Let's set the record straight... Jontron, Pewdiepie, Colin Moriarty, Phillip De Franco

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It seems like a lot of people in the industry are having a tough time right now, sometimes by choice, and sometimes by the 'out rage' machine.  Jontron is under fire for his opinions about people of color and immigration.  Pewdiepie because he is a "anti-Semite'.  Colin Morarity of kinda funny games is now a 'terrible monster' and the kind of funny team is 'sexist'.  Phillip defranco is under fire for making political oriented content.

Today I wanted to talk about those issues, about why I rarely talk about those issues, and what I really think about this kind of stuff.

Wes M
☆☆☆ Boogie 4 President ☆☆☆
Alii Nui
Instead of being the Senators who surround Caesar and dispatch him for trying to tear down the institution, cultural-fellow travelers, read that soft/hard bigots, are supporting Pewdiepie...Racism is as American as baseball and you guys are the proof...bless your hearts
Look boogie I agree with you mostly but John tripled down on his position thinking that white culture was under attack by minorities like... I understand the other youtubers they were either just being stupid or let something slip but John no i can't support him anymore :/
Ever Green
He didn't say anything about Philip DeFranco?
Jontron is a racist piece of shit
Mojo Komodo
great job
What today the word "outrage" is used for. 10-15 vears ago the word "gossip" perfectly takes its place.
Womans march has like most movements today a paradox mechanism to them where the very clear intentions of that group actually assists the 180° unintentional outcome. So take a day off "wamen" and make everyone see it can be done without ;-)
Mr Awesome
the world would be better if everyone was red-pilled bc MRA's and shit is all true
Mr Awesome
fuck the womans march and anything to do with it. as for the #daywithoutawoman we'd all be glad as long as it was only one day or as long as it was only the feminazis but i guess it doesnt matter bc the women i love would never do that anyway
John Hastings
I don't want any of these people you listed not to be able to say what ever they think . That is fine . I also firmly believe that as much as your are free to say what you will you must be as willing to accept the consequences that come along as well. The government is not kicking in their door to keep them from talking . Their rights are not being taken away . Simply they dealing with the reaction to the things they said , from their fellow citizens who have the same rights to say what they wish also . If it is okay for them to say things other people see as offensive then they may hear things they perceive as offensive to them.
Opinions aren't 'objectively' anything, other than just opinions.
It's like so many people have said: the anonymity of the Internet has been a grade-A catalyst for people to unleash vitriol and intolerance at each other the likes of which civilization has rarely, if ever, seen before.
People want to believe the world is full of rainbows and unicorns and nothing is bad in the world, it's not, bad things happen, people have opinions whether you disagree or agree, so basically GROW UP AND LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD NOT LA LA LAND!
Justin Reinier
You should shave the large rodent under your neck. Dude looks like he works at the renascence fair sellin swords.
Jeremy Johnson
Left vs right is completely absurd. As absurd as saying there are only 2 colors in the entire spectrum. That being said, I align with everything you have said here. You are a great man boogie.

"Addicted to outrage" sums it up quite succinctly.
Gonzalo Meza
I first saw you on your Francis destroys an Xbox vid, and I regret not having subscribed to you back then. I'm glad I'm a sub now
“I don’t agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
@boogie2988 You basically just said you are sensoring yourself out of self-protection. That means you are selling yourself out forr money. unsubscribed
What Jontron said is actually very intelligent, he is saying real shit even though all these snowflakes can't handle it. Respect +1
Conclusion: These days you can't say anything because everyone is a fragile snowflake
Banana Tim
I never subscribed or watched you before, but now I have. You are such a lovely person. 😊
John S
My youtube channels are crumbling.
Most mature user on youtube.
Shrug Mangrope
You can't get a point across without resorting to violence now. If you have unpopular opinions people shout at you because you don't pander to their sensibilities and then call you a Nazi to justify violence. Making them the Nazis.
Charlie C
Every time I think about Jontron, It breaks my heart. They chased away a wonderful and amazing content creator for speaking out about people making him feel bad for being white. Because apparently skin colour only matters when it's not white.
The great dictator
tolerance is a luxury these days. sad times
Ava Avacado
I'm trying to still love Jon. I really am. He was a huge part of my childhood and curing my ailments with laughter. He brightened my day countless times. I was absolutely devastated when I heard about some of the stuff he had said. Granted, he does have the right to his own opinion and some of the stuff he said wasn't so terrible but my lord, some of that stuff absolutely broke my heart. Wow, it's going to take a lot of healing for us and him to fix that particular mess.
Boogie, I can really relate to you. I myself never pay attention to the media because I personally can't bare all the hate that people fling at each other. Talking about silly things like gaming, Nintendo, movies, and toys and all that is kinda like therapy to me as well. ^w^
Jurassic Stop Motions
I hate Democratic shots who can have opinions but don't listen to others jontron will survive
Max Crisologo
Youre a good person
Undead Minion

Ya know what?

