Let's set the record straight... Jontron, Pewdiepie, Colin Moriarty, Phillip De Franco

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It seems like a lot of people in the industry are having a tough time right now, sometimes by choice, and sometimes by the 'out rage' machine.  Jontron is under fire for his opinions about people of color and immigration.  Pewdiepie because he is a "anti-Semite'.  Colin Morarity of kinda funny games is now a 'terrible monster' and the kind of funny team is 'sexist'.  Phillip defranco is under fire for making political oriented content.

Today I wanted to talk about those issues, about why I rarely talk about those issues, and what I really think about this kind of stuff.

are chay
I'm just curious were all agreeing what jontron said is wrong right? Cause he said some pretty stupid shit.
Aggressive Progressive
I love Colin, his comment was harmless. and I actually became a fan of pewdiepie because of his scandal, but Jontron is a nazi fuck, his face disgusts me, and he was like my first favorite gaming youtuber, it's sad as fuck that he thinks I'm lesser because I'm black, and my socioeconomic status means nothing I'm still more likely to be a savage. Fuck Jontron I wish him the worst.
One of boogie's most disliked vids still has more likes than most other youtubers. That goes to show how much of a great guy Boogie is.
What happened w boogie 2 years ago?
Bo0nd0ck Games
I'm so fed up with how overly sensitive and politically correct this society has become. When did everybody become so fucking soft? You hit the nail on the head, I've always been a firm believer that that you should be able to use humor to make light of anything. Especially in situations that would normally cause pain. Do you mean that shit that coming out of your mouth? No, but wouldn't you rather joke about it, than have it destroy you?
Filip Nikolic
There's just one problem:you are a fattie and you might as well be a feminist #KillAllLeftWingersSeriously
I find it so hard to believe that 4k people disliked this video. What is wrong with some people?
We love you, Boogie!
Andrew Wood
I'm all for free speech, and offensive humour. But I do think we should be turning our guns to more deserving targets. Like the dumbass racists, homophobes and climate change deniers of the world. Let's make jokes about them. Not women, the LGBT community or ethnic minorities who have had to put up with stupid, narrow minded bullshit for fucking generations. Let's attack the real fucking assholes. There's plenty of them to piss off.
If only more people where like boogie
Aberran Fox
Calling someone who has an opinion you disagree with a bigot makes me wonder if I am in Bizzaro world or something. Just like how Jealous got replaced with protective and now means roughly the same thing as Envious. What happened to language and more importantly why did it happen?
You live in ARKANSAS? No way! Wherebouts? I've lived here all my life.
Shika 1248
Man I have to say (other than Francis videos that are not for me, and I get that) the level of fairness and just the overall opinions you express that you display here are just top notch. You may be the most underrated creator of this type of content on this site. Keep up the good work!
Kora Pupper
CRAP. Well I really wanted Jhontron not to even talk about politics, I don't agree with what he said but he did make a video or something explaining himself which was pretty clear he didn't mean everything. I will still watch jontrons videos, he is really funny.
JonTron is one of the best funny, game-related Youtubers. And the fact that one late night Twitch conversation about opinions that he does not push on others, unlike most people, would piss people off is just sad.....

If Jonathan says apples are better than oranges, than Danny shouldn't get offended that Jonathan THINKS A A DIFFERENT WAY! It's not like Jonathan is forcing the apple down Danny's throat...he just said it.
Zax Bro
my only issue is your passive aggressively saying jobs wrong. honestly he has a good point though shared poorly. Though you made up for said passive aggressiveness by saying how meeting in the middle is good. that's VERY true and is far too often over looked in today's extreme left and right way of thinking today
while they "have every right to their opinions," they can have those opinions in their personal lives. I don't care much about their personal lives, but these people have public followings. In that way, they have a responsibility, not to be palatable, necessarily, but to keep their personal and professional lives separate.
Lala Lolo
While i agree with your opinion Boogie about people who are just mean and evil out there trying to destroy someone's career for whatever agenda or because they enjoy the outrage. You also have to recognized that if someone makes an outrageous statement or opinion, they are also going to receive an outrageous feedback. The first amendment protects you from not getting persecuted for your opinion by the government, but it doesn't protect you for how people would react to you for stating an opinion.

