, which is true, and the fact he's being attacked for this is basically the epitome of Trump being elected itself........ Pure stupidity.
i know these are just jokes but chill.
Did you record the audio by pressing a 1990 microphone to the speaker while his videos played?
sometimes i lick my armpit and smile
0:56 please please someone tell me the name of that song!!!!!!

aNd pls dont comment darude sandstrom
heil hitler
Eternal Mado
Pewdiepie is a refugee
Honestly the fact he was listening to "My Chemical Romance" is far worse than him watching Hitler give a speech. At least he's got plausible deniability for watching Hitler give a speech since his skit was him making fun of youtube heros and comparing them to fascists.

What's worse is millions of impressionable children look up to pewdiepie and he's going to misinform those poor kids into listening to shitty music. The kids are smart enough to know pew is comparing YT Heroes to fascism, but I fear those children aren't capable of knowing good (classic rock and 80's metal minus the GLAM) from shit music (anything and everything else, all other genres included. Country, Rap, Techno, or rock and metal after the 80's; it all goes on the shit pile).

Won't someone please think of the children?
Song at 00:58?
Joseph Dredd
I swear. Watching these clips out of context makes them look even more ridiculous and obvious than within the original videos. How does anyone not see the humor?
Laussard Regaudé
What's the video at 1:42?!
Poxa Bibsfirra
he just making joke about nazism .. and thats what nazism should be a joke right? come on what is wrong with people call him for ant semi come on ?
All these people against Pewdiepie actually believing he's a Nazi. Why is the internet so fucking dumb.
Rafael Rubio
0:51 I just came here for that intro, that beautiful evangelion-hitler intro, I always laugh my ass off with that one
Master Blaster
carrot top
This shit is hilarious
Ciaran Saigir
Hagel Kjellberg, Hagel Sverige, Hagel Seger!
Oh, when someone says "no" in german, it means that person is a nazi
Good it's just a dang joke, why are people freaking out
Who see this make in pewdiepie No like!!
Imagine if Pewdiepie suddenly turned alt-right. He'd have the biggest audience on youtube to preach to, and most of them are young, white, males - the most susceptible people to right wing ideals. He could single-handedly destroy the liberals :O
But nazis are good.
Bucky Kentucky
how come everyone is so sensitive now in days
they are fucking jokes geez
R.C Royal
מי שישראלי שיעשה לייק ויגיד שפיודיפאי בן זונה הוא פאקינג קילל לממות את היהודים!
Seig PewDiePiel!
What in the good and gracious fuck is happening in this video?
Knightsky 255
Pewdolf hitler
Ole Odinsson
Hail Felix
cecil hudson
🎌Hot damn! Coming out the closet Nazi party!🎊
solidarity_with _kekistan
Fucking love it!
Where is the jesus quote?
Guljin Koer
I love the antics of those guys at the end. And that sign the unroll is gold. It's like, it's this absurd statement that everyone knows is retarded to say, because decent human beings know that actual wishing of death to anyone is just stupid, but when shown by a couple of guys on a grassy hill laughing like idiots while flailing like dorks and wearing hoola skirts... And knowing they did it for five bucks? That shit's hilarious! :D

There, I explained the joke. I can only hope it provides enough crowbar leverage to help dislodge liberals heads from their asses...
He' s funny guy. Neat
Matt Kinktown
pewdiepie funny moments part 1
Sakari Sikari
it was funny but then the sign at the end
High Priest Of Carl
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Austin Pugh
It is good to see PewDiePie getting attacked by the Left and media, for this will further the Rights cause if only a little.
Drason Vender
Just so you know the song in the Adolf Hitler video is "A Cruel Angel's Thesis"
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