You're kinda, sorta, really awesome Boogie!
Corbin Whaley
Opinions are sins now........
Ellis Dee
not many things make me laugh out loud anymore.....colin's joke was one of them.
un mog
A completely reasonable train of thought. You have to stand up for peoples right to speak and be wrong, even if you disagree with them. As they say cant force that horse to drink, but can still lead it to water. This is the first Ive heard about what happened with Jon Tron. If you like Jon people should try to inform and help him.
Tobias Whittaker
It was a fucking dad joke. Colin made a dad joke
Grow up, internet
You don't see people going after idubbbz or filthyfrank like that, even though what they say is a lot more offensive, cause idubbbz and filthy will defend themselves, and that makes these people scared. They go after people like jontron because they're too passive to tell them to go fuck themselves
Green Cyclopz
Boogie rhymes with parrot
Top Dog
Colin Morarity is a fucking ignorant Sony fagbag. Biggest asshole on Youtube.. Funny Games is just shit
The dark jokes are what help up us handle the very absurd condition of being a sentient being. Because reality is scary sometimes and it really shows it's true colors through the horrors of war, disease and much more. We want to stand above that taboo and pain, we want to prove that it won't drag us down because we alleviate these subjects to make them easier to handle henceforth easier to treat and understand. People who complain about offensive jokes take it personally because they haven't taught themselves to stand above it, which ironically proves why humor often takes on such a dark tone.
VAD Montblanc
I feel sorry that you felt so cornered that you had to shut up for fear of losing your income and livelihood. I feel sorry for eveyone who's is ever put in the same position, regardless of their social class and economic standing. Those people who want to destroy anyone who think for themselves, who voice unpopular/disagreeing opinions, they will never be the "good guys" doing that, they are evil and will be so as long as they use their cowardly methods to silence any opposition.
Your freaking out about WoW days were good. Lose the beard, for the sake of all that is good.
Jesse Jess
Anytime a leftist person of color 'whines' and 'bitches' about someone saying racist, bigoted shit everyone calls them sjw liberal feminazi pussies, telling them to grow up and welcome to the real world, and when a leftist 'sjw' white person does the same they're called a race traitor cuck.

Yet the person in question who made the racist comments, a grown adult, is defended as 'trying on new hats' 'feeling it out', 'learning' and everyone's told to give them time and space to grow in the same harsh real world that sjw's have to grow up and take. Essentially sjw's should grow up and take the real world of racism and shut up and handle it. As if Free Speech isn't free to be met with as much backlash as any individual who sees fit to do so, as long as it isn't violent. And leftists are the pussies. Sure.
Eric The lv 51 battlemage
Wasn't Collin Moriarty from fallout 3?
You are in a difficult possition if Jon is you friend, but you don't agree with his political views. Jon's views are pretty extreme. I don't know if I could sustain a deep friendship with someone who has similar opinions as Jon. I do have friends whom I disagree with politically, but the differences do have limits. I mean, if we can't even agree that all humans are equal and that there is no genetic disposition towards crime and delinquency (as proven by science) then there is no ground for a deep friendship.
Richard Jones
As someone who considers themselves quite leftist I think we're all being a little too harsh on Jontron. The things he said were quite awful yes but we've all said stupid things in the heat of an argument that we didn't mean and he even admitted later that he was just struggling for words and didn't think about what he's saying. He's got some disagreeable views sure but calling him a Neo-nazi? That's taking it too far.
I love Boogie, but I don't don't agree with the middle ground argument like I used to. Half way between a good idea and a bad idea lies a bad idea. Maybe an offering of a middle ground is a clever subterfuge to get people to open up to sensible debate.
You do you Boogie :)
Kerry E.
You have a different opinion than me?!?!?!

...that's fair. Have a good day.
Collin Adams
Great video! Can't wait for a new Jontron video.
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