For example, if you are an employee working for somebody else and you stated that your boss does a terrible job at managing. You are entitled to that opinion, but your boss is also entitled to fired you in response, even if it true. Same thing with independent youtubers like yourself, if you make a statement that you know the majority of your viewers do not share, you are entitled to that. But your viewers and other people in youtube also have a right to state their opinion in response, unsubscribe or/and not watched your content (whether their outrage is unfounded or not)

The biggest problem i find with all this is that in the past before the internet, the only way to make your voice hear was either by publishing an opinion in the newspaper or going to a major studio for an interview (if you were important enough to be invited). Now with technology and social media, people can talk about any issue at whatever moment they feel like and express an opinion on a sensitive topic without thinking or spending the time to invest on the subject at hand, therefore creating a backlash.

If you are going to talk about something that will trigger people because it affects many people's personal life (healthcare or immigration), rationalize your thoughts, study the subject, in order to not come up as an ignorant or an idiot. Same principle applies to the football player who decided to protest the American flag for issues that don't really affect his life and hasn't invested the time to actually do something meaningful about it first.
Johnathan Crabtree
Holy crap I've played cards with boogie. From Oklahoma. Small world.
I like Colin and JonTron
David Bodor
Boogie you are lovable and all, I don't usually watch your stuff but you seem to be a good guy and I have only one thing to say about all this shit. Don't defend Jontron, he isn't trying out new ideas or hats, please don't do that. He was being stupid, there's a reason people got angry at him.
Deshra Dine
Boogie... last I checked there is no "racism" we are all the same race - human. Different ethnicities but all the same race. Honestly if pigment defines "race" why don't we have "greenies" as a race for green eyed people or brunies for brunette haired people etc? Because pigment doesn't define race whether it's in skin, eyes, or hair. It's science with empirical data thus fact. We are all human.
Kaz Blackwood
I love this video and you have a very balanced and reasonable view
Tim Benjamin
Thank you Boogie! well said
Damian Rice
Here's the problem with these famous youtubers, POLITICS, too much of it in fact. These guys need to learn how to stay away from that shit, because there's a lot of people targeting a lot of other poupular ones for having opinions or making jokes that could upset a lot of people. It's just how it is with these god awful liberal faggots, who won't stop making false claims or bragging that they heard this and that from another person. NO MORE POLITICS ON GAMING ANYMORE PLZ! #justleaveit
Flaming Flashback
Boogie2988 is such a nice guy, his channel for me is a form of escapism.
Lonnie Moore
I'm not sure exactly how I ended up watching your video (first time viewer, btw), as I'm pretty thoroughly and completely uninterested in gaming and/or the unboxing of goofy shit, etc... but here I must say... BRAVO, Boogie! A voice of reason amidst the cacophony of extremism, and a bit of light shone on the often overlooked middle ground! Thank you for your courage in choosing to stand (and possibly die) upon) the hill of moderation, for it is only hill in sight where we can heal from the bite of self-righteousness, and the fangs of rhetoric and hate. My well-of-eloquence runneth dry at this point, so I'll just have to repeat myself... BRAVO, Boogie !!!!!
Now go unbox some goofy gamer stuff and relax a moment. I got your back!
John Marshall
You should do more of this, voices of reason are hard to come by these days.
Paul Mosely
@Boogie this is a very insight speech. We get so set in our ways we don't see other views which we need to because it allows us to change and evolve as a society. Mocking dark things also allows you to find the lighter side of a bad situation which can help in moods and actually allow cooping.
Bozo Clown
The cure for white males, their "opinions" and "jokes" is a black fist.

