Bebe Rexha - F.F.F. (Fuck Fake Friends) (feat. G-Eazy) [Official Music Video]

Bebe RexhaF.F.F. (feat. G-Eazy)Pop

Bebe Rexha - F.F.F. (Fuck Fake Friends) (feat. G-Eazy). From the album All Your Fault: Pt. 1:

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Burak Yenidere
1.33 sweeettt😍😍
Eliud Aguilar
Bebe Rexha😍
Yaneira Thebest
Yes I always say FFF to my Fake friend cuz he talk shit about be behind my back😡😤
Good Life
all my friends are fake so....yeah
Maria nissa
this is my best song
Maria nissa
this is my best song
Pardomuan Ignasius
F is 6th in alphabets
so FFF is 666
u worship devil
Flin Sakina
I've got some fake ass bitches that decided to hang in my room so I played this song AND MY ROOM TURNED SILENT FOR A MOMENT LIKE PINDROP KIND OF SILENCE. LOL
berkcan fan
fuck fake lovers
Rican Doll
we don't need fake friends all we need to be around is real people or family i love this song because Im dealing with to many fake people.
I need to be around real people
Ali Cake
song of the year
Laxmi Kc
fff...uh bitches...i have lot of em
Astrid_ Felicity
Can you believe this girl thinks shes not as skinny as she should be??
This girl is beautiful
Nouf X28
Fuck fake friends 👌🏼
kastor xd
I Marius
Göksel Gökçüoğlu
Me: Came up to a Friend Friend: What? Me: Fuck Fake Friend Friend: Slap me
Game Lovers
fabulous title, just fuck fake friends make life easy
selena swift
i have ahuge amount of fake fucking friend
Vanessa Sabio
This Is My Anthem,....... ALL IS TRUE
Priyansh Tirkey
this is my ANTHEM NOW DAYS
Safa Rehman
this is all for all the snakes and fake people and i cant be asked to deal with them so i send this song to them it expresses my feelings to them 🐍🐍
Edu Sensível
the couple what u respeita
m Jimenes
😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😅😅👌 canción
Abraham Durán Beltrán Colombiano de la paz Bogotá
I want to frick that cute lesbo
Moara Schmidt
My queen , woman and sexy !! Love you Bebe , keep it on .. We don't need F.F.F 😘
Trisha Mae D. Advincula
Victoria Laursen
I love you Queen bebe🙏💗
SSS Alarion
So true!
Vickey Dinara
Very suitable for my feelings
Linhh Hoàng Thùy
F.F.F everywhere
Kheder theking
6 6 6
jona Aurelio
The best singer ever
Ariadna Lara
This and F.A.B by JoJo are my fave ones!
Kelly Babb
she is singing this because she has no friends
sonja cannon
Queen Diva Legend
xioleyca rodriguez
I love this song, God, I really love it
Bryan x
zack geton
1.25x speed is dope
Fernanda Faustino
why is g-eazy always in her. vídeos lol
I hope I'm not only one who heard: F**k fake friends, we don't eat them."
cupckake luli
Uma música que fala da vida!❤💜💛💚
Aaron Ackhavong
2 : 35
maria celia Marciano
G -Eazy is my dick

Eazy E just exist one
Cristina Martis
i hate fake friends so much i just dont know who to trust anymore it anniys me because sometimes i thought we were really close to but they just really good liars and now my ex-bestfriend (who was a fake friend) is noe hanging out with one of my friends who i thought was close but ended up stabing me in the back
This is literally my freaking life.
HatersGoBackDown !!!
bravoo maa hubavi ciciii
Ivanna Nation15
Thx Bebe i love this song fff I been through some things I'm happy I atleast have real friends and left the fake ones behind !
Aryan Pandey
fuck friends
only they need is the money n attention !!!!
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