And a black dick into a white cunt.
wow! you are really a outside box thinker.
Downvoted. Too much reason. Didn't you learn anything from the -16 elections? Emotion and bullshit sells. I thought you entertained for a living. ((joke))
me personally, i'm tired of all the hate and greed.
Cj Young
im late to this whole bullshit but i want to say one thing. the same people calling black people or women or whatever overly sensitive or sjw dont understand the concept of "laugh with me not laugh at me." as a black man i may make a joke about police brutality or slavery with my black peers because we understand that pain and reality more often than others so to get through these things it okay for us to make these jokes. hell im sure some jews make holocaust jokes, idk. but when u have people make jokes about events that arent hurting them, or critique events that arent effecting them or that they do not understand, how do u not expect people to be upset by that. and if we're being honest its mostly if not all white men who do this shit, then when people get mad they call those people overly sensitive or sjw. it trips me out when white men complain about a black man or a women being the lead in a video game, when pretty much every game i played up to this point had a white male character. a fun game is a fun game regardless. this video is a month old and i can respect it but it shouldnt be hard to see something so clear regardless of a freedom of speech or thought.
"They would hate those people for being independent." You had your chance to provide some context, and you turned it into propaganda, with the same "locker room talk" bullshit that's been the popular excuse for racism and sexism for a while now. Anything to slag off "the industry," huh?
Bucket O milk
although sir jontron said some very offending things (to some people) he did have a point
Salad Bowl
I fucking hate it when youtubers get political. I mean all types of youtubers; fuck drama too because that is just as bad
You disagree with Jon even tho most of what he said were facts outside SJW destiny baiting him
I just hate everyone; that's my trick
grats on 4 million soon & i put Warpaint on my face....Frances
Robert Bryson
Good video dude.
Skyler Blacksher
what I don't get is that one day just ONE day we are going to bend to what the feminists or "femanazis" to what they want and then they will get mad at us for being non-independent and then everything will go back to normal and it'll happen over and over and it wont stop it just fascinating to me...
Jack Cayman
Boogie: I believe in freedom of thought.
Leftist: Kill him
Mr Spelly
If you are equating Wishy Washy with the ability to see a multitude of perspectives and keeping sanity... yea, you are not wishy washy, you are cognitively empathic. I prefer your discussions far more than you characters. Also, having Jesus say hitler did nothing wrong is hilarious because it is so absurd. It is the only time I found any attempt att "hitler did nothing wrong" joke anything but repulsive/in poor taste.
Curtis Warren
Welcome to the liberal entitlement generation. Your opinion is different from mine??? HERESY!
I know you didn't intend this video to be a helper to people, but firstly to be an outflow.. Even though, it's good to have more people having some "good" to throw out there in the world! Nevertheless... I think opinions do matter and they do have power when spoken to the public, so in reallity it's not as easy as to just go "everyone can think and say whattever because freedom"... Well, the reallity shows words bring consequences into peoples lives, so it's not harmless... And i do not advocate individuals to be agressive or offensive, but when a collective (such as the nation) have an aggresive stance i think it's a good thing! Because that's nature taking it's course, not a single idea, but a common good if a big group is doing so. Jon is racist to a very small degree, that's just a fact, and the population is showing how bad it is to seclude even the bare minimum "certain tribes" and how NOT ok is that thinking... Because our thoughts are the foundation of our actions... And as much as he has responsabilty from his words affecting viewers and fans (especialy younger ones), the consequences are a message FOR his viewers. Now, as everything in life... You might come to a good conclusion (this was a wise lession to me from the universe) or a bad conclusion (this world is unfair and driven by hate/power)... Guess which one makes you grow or suffer in life.
Josh Vernon
So this is my first video I saw of yours and may I just say I agree with you full hearted about how there are people that will chastise you just because of your beliefs or if you mess up, you seem like a kick ass homie and now have 1 more subscriber :D
Caleb Valdez
I definitely do not and never will agree with Jon's views on race and immigration. But I'm not going to go out of my way to attack him. I just unfollowed him on Twitter, and unsubbed from his channel. My taste was already changing from his videos anyway.

I get being angry about intolerance. I get being angry when you feel like you've been targeted.

But I don't get attacking people relentlessly and mercilessly. Please, yes, discuss with them, voice your concern. Always always always. But don't rabidly tear them down in your rage. Please. It only makes the whole situation worse.
Donnovan Cannon
You're like the Voltaire of the internet, I respect that
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